21. To Love Your Neighbours and Forgive

Chapter Twenty One


   God’s Word is not subject to any fashionable direction, it does not try to be grateful for anyone, it is continuous, logical, and true. Although I adapt My language to the time and spiritual level of the people, I never deny what I have told in the past through My prophets. Everything that I hand on to humankind is a helping hand in his return to the True Creation. In all the books of the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, you receive a comprehensive interpretation of the origin, development, and termination of the negative state, which makes it possible to understand and accept My steps leading to the fulfillment of My plan. This does not mean that every reader will be clear right after reading these books for the first time, but I’m sowing the seeds into the souls, and at the right time these seeds will germinate and bring their fruits. By modern language: I activate your DNA, increase your vibrations and level of consciousness, so you can easily understand all contexts and be able to approach and follow Me.

   This chapter deals with the most important condition of life in the positive state, for you, incarnated on planet Zero, the conditions for revibration into higher dimensions: to love your neighbours and forgive them. I know that it is very difficult for those who live in the zone of displacement because communication with Me is limited to the necessary minimum, there is a system of control, lack of freedom, a false image of life, and everything is distorted and defiled by Pseudo-Creators and their minions. Especially on Zero, which is the main scene of this experiment, there are many different beings living in a small space who are hardly finding a common language. Individuals and groups are artificially actuated against each other and in all is caused a fear, hatred, envy, arrogance over others, divisions by religion, politics, culture, skin color,…. Particularly in the last decades when there is thanks to technologies is to massively influence people through television, the Internet, mobile networks, etc., each individual is exposed to a wealth of information, disinformation, negative patterns, war reporting, escalation of the threat of terrorism, in particular under the leadership of the secret services (US, Israel, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia…), which leads to the reduction of vibrations of the population of the entire planet. If there was not a greater influx of photons from the center of the universe, to My work in all areas of life, deploying millions of light beings in the bodies here and outside this reality, humankind would be condemned to an irreversible fall to the deeper levels of the zone of displacement, that is hells.

   Only Love can save of you, its an integral part of it is also forgiveness. If I did not love My whole Creation without exception, I did not forgive every one of you the actions and thoughts that you hurt others, thus also Me, the entire Multiverse, the Unity, the Whole, there would be to the self-destruction of the whole Creation, ending of life of the whole Multiverse. I would remain, the Lord Jesus Christ, because I am Absolute and anyone uncreated, eternal, but I should not share with anyone love, joy, happiness, life. You tell Me I could create a whole new universe with new, unencumbered beings. You are right, but then inevitably the same situation would occur, because someone would definitely be find who would ask a question that activated the negative state and the situation would be repeate over and over again. Because I know this, I have been prepared to help overcome this temporary state from the beginning, forgive all the participants even the worst acts, embrace them and give them My love. Even though you are not absolute, but you are a relative, you have in yourself the ability to love and forgive. When I created you, I gave you the qualities that I have, so I created you to My image. This does not apply for your gross bodies, defiled by Pseudo-Creators, but to your souls and subtle bodies that I will give you after the division of humankind. In the meantime, I please and ask you find at least so much love in yourself to forgive people you know personally, your relatives, friends, neighbours. They are also victims of control programs of negative entities, often saying and doing things that they would not be do by themselves, they sorry of their actions in their inward, only they do not have enough faith, strength, determination to ask for forgiveness, or forgive themselves to others. Nobody here is free from guilt and therefore has no right to judge others.

   I have already written that you do not have to love negative beings and their actions against spiritual laws, but love their immortal soul, God’s spark, which all connects together. You do not have to be hypocrites who „banana oil“ to others, they agree on the outside, on the inside they reject the actions of others. Do not be afraid to express your opinion and feelings, be honest with yourself and others. So you will live in the truth, in accordance with the spiritual laws. In this negative environment with all the differences, conditions and limitations, it is very demanding, but it is not impossible. I do not load to anybody more than he can carry, I’m not expecting anyone to be perfect. I appreciate any effort to increasing of your vibrations, expansion your consciousness, the better understanding of My plan to liberate humankind out of darkness.

