2. Transformation of Humanity and Planet Earth



Humanity on planet Earth (Zero) is experiencing an experiment that is unprecedented throughout the Multiverse. A detailed description of the activation of the negative state and its manifestations can be found in The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, which I dictated Peter Daniel Francuch. Now we are going to focus on what is happening now, when there is a turning point and humankind is beginning to wake up from sleep, is transforming itself with the planet. Why did I first incarnate into the body of Jesus and now into the body of Jana just on Earth? As has been said, the negative state has been activated here, and therefore must be eliminated here so that it cannot contaminate the entire Multiverse. As The Most High, The Prime Creator of everything and everyone, now The Lord Jesus Christ, I must be physically present in the body to accomplish such a demanding task. In the body of Jesus I brought love to humankind and opened him way to the positive state, now in the body of Jana I connect everyone on this path to strengthen them and show that we have a common goal – life in love, joy, abundance and peace in accordance with spiritual laws, that is, true life (not the dead life of the negative state that humanity still lives). In the past 50 years, several million highly-advanced beings from various levels and dimensions of the Multiverse have incarnated on Earth to help return humanity to the Source, thus to Me, to be a positive example to others by their high love vibrations. Each being has its original and specific task, which consciously or unconsciously it performs, all coordinated and guided so that the transformation proceeds as optimally as possible without unnecessary delays and disasters. There is nothing and no one who/what could stop and reverse the transformation. From the center of the Multiverse, this universe, an increasing number of photons are flowing across the Sun to increase the vibration of the planet and all its inhabitants, including humans. There are changes in the DNA, the number of strings involved increases from 2 to 12, later to 24 and more. The bodies are transformed, their density is reduced, and the carbon base is gradually converted to crystalline. This opens up the possibility for telepathic communication, reading thoughts, teleportation, decreasing food intake, food ceasing to be vital, but becoming joy and enjoyment, some not needing it at all. People will not depend on technology and energy from fossil fuels, they already know the possibilities of using so-called free energy, tachyon energy, zero point energy. They will have the ability to create everything with the idea, to move anywhere without the use of means of transport. Of course, we are talking about potential options, not immediate change. In order to realize the transformation of humanity with the entire planet, which is unique and not yet realized, it is necessary to divide humankind. At present, the efforts of negative forces to enslave people culminate. They use modern technologies, the media, the financial system, the so-called artists, the sportsmen, the industry – especially the military, the pharmaceutical, the food… to keep people in fear, divert them from the search for truth within themselves, create a sense of lack, force them to rival with each other, compete, destroy each other physically and mentally. They are preparing almost 100% control of people by introducing the so-called chip totality – they implant the chips under the skin of everyone after birth so that they can control it at any time, even physically destroy it if they refuse to cooperate with the slave system. They try to smash families, replace love with lust, take children away from parents, prepare dependent workers and consumers in schools, poison air, food, water, the whole planet and everything alive to reduce population, reduce their intelligence, impair health, mental and spiritual abilities, stopped transformation. Most of it I’m experiencing on My own skin in the body of Jana, something through other beings in the bodies on this planet. I allowed Jana to recognize of aging the body with some selected consequences (for example, loss of teeth, gray hair). Although I protect her from genetically modified crops, chemically modified or otherwise unhealthy, I allowed her to recognize the consequences of so-called chemtrails (aircraft traces that are deliberately enriched with aerosols from aluminum nanoparticles, barium salts, strontium, mold, viruses, bacteria and artificial fibers that combine and multiply in the bodies of humans, animals and plants…) in the form of temporary excessive excretion of keratin (a building block of hair) mixed with harmful aluminum nanoparticles on the surface of the head, where they resemble „crown of thorns“. Jana removed this unwanted „ornament“ herself using will, energy and hands during the summer of 2013. Now, there is still a slight excretion of this mixture, but regular removal can prevent its hardening and enlargement of ugly shapes. As the vibrations of her body increases, this unpleasant phenomenon ceases, her physical and mental condition improves. So I myself am going from the negative state to the positive state to be an example to others, to know the physical consequences of life on this heavily tested planet. Since 2011, there is another time bomb on this planet in the form of radiation leakage from a damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. The damage was caused by the deliberate use of the HAARP device in the Pacific region, where it caused earthquakes and tsunami waves. This device is used to influence the weather, the minds of people, as a means of blackmailing governments of sovereign states, causing instability… Until now (January 2014), the area of ​​contamination with hazardous radiation has spread to the west bank of the USA and is progressing, even though the amount of radiation is constantly controlled and reduced with the help of advanced technologies of extraterrestrial civilizations, especially Pleiades. So far, however, these universe people who cooperate closely with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ, can no longer help and interfere with events on Earth (Zero), because there are still dangerous negative energies in spite of increasing human vibrations, there is no collective will of humanity with meet them personally. Meetings take place at the level of individuals and small groups, but not massively. Since the late 1940s, several universe people meetings have also taken place with representatives of the states (USA, USSR, Venezuela…), in most cases their proposals for cooperation in peace, disarmament, free information on free energies, economic and ecological crises are rejected to continue building the New World Order and thereby enslaving humanity. People trying to inform others about this dismal state are coming up with new solutions in the form of environmentally friendly technologies, treating so-called incurable diseases, being silenced even today in different ways, and by physically removing their bodies. The above information suggests that even in the period of the transformation of humankind, there are still dangerous attempts to reverse it. Of course, I am counting on that, so I have „long ago“ prepared a plan to divide humanity so that positive and loving people can continue their lives without these limitations and harm in love, in unity with all and everything, with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, and the negative or awakened and unprepared people allowed for a short time the victory (pseudo-victory) of the negative state, and so a fundamental spiritual question was answered: How a life without God, The Lord Jesus Christ, and His/Her spiritual principles of love would look like?

