22. Protection from Negative Influences

Chapter Twenty Two


   Humankind lives in the negative state for so long that it does not even remember where it comes from, who is its true and original creator. He participates in an experiment in which almost everything is allowed to prove to what absurd extreme can become when turning his back to the source of life, even denying his existence. It is very difficult to navigate in an environment infested with lying and distorted information, a rivalry of power and material goods, in isolation from the rest of Creation, in the control system of negative entities. Although there are growing waking individuals who are beginning to realize that they are being manipulated, abused and deceived, which leads to the incitement of riots and demonstrations, ruling elites are ready for this situation and tighten bolts every moment, reinforce repression, allow laws that even more they limit human rights and freedoms. Step by step they are building up the NWO (New World Order), using ever more obvious lies to justify terror and exploit people and the whole planet. How do you have to defend the negative influences you are constantly exposed to? What should you do?

   The New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ gives you a comprehensive answer to these questions. You, My co-workers, already thanks of the acceptance of this highest truth, published on planet Zero, you know, that the whole experiment must end with a temporary pseudo-victory of the negative state, otherwise it would be useless and nothing would be solved. The whole Creation would be forced to repeat the same scenario all the time: the question – the dormant (potential) existence of the negative state – the active existence of the negative state – the elimination of the negative state. Human life in the bodies by Pseudo-Creators will last only to the end of the cycle of time, not even a second longer. Gradually, I prepare to you for this fact and I try to accept it without regret and fear. For more detailed information, see chapter 16 of the book „The Main Ideas of the New Revelation“, entitled „The End of the Human Era on Earth and all areas of the zone of displacement.“

   But you are waiting from Me on specific advices how to resist negative influences in the middle of the spiritual and physical battle between good and evil, love and hatred, truth and lies. An advantage have those who establish direct contact with Me, the Lord Jesus Christ and let lead yourself. Then they can do nothing that would contradict with My plan for each individual soul and for humankind as a whole.Only I am absolute and I know all the conditions of your life, thus I do not make any mistakes and failures. Take this advice as universal, valid not only for this incarnation, but continually, forever. This does not mean that you stop communicating with other beings from the higher dimensions of Multiverse, that you will cease to be interested in the events around you, on the contrary, even more intensely, under My direction, receive information from different sources and you will more easily distinguish the truth from lies, increase the level of understanding of the events and phenomena that you are witnessing. You will know at each moment of your life what you have to do, with whom to cooperate, what to reject as unhelpful, unnecessary and deflective from ascension after spiritual journey. Just observance the spiritual laws of love will safely protect you from the attacks and the traps of the negative entities, will disconnect you from the control programs, as I have often said. Evil, violence and everything that opposes love you can not eliminate by the same means. You reinforce what you are fighting against and thus reduce the vibrations to yourself and to all humankind. When I lived in the body of Jesus, they begged and asked Me to stand at the head of the resistance against the Romans and their occupation of Galilee and Jerusalem, they did not understand that I did not come to liberate only one nation from slavery, but to lay the way out of the negative state for all the beings of Multiverse, who voluntarily participate in this experiment. I repeat the fact that I have never asked anyone to kill in god’s name someone else. Once I will reveal even more truth to you about the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.

   A good many think foolishly that by changing the political, economic, or religious system will gradually improve people’s lives, be happier and more satisfied. Nothing is further from the truth. The only effective way to get you out of this trap of the negative state is accepting the only Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ in your heart, which will cause also change thought, increase body vibrations, better understand the meaning of life. How simple… but for most people unacceptable, incomprehensible and reprehensible. They prefer to serve bankers, factory owners, politicians, truckle to their superiors, fulfill their commands, even if they hurt their loved ones, destroying a planet without which they can not survive in these bodies for even a minute (e.g. pilots of aircraft that spray chemtrails, soldiers who killing people because of greed elites, statesmen and politicians who lie to their voters to gain and retain their „power“…). Some have come so far as to pretend to serve God, but they are not ashamed to show the satanic symbols in public to show the initiates whose side they represent. In the highest positions of state, religious, economic and other organizations, you will find „people“ with the lowest vibrations, lacking love for neighbours, empathy with the sufferers, they care about power and money at all costs, literally going through corpses. This planet is already long under the government of reptilian origin entities, who voluntarily do not give up their „property“. When you look around, can you imagine how many people in your neighborhood would be able, thanks their choices and actions, instantly revibrate into the higher dimension and live in accordance with spiritual laws?