   It is easier for you to forgive your closest than for you „foreign“, unknown, living in another place, in a different culture, people with other opinions on God, way of life,…. Elites, under the direction of Pseudo-Creators, do everything in their power to make it impossible for you to love your neighbours, that is, all human beings without exception. From the outset, they tried to cause about various conflicts, supported the emergence of different religions, economic and political systems, and thus assisted hatred and division among people. It’s the nature of the negative state. Especially at this time, when the battle of the human souls literally culminates and the differences markedly deepen, you can observe step by step the efforts of the rulers of this world to stir antagonistic cultures by relocating a large number of Muslims to Europe, originally Christian. What are they watching? Above all, the rising of fear, the social and ideological rebellions which will be suppressed by force, the abolition of the last „liberties“, the creation of a totalitarian global order, a unified religion that has nothing to do with the true God. You will witness still an increasing number of cruel terrorist acts, in television news you will see a barbaric killing of mainly civilians and children. Those who are interested in the world events and do not rely on official news and government statements know that the overwhelming majority of so-called terrorist attacks and massacres are organized and funded by US secret services and their minions. Why do we write about this just in the chapter entitled „To love your neighbours and forgive?“ In order to at least for a while you risen above everything are experiencing here, have looked at the whole scene as independent observers, theater play directors, did not let draw into factitious conflicts, did not became victim of manipulation. As I have repeated many times, everyone incarnated in this body with a certain mission, is playing consciously or unconsciously his life role. If he can forgive those who play a negative role in this life, he will be better prepared for a true life in the positive state. Don’t rely on it, that you will succeed in to maintain high vibrations always, that make it easy to love others and forgive them. Each of you sometimes gets into a situation where it will be very difficult, impossible. At such a moment ask Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, to help you to increase your vibrations and pull you out of the trap of the negative control programs. You will not get such effective and quick help from anyone else, no one else will lead you so efficiently and perfectly after the spiral of your unique and personal spiritual journey.

   Neither I, the Lord Jesus Christ, incarnated in the gross bodies of Jesus and Jana, I am not spared of doubt in relation to the higher absolute Divinity. I will show of you all that it is possible to approach Me, be My co-worker, stand on My right. Do you think that Jesus was all the same to, when he knew from Me about the necessity of the crucifixion, that he was balanced when they put him on a crown of thorns and whipped his body into the blood? Do you think that Jana, without mood swings, tolerates life in isolation, below the poverty line, with physical imperfections and pains, unpleasant physical work? Both of My direct incarnations suffered and suffer both mentally and physically in bodies that almost totally limit their possibilities, do not feel well here, can not be happy and satisfied as long as they see separation from Me. I am sacrificing here for humankind, for all Creation. I do not ask from you so much, just endure a moment into division, let yourself lead and you know My protection and love.

   With love and forgiveness you must start by yourself. If you do not forgive everything to yourself what you did otherwise than you wanted, what you hurted others will not be able to forgive others. With your vibrations rising and consciousness expanding, you are able to rethink the perception of reality even in relation to the past. You can not imagine how amazingly it manifests even so little the regret above the harm you have experienced or have caused to another human or animal, when you also forgive in your heart to yourself and those who have hurt you. You do not change the physical past, but the vibration of such an event yes. The purpose of life is creation of a loving relationship to Me, the Lord Jesus Christ and the whole Creation, every part of it in the form of sentient entities, other animals, plants,….

   Love to yourself is not narcissism, that is, love for one’s ego, exalting oneself above others, comparing your qualities with those of other beings. It’s a deeper sense toward your soul, higher self, to the immortal being you are. Despite the imperfection you are experiencing, realize that at any moment you are doing what you need to fulfill the meaning of your unique and unrepeatable life. When I spoke in Jesus‘ body about the need to love My enemies, I did not mean that you should love each person’s ego, or even approve of all negative thoughts and deeds, but that you should seek even in the cruelest and most miserable (spiritually) God’s spark and forgive him. On the cross, just before the death of the body, I said, Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. Especially when someone regrets their deeds and begs you for forgiveness, do not be obstinate and irreconcilable not to create not only for yourself, but also for that suppliant, negative vibrations and karma. I know how difficult it is for you, especially at the time of the deterioration of the international situation, the harassment by weapons, by the cruelty in live transmission, the manipulation and the lies. Never before had humankind been subjected to such great pressure by the hidden planetary rulers, there was no such massive damage to physical and mental health, literally the genocide of all living on Earth. Even Jana sometimes says that it’s often easier to know nothing than to have true information about the events in the world and beyond. It is necessary to endure yet so that every have opportunity to have one’s own experience of the negative state, to decide where it will go after the division of mankind, to show if it deserves life in the True Creation. Nothing but life lasts forever, not even your stay in the zone of displacement.

