24. The Difference Between Transhumanism and Transformation



Human beings, isolated from the rest of Creation, had only a small amount of true information about the functioning of the Multiverse and its patterns. In recent decades, the situation has improved with My permission and the help of universe people and beings from the spiritual worlds. The negative side also does not idle and provides to „its people“ the information it needs to spread, and thus to make an even greater departure from spiritual laws, a faster fall to Hells for the general jubilation of the watchers who have no idea what’s going on. Though there are growing awakening people whereby lights up, and they gradually realize that they are slaves to the negative state, most of the population is still in deep sleep and are the puppets of control programs. As I have already said, intelligence of a being plays no part. That’s why most scientists, doctors, inventors, engineers, teachers… with college education believe in atheism and deride those who believe in God. We will not discuss here the reasons for such beliefs, all related to disconnection from Me and massive power from the controlling entities. We will focus on transhumanism, the desire to improve human body and abilities, and thus health and life through technology. Especially since the second half of the 20th century, in connection with the accelerated development of technics and technologies, some of the scientists who are close to humanism (a human is above all, and even above God) are engaged in developing various implants, replacements of body organs, limbs and other body parts to help not only the wounded and the sick, but especially those who desire superior bodies, higher intellect, better physical abilities, increased mental resilience… and are willing to pay for such „improvements“ not only with money but with their soul. As such, technologies are neither positive nor negative. It depends on what purpose they are used. In the 5th dimension, people also use different technologies to make life easier and more enjoyable, but by no means use them in violation of spiritual laws. They are not needed to improve physical bodies and their abilities, because they all know that it is enough to increase their vibrations by working on themselves, that is, by loving, by using others, by forgiving, etc.

As you know, the controlling entities under the direction of the Pseudo-creators (who are on their way to personally take control of humanity on planet Zero = the second coming of the Pseudo-creators) are preparing the so-called New World Order. Pseudo-creators will initially become unifiers, peacemakers, bring even more modern technologies and solve the most pressing problems of humankind – ecological, economical… for the highest possible cost: removing the last freedoms, plunging into almost 100% control through implanted chips, introducing a unified religion that will further lead the human soul away from the true and only source of life, The Lord Jesus Christ. Because this can happen with My permission only after the division of humankind, there will not be many who will detect this ruse and trick. Today you are already seeing feverish preparations for chipping. There are places where it is used experimentally (Mexico, USA, UK, Sweden), especially in buildings important for elites (courts, prisons, hospitals, universities, entertainment venues, research institutes, etc.). Sleeping people take pleasure in how comfortable it is to open doors, pay refreshments and other things just by putting your hand. They have a sense of exclusivity, they account themselves the fortunates to be allowed to try this modern and comfortable way of life. Several types of chipping are currently used:

  • an RFID chip that is inserted under the skin through a syringe
  • swallowing pills with RFID chip
  • brain chips
  • silicon chips
  • nanochips distributed through chemtrails, vaccination, food…

As you already know, The New Revelation is not meant to go into detail, you can find more information on many websites. So far, chipping is voluntary, but soon it will become mandatory and individuals who reject it will „live on the fringes of society“ without the ability to buy and sell, to be employed, to use all the „conveniences of modern civilization“. Concentration camps (see FEMA in the USA) are being prepared for these outcasts today, where they will be chipped by violence or killed. This is also evidenced by the millions of plastic coffins stored in these camps. In some less developed regions of the world (Africa, South America, India…) microchips are injected into human bodies without the knowledge of the involved through vaccination. By doing so, the elites monitor population reduction because these chips cause infertility, deterioration of health, damage to the immune system, amplify electromagnetic transmission for mind control (HAARP, mobile networks, satellites…).

From a spiritual point of view, there is a big, straight abysmal difference between the voluntary acceptance of the chip due to make life easier and the unconscious, that is, involuntary insertion of the chip into the body. Anyone who consciously accepts such a chip or other technical „enhancement“ will bear all the consequences of such a choice. In no way will he/she take part in the rapture, or the ascension, he/she will be the slave of the negative entities until the end of his/her life in the gross body, and after leaving the body he/she will get into the intermediate world of the Zone of Displacement, that is, to Hells. There he will suffer until My Second Coming, when I give again the chance to every soul to choose whether to accept a positive life or to reject it and be removed from it because there will be no place to continue the negative way of life without Me. Those already chipped without their consciousness and fulfilling the conditions of vibrations will be received on the ships of universe people, where, after all purification and spiritual preparation, they get, like all other duplicates of bodies, deprived of everything the Pseudo-creators fabricated. You, the helpers of the positive state, don’t even have to worry about unconscious chipping because you are protected from it.

