20. Filling of Biblical Prophecies

Chapter Twenty


   The books of the New Revelation are the continuation of the Holy Bible, and because there is no longer any need to use the incomprehensible  spiritual language to people for the protection of God’s Word, it is possible to literally explain the most important ideas and predictions concerning the current transformation of humankind and My Second Coming to Earth. This chapter summarizes the most important Bible prophecies for the time of the end which just this generation is experiencing. I would not incarnate into the gross body of Jana if there would be many tens or hundreds of years into the division of humankind. I am/We are here to bring out ready human beings to the higher dimension of the positive state and to allow a short pseudo-victory of the negative state under the direct government of the Pseudo-Creators in this reality of the planet Earth (yet Zero). My incarnation was predicted in the Revelation of Jesus Christ written by John (see Introduction of this New Revelation portion), but no one at the reading of the Bible thought that a woman who bore a child and flee into the desert, I am directly, the Lord Jesus Christ. This was strictly kept secret until the end of 2012, when we first published the Introduction to this book. Her/Our job is not to directly influence millions of people, to get them through tangible evidence, to persuade them about the truthfulness of these messages. We write together the highest level of truth that only a small number of people are prepared to accept. It is not important how many reads this book but that it is available here.

   Many believers do not have difficulty accepting Mary, the mother of Jesus, as Goddess. They even worship her like Me, they do not make a difference between the only Creator and the donor of life and his devoted servant, who had the honor of giving birth of the first direct incarnation of the Most High on this planet. In order to bring salvation to as many human beings as possible, I pass on important information on behalf of a number of divine and semi-divine entities here (see Chapter 2 of this book). The Pseudo-Creators had enough time to prepare the scene for their triumphant second coming. With My permission (because of the many times mentioned spiritual question), they contaminated not only Christianity, the only religion directly from the true God, the creation of many branches, Churches and sects, or the modifications of My Word, but also the establishment of other religious directions, would-be modern and more understandable to people. Because they knew very well about My first coming to Earth, they laid the foundation of buddhism, which looks like positive spiritual teachings, but is dangerous because it leads its believers away from the existence of the only God – the Creator of the Multiverse. It even disparages the creation of human according to God’s form and compares it with animals when he teaches that the soul of human can incarnate in the body of any animal. About 500 years after My First Coming into the body of Jesus, they have created a new religion – Islam – on the territory of the highest occurrence of Christians. Out of the one incarnation of God, Jesus Christ, they made one of the prophets, out of the women, the bearers of life, the slaves and the inferior beings, exposed on the grace and disgrace to the men. The God of love, compassion, and wisdom they exchanged for Allah, longing for blood, sacrifices and humiliation. For hundreds of years, they manage and divide not only religion on this planet, but all aspects of human life. Right now the final is coming: The Second Coming of the Pseudo-Creators, the gods of the creators of this human race, if you want, extraterrestrial highly developed (not spiritually) beings that played here and still for a moment will play on the Gods. Even the Church that has roots in My teaching, do not abide faithful to the true God, is gradually disrupted and literally rotten by the poison of the negative state. Example are not only various scandals with pedophile and homosexual priests, but above all the so-called ecumenical movement, gradual convergence of various religious directions and Churches, by many very pleaasant but insidious because they craftily and under guise of humanity and unification step by step eliminate the true Word of God. Just some few can reveal this plot against Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, leading to the complete confusion and separation of the human souls from the only source of life. You can not even imagine that it threatens the very essence of life of Multiverse. Fortunately, I have everything under control, and I will never allow it to was destroyed all that I have created. After reading these words, you will better understand why I have called here such a large number of beings from the positive state why I personal incarnated into the body of Jana, on help to humankind.

