23. The Timeless Message of Jesus Christ



Already eons of years ago, when there was no gross material universe, nor the linear time as you perceive it, I knew that one day the question would be asked: What would life look like without Me, The only Creator. I prepared the perfect Plan of Salvation and return, the integral part of which was the first direct incarnation of formerly The Most High into the human body on planet Zero (the planet Earth in the 3rd dimension). The birth of Jesus was preceded by several prophecies and accompanied by extraordinary phenomena in the sky. Instead of being glorified and acclaimed, so that especially those who have impersonated themselves as servants of God will respect Me, I have been accused of blasphemy and ultimately mercilessly tortured and crucified. My suffering was all the greater because I was rejected by most people who preferred Barabbas, murderer and rebel. He was closer to them than I, who showed them the way to God, gave love, rejected violence. What has changed in 2,000 years? I’m here again, this time in the female body of Jana. Already in 2003, we wrote a book called Conversations with God: With You Love Blooms Love Around Us, since 2012 we have been running the website www.bozirodina.cz and we are writing live this dose of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family.  Do you think that none of the church leaders, states… know about us? That secret services do not follow what we do, we write with whom we associate? Why don’t they write about us in the press, do they broadcast TV, do they celebrate God’s presence on this planet? They prefer to make „dead bugs“ before they can in any way alert the public to the stay of The Only true God in the human body. We are literally ignored because none of the temporary rulers of the Zone of Displacement and their servants on planet Zero be inclined to My active involvement in their sphere of influence. They do not want to advertise us not to bring a single person into our loving arms.

I will return to My first stay in the body, to life, and especially to the message of Jesus Christ. In the New Testament of the Holy Bible, My disciples describe My actions not only according to how they remembered everything, but in writing they were guided by the so-called Holy Spirit, thus Me, formerly The Most High, through angels. You know from your own experience how the gross brain is imperfect and often forgets. Without this intervention, it could not be the true Word of God. Yet several centuries after it was written, have been censored some passages by the church’s representatives in Rome not to obstruct the enslavement of humanity. Often, Jesus used similarities and metaphors, not only to make his audience understand him better and to imagine a particular situation, but to be able to convey simple spiritual truths and messages. Remember that he moved mostly among the simple people without education, but more accessible to receive love, information about the coming transformation, the descent of heaven on earth, the Kingdom of God. Already at that time wealthy people preferred to indulge in earthly pleasures rather than observe spiritual laws, Jesus‘ words and actions provoked and irritated them. The statement: „…Woe to you, rich, for you have already received pleasure. Woe unto you who are now filled, for you shall starve. Woe, who are now laughing, for you will weep and lament…“ has a profound spiritual meaning. At first listening, it seems that I am only talking about people who have material possessions, money, but it concerns all human beings who indulge in the life of the negative state, turn away from Me and spit in My face. It doesn’t matter how much you have one or the other, but how you love your God, The Lord Jesus Christ, how you love God in every being. When there is no negative state, there will be no place where anyone turns their backs on My love, goodness and mercy.

Jesus told the Greek pilgrims: „…If the wheat grain does not fall into the earth and die, it will remain alone. But if it dies, it will give a lot of benefit. He who loves his life will lose it; who hates life in this world will save him for eternal life…“ As I have repeatedly stated in The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, as The Most High I have not created the gross world, nor the gross human, animal and plant bodies. As a result of separation and violation of spiritual laws, humanity and the environment in which it lived fell through from higher dimensions to the third dimension. Reducing vibrations enabled the Pseudo-creators to gradually encapsulate the spirit and soul of the inhabitants of the Zone of Displacement, and genetic manipulations almost changed the perfect body from Me. The deeper the humanity falls through, the more it experiences violence, hatred, isolation from others in Creation. I have not come in both the bodies of Jesus and Jana to save your gross bodies and the negative world in which you live temporarily, but to show you the way back to the higher dimensions of the positive state which is your true home. Already in the Body of Jesus I knew that a world ruled by „the Evil“, today’s negative state, is ephemeral and cannot last forever. Who refuses to give up such a life and does not want to accept „God’s arms“, life in love, in peace with all beings (and animals and plants) who wants to continue to harm, lie, steal, adulterise (= reject love and relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ – see the previous dose of The New Revelation), cannot be accepted in higher dimensions, so the one will not live forever on My side.