It is interesting to see how the representatives of the Christian churches react to the ongoing chipping and preparation of the New World Order. For example, the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate warns against chipping and puts it in context with biblical Revelation, while the Vatican recommends using chips directly in the Holy See’s buildings on the pretext of protecting valuable books and works of art. Even by such symptoms you will know who is from Me, who from the Pseudo-creators (if you want the Evil, Satan…). Already in the body of Jesus Christ I preached: „Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inside are predatory wolves. You can know them by their fruit… A good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not give good fruit will be cut and thrown into the fire. So you will know them after their fruit.“

Transhumanism causes even greater division of people into so-called supermen (see Nazism, Hitler, Mengele) who, through technological improvements to the body, will gain more power, intellect, prolonged stay in the body… and slaves, that is, other chipped people who will be watched 24 hours a day, who will be forced to a certain way of life without choice, and in the event of any deviation from the set rules, their life will be terminated (for example by decreasing or sharply increasing hormone production, etc.). Reproductive capacity will be controlled and reduced through chips and nanorobots in both women and men bodies. This is the way in which all those who choose life without God, The Lord Jesus Christ, are set out. Even after the division of mankind, there will be a chance to choose a pseudo-life with a chip in the body, that is, voluntary enslavement by the elites, or rejection even at the cost of persecution, bullying, imprisonment or death. Who follows Me will lose the gross, damaged and imperfect body, but will gain eternal life in the higher dimensions of the positive state in the subtle bodies created by Me, formerly The Most High, now The Lord Jesus Christ. Inform the public about the dangers of introducing new technologies that are increasingly penetrating people’s lives. Use every opportunity to spread the truth about the goals of the ruling elites. I help and bless everyone who, without fear, increases people’s consciousness, open their eyes and lead them to a spiritual path. Transformation is a journey to Heaven, transhumanism is a journey to Hells.

In the subtle bodies of the 5th dimension, a human being has even better abilities than any technical adjustment. Although the brain chips allow telepathic communication with another person, they are limited to the Zone of Displacement. While the crystalline subtle body is able to telepathically transfer the idea to any distance in the entire Multiverse without limit. The intelligence and perception of beings in the positive state is incomparably higher and superior to those with implants, though the most modern and the best who „invented“. It goes without saying that every being is able to move even without technical means by the power of her mind, moving objects, influencing the environment in which she lives without having to spend the extra energy you call physical work. Therefore, life in the higher dimensions is much more enjoyable, fun, cheerful and above all loving. Everyone feels part of the whole, no one envies anyone because they know that everyone has exactly what they need for their unique and unrepeatable development.

The vast majority of humankind has no idea that elites and their minions have the technologies they see in part in Hollywood sci-fi films, some have no idea they exist. I already mentioned the underground bases on Mars and the Moon, where they don’t even have to fly any machines, but they use artificially created „gates“, so they’re on another planet in seconds. That’s not all. Chosen scientists and technicians, bound by secrecy, work with various extraterrestrial races from the Zone of Displacement to create a super-human who will not only have superior physical abilities, but will be primarily an obedient biorobot capable of any act without remorse (does the Lord of the Rings movie remind you?). They already use proven methods of mind control for such behavior. The appalling cases of murders in schools, some terrorist acts, family tragedies are often the result of targeted „bombing“ of the minds of selected individuals from the various devices they use. Even the election results are no longer objective and „democratic“, because the population is influenced before and during the elections, and into their minds the name of the candidate or political party is being forcibly sent out, which is to be elected in order to build the New World Order. Transhumanism will bring greater enslavement, transformation will bring liberation.

The faster technics and technologies development that is used in violation of the spiritual laws of love, that is, the enslavement, the killing, the destruction, the faster humanity moves away from Me. On the one hand, you are witnessing an increase in vibrations, the awakening of a part of human beings, the uncovering of the truth, on the other hand you see a fall in all areas of life: more violence, perversity, manipulation, lies, public ridicule of God with any name, obscenities… and last but not least, abuse of technologies to detach people from Me. A human controlled by a microchip in his body almost 100% will no longer be able to learn the truth about life in the True Creation, so he will not have a chance to freely decide what life to choose. He will be a soulless puppet, fully dependent on the discretion of his puppeteers.

As light grows, the dark side desperately tries to maintain power, literally kicking around like a horse. More and more often, it physically attacks and removes its opponents, lightworkers. An example is the induction of cancer by targeted, intensive remote irradiation. Among the victims of this murders is Rauni Kilde, M.D., one of the most prominent co-workers who has, for decades, spread true information about the state of this negative world, especially about mind control, immortality of consciousness and UFOs. All her life in the gross body was protected from the many attacks of „the other side“, only in February 2015, when she fulfilled 100% of her mission, I enabled her physical departure. At the same time, the way she has been removed is a spiritual lesson for many people who spread important information among others and thus help to awaken more and more souls trapped in this matrix. Only I, The Lord Jesus Christ, decide on the life and „death“ of every being in the infinite Multiverse. Everything happens with My permission for the lessons of all.

At the end of this chapter, I would like to thank those who understand that they do not have to fear the death of the body, tirelessly reveal the truth about pseudo-life in the negative state, cooperate with Me (they do not need to know My true Name) and beings of higher dimensions:

David Icke – see www.davidicke.com

David Wilcock – see http://divinecosmos.com

Jaroslav Chvátal – see www.matrix-2001.cz

Kerry Cassidy – see http://projectcamelotportal.com

and many others whose names are written in the Book of Life.

The next chapter will be devoted to family.

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