   The ecumenical movement got green in the 1960s after the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). At first, it was the convergence of Christian Churches, but gradually, especially now under the leadership of Pope Francis, there is preparation made to link all religions into one global, when one of the Pseudo-Creators (if you want the Antichrist) will be head after the division of humankind. What, at first glance, looks like a positive change, leading to global peace, prosperity, the elimination of poverty, differences, etc., is a wide paved road to hells. Already in the body of Jesus, I warned of worshiping the idols and false gods, I urged to seeking of God in your inward, I promised God’s Kingdom, Heaven on Earth, in other words, life in the positive state in the higher dimensions of Multiverse. Even today, after 2,000 years, humanity has not understood My words, it does not follow them, they do not believe them, neither Me nor in Me. Rather is listening to false prophets, letting himself bewildering with would-be scientific and materialistic evidence that completely distorts the truth, denies and deliberately conceals the results of the study of thousands of people who are led to the gradual revelation of the veil, manipulation and lies, serving to greater enslavement. Without the help of the angels, and above all Me coordination, there could be no transformation of humankind and its evacuation out of the negative state.

   As of December 21, 2012, the population of this planet lives in an without time period, even though so far is lasting the illusion of linear time. More and more people notice visible changes in the sky, especially the blinding white and brighter sunlight, which even in the winter dissolves darkness if it is not artificially concealed by chemical clouds. Even the Moon is not always in the expected location, it is often inclined towards the observer otherwise than before. There are strange sounds in different parts of the Earth, reminiscent of the thunder or friction of metal plates, but they are not related to an earthquake or a volcano eruption. More responsive people see the flashes of other dimensions, beings in subtle bodies, more colorful landscape, feel increased photon influx, vibration of their bodies. All this proves the changes that lead to the division of humankind into two basic realities. Those who are ready to live in the positive state will experiencing a significant changes in all areas of life. From the information provided in this New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is clear that the negative and positive universe are incompatible. It is not possible to reform or cosmetically modify what has been fabricated by Pseudo-Creators and denies the true spiritual laws of Creation, opposed to Me, absolute Love and Wisdom. Those who momently choose pseudo-life in the gross world in a slave money system will continue under the rule of false gods in ignorance and lie, until the total victory of the negative state. The end time is characterized by many predicted events and natural changes. Animal and plant species are massively dying, due to genetic engineering, there is contamination and displacement of the original crop species, chemical pollution reaches concentrations that destroy all life on the planet. The Dark Side, at all costs, is trying to keep its herd under control and in ignorance, and therefore hinders the influx of photons from the center of the galaxy through the solar gate to this planet, prohibits and limits under the threat of high fines and criminal prosecution through laws the cultivation and use of medicinal and otherwise beneficial herbs (eg cannabis), restricts self-supply by wholesome food (e.g. prohibition of sale of unpasteurized milk), destroys small growers and farmers, takes control of all natural water resources, promotes the production of poisonous food (poisoning-food), tightens the laws on compulsory vaccination of children,…. I repeat the same thing over and over again, because it is necessary for you to produce your own image of reality from handed information, your mosaic of knowledge, allowing you to disconnect from the system gradually and restrict control by negative entities (see chapter 19).

   The end time can be compared to the time before the Biblical Flood. In all the natural cultures on this planet you find this story, only the names are different. This is a true story of the 12 500 years ago when it collapsed and destroyed the civilization called Atlantis. Evidence of its material existence and destruction is already found on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda and Cuba. As always, such evidence is suppressed and you will not find them in the mainstream media controlled by the elites. Even then humankind violated the spiritual laws of the Multiverse and played with forces that could not fully control it. The result was seismic activity on vast territories, sinking continents and emerging by other, reversing the planet, and raising ocean levels. Neither did this disaster force humanity to change for the better to turn to God, to its true Creator and parent. Now you are witnessing even worse secession and violations of spiritual laws than it did in the fall of Atlantis. This civilization, under the leadership of negative entities, commits such crimes as none in the history of Multiverse. People are so dull and manipulated that they do not even accept the killing of other people and animals, they do not feel part of the whole, they are looking for an enemy in every being, a competitor who takes their sources of food and energy, they constantly undergo intimidation, they are afraid about their bare lives in deformed bodies, because they have lost the last remnant of faith in Love and Good. Most of those who believe in God, the higher being who created the universe, worships of false gods because they are incapable of believing in the God of Love and Mercy. For many, the Golden Calf, Mammon, money, possessions, worldly glory, is the supreme god, they are willing to sell the soul to the devil (literally) to obtain the above-mentioned. The one whom is uncomfortable to read these messages did not yet disconnect from the matrix, and still is clinging to this, from a spiritual point of view, poor and miserable life worthy of a regret. If I were not Absolute Love and Wisdom, I would have long ago lost patience with such ungrateful and prodigal children. Certainly you have already understood that the whole „Earth operation“ does not only concern this small space and the inhabitants of the planet Zero, but literally the entire Creation. In the Multiverse everything is connected, it is one living organism and each, even if the tiny particle influences the whole. When your body is ill, you also try to help it, start treating it, or leave it to operate to remove a malfunction or a malignant tumor. The negative state is just such a malignant tumor that weakens the whole body, and when it is not removed, the body dies. As a parent, responsible for the condition of all the beings I have created, I will never allow destruction and death of all life. Everything that is happening without you being able to fully understand it is an act of the greatest love and devotion.