   The transformation of humankind is a long-term process that is perfectly planned and realized by Me with the help of advanced spiritual entities. It applies to every being in Creation, whether it participates directly or indirectly. With My incarnation into the female body of Jana, I prove that the end of a stage that separates the grain from the chaff, loving people from selfish and materialistic ones who still choosing „life“ without Me, is coming. I will not publish here how many human beings are prepared to go into the positive state because it is not important. There will still be an opportunity, during the constant deterioration of living conditions on this planet (in this reality), to change your minds, to increase vibrations and to accept Love into your heart. But it will be more difficult after the division, because the control rate will be close to 100%, the Internet becomes the most watched and most censored source of information, most spiritual teachers and other light assistants will already work in higher dimensions, because the negative state must prevail here. I do not want to scare you, the New Revelation readers, but it is necessary to reveal the truth even before revibration so that no one can make an excuse that it was not available at this time. Everyone is informed at the right moment at a level corresponding to his level of knowledge. Nobody is responsible for the decision of other people, but only for your thoughts and actions. This also means that if you will provoke others to any violation of the spiritual laws, you will violate these laws yourself, no matter how the persons concerned will behave. If you are directly connected with Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, you do not have to worry about violating the spiritual laws, because I will suggest you in time the idea of how to solve the problem or the life situation. Together with Me, you will gradually get rid of the fear and stress of lack, of death, of health, of control programs, you will gain more calm, you will stop chasing, because you will know that in all circumstances you have everything you need. In the body of Jesus I said, I am the way, the truth and the life….

   On the Internet, you can find many concrete stories of people who have had glory, money, interesting work, but they have found peace, serenity, and happiness from the moment they have received into your heart Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. Most people are still asleep, 95% to 98% are controlled by programs of negative entities, it is not possible to suddenly awaken them because it would damage them not only physically but primarily spiritually. It is necessary to feel, whom and what you say so that you did not make more harm than good. Fortunately you will know who is ready for specific information. As I have already said, each being has in its DNA a defensive mechanism that protects it from receiving information that does not fit its spiritual level,  vibrations. He simply laughs at you and stops paying attention to you. Do not be disgruntled and sad due to it, because everything has its time. You are here to spread information and love, to be an example to others. Some will remember to you when already you will not be among them (after revibration) by the time it germinates the seeds you have sown, then they will give you the truth and after a long time they will set out on their unique spiritual path back to Me. Take advantage of the time you still have, as best as possible. You will receive from Me a Gift in the form of Event (Warning) to spread the Word of God, especially the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ (all its parts), even more strenuously and with greater taste, for it is the most comprehensible and actual for the present. Nothing and no one will replace My love and true life in the positive state. This will understand only the one who, after experience with the pseudo-life in the zone of displacement, revibrates or incarnates into the higher dimensions of the True Creation. You are all My disciples. In the body of Jesus, I told Thomas: Do not doubt and believe… That you saw Me, you believe. Blessed are they who have not seen and believed. You, the direct participants of the ascension of mankind, will have an advantage over those who about life in the negative state and My intervention will learn in a mediated way. Therefore, it will be so important so that you continue with your work even after revibration. Only I am an absolute perfection, everything else is relative, evolving, and rising (and falling) to Me (from Me). When there will not negative state in a dormant or active form, only a virtual record will be available to serve everyone who would ask the question: How would life look like without God…. Even then you will have what to do. Your experience will never disappear, you will use it in all other lives and in the new cycle of time. It will never happen so that again experience isolation, memory erasure, control, physical, mental and spiritual damage. You are sacrificing for all beings in Multiverse, you are literally life-savers. If after reading the previous chapters of this book, worried about your closest one, we advise you: give them as much love, understanding, forgive them as they mostly do not know what they are doing because they are victims of control programs. You will see that they will start change for the better. Do not wait for miracles, because expectation destroys relationships as I have wrote in Conversations with God (with Neale Donald Walsch). I mention these important books because there are many true and generally valid spiritual councils in them for everyone who asks questions about the meaning of life and the relationship to God. The awakened human can not read the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ at the beginning of his spiritual path because he would not be able to understand and accept this higher level of truth. Truth has many levels, as I have already wrote, reveals gradually, from simple to more complex, from specific to general etc.