After washing their feet, Jesus said to His disciples, „If I, The Lord and the Master, have washed your feet, you also have to wash one another’s feet. I gave you an example to act as I did. Whoever has love in his/her heart is nothing he/she would not do to help his/her neighbor.“ I, The Absolute God and The Creator of everything and everyone, for the love of you, the people, I have fell off to the most poor level and incarnated I am in the body, fabricated by My opponents, to personally bring you out of the negative state. However, this does not mean that „I will wash feet“ of those who turn their backs on Me and refuse My hand with My heart on My hand. Jesus washed His followers‘ feet, who believed Him to be „the Son of God“, that He came from The Most High, but He did not wash them for those who did not believe Him. Soon after his election, Pope Francis washed the feet of the juvenile prisoners, but at the Holy Mass he only bows to the altar, not kneeling like his predecessors. What does that mean? When two do the same, it’s not the same. This is also related to the statement of Jesus: „Do not give dogs what is holy. Do not throw pearls in front of swine, or they will tread them with your feet, turn and tear you.“  Never force God’s Word to those who are not ready.

When I walked in the body of Jesus, I spoke of the kingdom of heaven and the sorting of mankind at the end of time in parables of the weeds between wheat, the mustard grain, the leaven, the sower, the treasure in the field, the pearl, the fishing net, the banquet… (see Holy Bible). Even after 2,000 years, God’s Word has not changed. I speak to you through this written Word, I use a more comprehensible language, but I do not relieve anything from the conditions for accepting every soul into the Kingdom of God, that is, the subtle worlds of the positive state. There is no place for those who prefer all possible and impossible before love for their Creator and violate spiritual laws, who, due to the fleeting and short „pleasure“, sell their soul to „the devil“. Another example is My statement: „Let the children come to Me and do not forbid them, for such is the Kingdom of God. Amen I say unto you, whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God as a child will certainly not enter into it.“  

People do not know that only after the fall and genetic manipulations of the Pseudo-creators did they begin to reproduce as the animals that carry their offspring in their belly and then give birth to them in pain and blood, like a helpless newborn, completely dependent on mother’s care. But even this tiny creature has a soul and a spirit, initially is in contact with its higher Self and spiritual world. Only through education in family, school and society is this contact lost and replaced by the control programs of this matrix. Most children have higher vibrations because of their purity, innocence and loving heart. There are exceptions, however, which relate to the incarnations of evil and ugly beings from Hells. You know them at first sight. Such children are cunning, they like brute violence, fraud, harm their parents and other people, nothing is holy to them. They love bullying especially younger, better and more peaceful children, irritating them with their goodness, reluctance to fight, selfless help to others. The division of humankind does not depend on age, color, membership to church, etc., but only on vibrations. Your loving, forgiving ability, helping others without expectation of gratitude and reward, not clinging to money and property, not judging others… are tickets to Paradise I have spoken about 2,000 years ago and I am talking about it today.

Can the atheist ascend into the higher dimensions of the True Creation? What would he/she do there? Would you like to live with a son or daughter who hates you, refuse to recognize you as a true parent, or even deny your existence? Though and precisely because I love all the beings of the Multiverse, I will not allow the negative state, the integral part of which is the existence of atheism, to contaminate and threaten the entire Creation. The greatest joy I have from souls who return to Me from the deepest Hells, that is, as I said in the body of Jesus in the parables of the prodigal son, the lost sheep, the lost money. So far, they are individuals, but soon there will be the Warning, then the ascension, and finally the final phase of My Second Coming, which will end this experiment. The prodigal sons and daughters who will return to where they have long since fallen through into the Zone of Displacement will be billions and billions. All will celebrate the end of the time of suffering, hatred, fear, lack, separation from Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. Jana, My Self in the material body, was brought up as an atheist just to know how far from Me one can go and how difficult is the way back. Even after twelve years of communication with Me, she has not yet deprived her partial distrust of My caring for the material needs of the body, sometimes disagreeing with the steps necessary to accomplish My perfect Plan. This only confirms and proves that even God incarnated in the human body is not without error. Moreover, she does not show her surroundings any „miracles“, is not surrounded by „disciples“, that is, awakened people on the spiritual path (with the exception of Šárka, about which we have already written), must endure some inconveniences of physical damage due to life in the imperfect environment of the negative state. Fortunately, her and your deliverance are coming from an unnatural and godless world that will show for a while what souls are not to choose.