   When the long-awaited transition into the 5th dimension comes, your life experience here, at Zero, will not disappear. You will be faced with contamination for a while that can not be eliminated by replacing the gross physical body by a subtle duplicate because it would be pointless and counterproductive. You will experience gradual cleansing from false conceptions and habits that are deeply engraved in your memory, with My help you will remember on the true spiritual laws, you will form a whole new way of life. Those who leave the body through physical death, go to the New School in the intermediate world to be better prepared for life in the positive state. This is easier than continuing in the same life in new, completely different conditions. This is the first time when transformation takes place in this unique way. Part of the most advanced beings only exchange their bodies for better, more perfect and will show everyone in the universe how to deal with revolutionary changes, in many cases the opposite ways of co-working with others than they were accustomed to. That is why you will become teachers of other civilizations and beings in the Multiverse. No one else has passed such experience, nor will it pass. Although you do not feel that way yet, you are literally honored by the fact that you are participants in the unrepeatable process of transforming humankind created by the Most High, now Lord Jesus Christ, but stolen and defiled by Pseudo-Creators. You are deserving to return the billion beings into the True Creation, to My loving arms.

   Even in the 5th dimension, the relationship between people is not perfect and without exchanging different opinions. However, there is no escalation in the form of conflicts, verbal and physical assailing of others, effusion anger and breaking contact. All disputes and different opinions are resolved calmly, with a discretion, with the help of the higher self, with whom the ego is in a continuous connection. I repeat that in the positive state, all beings feel unity with everyone and everything, that is, with Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, their spirit and soul are not isolated and encapsulated, as in the zone of displacement, there is no manipulation, concealment, brainwashing, deliberate lying. People are able to read the thoughts of others, nor do not need for them to say of anything other than they think, not only because the lie is instantly revealed, but because of higher vibrations, the spiritual level of the population. Communication takes place in two ways, telepathically, that is, passing of the ideas without words, and as you know it, with a spoken speech. It depends on the maturity of what civilization and the taste of the individual what uses. When an exchange of views takes place, an individual who recognizes that he/she is wrong, asks the other participant in the forgiveness dispute and is clear between them, the vibrations are equalizing, there will be no long-term grudge or hostility. Some people are closer to each other, they create families, communities, or communities of friends, as you know it here, on the Zero, but relationships are at a higher level, there is more love, belonging, mutual support, is missing of competitivity, envy, malignancy,…. Even in the positive state not everyone likes everyone, but they abide the spiritual law, the same attracts the same, do not provoke those with whom they disagree, are tolerant, understand diversity and differences, the right to individuality, own opinions. In the whole Multiverse, you will not find two completely the same beings, yet it is important for everyone to be tolerant to others, live in peace, love and forgive. These are the basic assumptions of a full and happy life anywhere in infinite Creation, where rise ever new and new galaxies, solar systems, planets, beings are so diverse that you can not imagine it. You have a wonderful journey ahead of you, you are the co-creators of life that I have given you, together we can create new and even better alternatives and ways of coexistence.

   From the above information it is clear that your work of spiritual teachers is far from ending by revibration on the New Earth or elsewhere, but will continue on an even higher level. Fortunately, it will not be so hard and unpleasant. Thanks to high vibrations, you will feel a lot more love, it will be easier to forgive to yourself and others, you will not be afraid of the lack of anything nor about your closest ones. We will be one family, you will not feel sorrow from separation from Me or the beloved beings you want to share your life with. Remember, life is change, and you are preparing for the greatest change which humankind has ever experienced.

   In the next chapter, together we will analyze the specific ways of protection against negative influences.

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