   The situation on Earth (Zero) will continue to deteriorate. Do not get involved in any disputes, whether political, religious, economic or otherwise. This does not mean you just have to idly look and do nothing. The point is to avoid unnecessary excitement, not to judge others you know so little, do not support violence, do not accept to the rules of the game of negative entities. Be „above the thing“. Everyone helps in another area of life, your task is individual and unique. They are not here, nor elsewhere, two who have exactly the same mission. No one is more important than the others because it is part of a mosaic. When a single tiny piece is missing, the image is incomplete and depreciated. Bring the light into the dark corners, reveal the abnormity of the negative state in all spheres of life, show that by loving relationship with Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, you transform yourself, your life and also the lives of others. Your job is not to reform this society. You know it’s impossible. Concentrate on aspects of life in the positive state and live according to it. Be an example to your relatives, known, people in the vicinity of your provisional „home“. For every human being who will be able to revibrate, thanks you, into a higher dimension, I thank for it. The biggest reward for you will be the amazing feeling you know under the term warming at heart. It is the connection of spirit, soul and physical body with Me. In the zone of displacement it is rare and takes only a small moment. The more love you give, without expecting anything, the more you help others (not only materially, but mainly spiritually), the more often and longer you experience on the physical level this rare feeling. It acts as an elixir of youth because it increases the vibrations and thus triggers the curative process of all the cells of the body. Do you already see how the length of life and health depends on body vibrations that are directly associated with the love to Me, the Lord Jesus Christ? The more you move away from Me, the shorter, more unhappy and the poorer life you live, no matter how much you have property, money, and all kinds of pleasures you know.

   Even your scientists have already found out that the universe is a hologram and only 1% is visible to the human eye in the spectrum of light that you are able to perceive. With each quantum leap to the higher dimension, the Multiverse perception percentage will be increased, the body will be more soft, the length of one of the infinite number of incarnations will be lengthened. Life is a game. It can be very fun, cheerful, full of joy and abundance, or as you know from this isolated reality on Zero. Meanwhile, it is possible to choose even the negative way of play, but the time is coming already, when the question many times given will be answered in a wholly and unambiguous way and the duality will be ended, just like the elimination of the negative state and the depopulation of the entire zone of displacement. Law of free choice is a condition of existence of life, but can not be understood as absolute. Again, I repeat that you are relative beings, and therefore you can not decide about the life and death of other relative beings, you can not violate the spiritual laws due to free choice. So far, you are allowed to make it but all the temporarily, as a saying goes here. It even here was saying that the individual’s freedom ends there, where begins the freedom of another, or don’t do to others what you don’t like. I did spread these simple truths not only in the body of Jesus, but also through many prophets, My co-workers here and in the higher spheres of Multiverse. Do you want to be My followers and to help at transformation of humankind, its evacuation into the positive state, do not any violence, spread love, truth, support everything that increases vibrations, follow spiritual laws. This is the most effective protection against negative influences, I can not advise you anything else. Of course, I am always ready to advise you when you go to your inward and you will lead with Me a private conversation. Then My councils will be quite specific, only for you, a temporarily separate unit that fulfills its unique and unrepeatable mission.

   You have certainly noticed that on the pages of this book I’m increasingly emphasizing the connection of God’s word in time, especially the contexts of the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ with the Holy Bible. It is understandable. The more we approach the end of the time, the more I reveal to you from My perfect plan.

   Therefore, in the following chapter, we will „return“ to some of the statements of Jesus and bring them in connection with the ongoing transformation.

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