After the division of humankind, Jana first meets face to face with Me, her only true husband. Soon after, two children, twins, a boy and a girl, will be born to us, as I have already said in the Introduction to this New Revelation. Together we will live among the people on the New Earth (New Jerusalem), where we will continue to write and oral and telepathically spread The New Revelation. We will also visit other planets and solar systems so that as many of the beings in Creation can personally see and hear us, God’s Family. Then the words of our first common book „With You Love Blooms Love Around Us“ will be fulfilled.  We will have many co-workers who have experienced the pseudo-life in the negative state personally, especially you, the readers of The New Revelation here on planet Zero. Like the disciples of Jesus Christ, you will travel over different parts and dimensions of the Multiverse, and you will bring the Word of God. They will welcome you everywhere with respect, joy and love in their hearts, they will listen carefully to your words and thoughts, some will become your disciples and helpers, because beings waiting for the most important information about ending the experiment in the Zone of Displacement is a huge, unimaginable amount. You tell Me that in higher dimensions, information spreads more easily due to high vibrations, and thus better abilities of beings. You’re right, but nothing replaces personal physical eye-to-eye contact, a loving embrace, the transmission of concrete and authentic experiences. It is not „coincidence“ that you, My co-workers, have in this life on planet Zero „a bed of roses“ that you are undergoing heavy spiritual examinations to personally know the consequences of such a negative life while also demonstrating your faith in Me and My Plan to save humanity. In addition, you are a thorn in the eye of controlling entities and ruling elites. Believe that you are all being watched, constantly assaulted by people close to you who have not yet awakened from sleep and are almost perfectly controlled. You do not have to worry because you are under My protection and only I allow what strengthens you but will not hurt you. You know that you’re not on vacation here. It waits for you to ascend to the 5th and higher dimensions.

The time is coming when to espouse to Me, to the name of The Lord Jesus Christ or Jesus Christ, will be not only unpopular but directly reprehensible. Already in 2015, many orthodox Christians are deliberately tortured and killed, even crucified as 2,000 years ago. The dark age is here. There is nowhere to go, because everybody who has voluntarily choose to incarnate into the body at this time must endure into the division and fulfill his/her mission. Sounds hard, but there’s no reason for Me to „butter your up“. You are the most advanced souls who have received this service of the whole. You have the truest information from all on this planet, and above all you have Me, The Lord Jesus Christ on your side. What else could you want? Illuminating your light, dissolving darkness, liberating human souls from the slavery of the negative state, even though you know that darkness has to prevail for a while so that this chapter of the Multiverse’s history can be closed forever.

Few over the last 2,000 years have understood the true meaning of My incarnation in the body of Jesus Christ. In the previous dose of The New Revelation (Chapter 14: The Impact of the New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ on Creation, the Zone of Displacement and Human Life), the reasons for My incarnation on planet Zero and the necessary changes in the entire Multiverse related to My New Nature are described in detail. As you know, since the end of the fusion of the body of Jesus Christ with the Absolute Totality of The Most High I have become The Lord Jesus Christ, The Only Absolute Creator and God. It is no longer desirable to call me the Triune God or God’s Trinity or any other name because it does not reflect reality. The New Revelation is mainly rejected by representatives of the Roman Catholic Church and other Christian churches, because it reveals the true reasons for My incarnation in the gross body, encouraging direct and intimate contact with Me, thus showing uselessness of mediators between the individual and Me. At the same time, I reveal the contamination of all churches and religious organizations with the negative state, their efforts to control and use the believers, their direction to Hells. I announce here that only a very small number of so-called clergymen or god’s servants will be ascended during the division into the 5th dimension. They will have one last chance to accept The true God, The Lord Jesus Christ, into their hearts and become shepherds of stray sheep. Who has not read The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ is not responsible for the use of another name of God Almighty nor for the observance of the rituals and customs of his/her church or community. But whoever reads this continuation of God’s Word and did not accept My New Nature, rejects it as something inappropriate and false, even from Hells, is responsible for such a decision. Everyone has the freedom to accept or reject, but bears the consequences of such a choice.

The next chapter will be devoted to comparing transhumanism and transformation.   

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