   I will reveal here yet another secret hidden in the spiritual language of the Holy Bible. There is no chosen nation that is closest to God, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not about Jews, Czechs, or other earthly peoples. It’s not about specific places on this planet. Chosen is one to receive in the heart of the one true God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and follow the spiritual laws of the true Creation. With this message, I explain again and more thoroughly why My only direct female incarnation Jana did not move to Prague. Prague is not New Jerusalem, but due to the fact that is here more and more people who breaking away from the matrix of the negative state, it is the spiritual center of the world. It is not important where you are incarnated in your body, but how do you live, think, act, whether you are willing to change yourself, to be torches that drives out the darkness to others to be an example of a loving, selfless and peaceful life.

   As long as you live in these gross bodies, you do not feel so much love that you remain well-balanced, calm, have high vibrations. Do not criticize yourself for emotional fluctuations, mental pain and imperfection. At any moment, you do what you can. Enter as most often as possible into your inward, meditate, pray for others, engage in a personal and unique relationship with Me. Already in the body of Jesus, I said that the human body is a temple, and the stone ones will soon be scattered. Do not be afraid of these revolutionary changes. You have been waiting all the eons for them, because of the return of humankind to My sacred arms you have undergone many incarnations, you have suffered together with Me and now is the time of deserved reward and rest. It does not mean doing nothing, but creating new worlds, a new way of life, embrace with all beings who accept life in the positive state, they prove to understand and forgive all even the worst acts because they will know why it was necessary to know the opposite side of life. It remains still several years into the division of humankind. Make the best use of it to have a good feel that you have partly contributed to raising the spiritual level of people, do not lose faith and courage in love and good, do not get involved in disputes, do not panic due to the deteriorating situation on Earth. Although I am omnipotent and omniscient, I must still to allow the negative side for a moment to tighten the screws and more choke the inhabitants of the whole planet. It is important for the existence of all beings in Creation. Please, endure yet the bullying on the part of elites. You know you’re under My constant protection. All lightworkers are experiencing heavy tests, but they are also direct witnesses to My help, experiencing synchronicity, perfect timing, even more receptive to My embrace and caress. Believe that when you end here and revibrate to higher dimensions, each where it belongs, you will be incredibly happy that you could be „at this“ and experience „personally“ the victory of Love over evil, hatred and lies. As I have already written, you will become a teacher of other beings who could not have direct experience of life „behind the curtain“ in the Multiverse wastebasket, which is unique and unrepeatable, because it will no longer be possible to experience again after elimination the negative state.

   I recommend to all readers and practitioners of the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ to read again, or even for the first time, the Bible, especially the New Testament. You will see connections and better understand the events in this revolutionary time. As you ascend after the spiral of the spiritual path, your consciousness expands, and you can more easily understand the spiritual language that was necessary to humankind survive to the present time of transformation. With your heart you will know the true Word of God and you will distinguish it from words that have been inserted by false gods. It will be a very useful lesson for you it help you endure the stay in this dimension.

   In the next chapter, we will learn to love our neighbours and forgive them.   

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