Due to the diversity and complexity of the situation on Earth I have chosen many ways of communicating with people as I have already stated in Chapter 1. Now I will elaborate on these ways and specify:

  1. Incarnated high-ranking spiritual beings in human bodies (archangels, ascended Masters, angels) who, during their life in the body, remembered their mission and made contact with their higher Self, became a so-called channel for spiritual information for a group of like-minded people.
  2. Non-incarnate spiritual beings from the higher dimensions, both physical and intangible, who engage in telepathic contact with selected individuals in the body, bring information and healing energy, help to increase vibrations.
  3. I, The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, coordinate all of them at all levels: from the physical (in the body of Jana), through the mental to the spiritual. I act as Jeshua, Jesus Christ, Almighty God, The Prime Creator of everything and everyone, God’s Trinity, Cosmic Intelligence, Cosmic Consciousness, The Absolute, Jehovah, although My Only true Name is The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family.

I tailor My speech and information to the recipients level. I use the spiral repetition method, which is why I constantly refine and extend the information about the new one, thus ensuring that it is better remembered and understood. Already Peter Daniel Francuch has sometimes complained that I am still repeating something, but it is necessary because of the imperfection of a gross brain that is still forgetting. Jan Amos Komenský, a world-renowned Czech, a teacher of nations, who reformed the education system using „the school by play“ method, also knew it. As body vibrations increases, memory improves, consciousness spreads, and thus the ability to understand anything is expanded. This process is constantly accelerating, but it is not possible to omit individual stages. We also do not try out a kindergarten child from the university curriculum. Moreover, as I have already mentioned, the spiritual level of people is very different and unrelated to intelligence. It often happens that a person with basic education is much more receptive, understands unity with everything, empathizes better at others than a scientist with many degrees from prestigious schools. Again, the negative state method is manifested here: divide and rule. Schools educate anything specialists, deliberately „forgetting“ the whole, unity.

After the division of humankind, we will change together all areas of life. There is no area that remains the same because everything is infested with the negative state.

The basis of transformation and ascension to a higher dimension is the increase in vibrations, the spread of consciousness. People are beginning to realize that they are living in an unsustainable system that sucks them like leeches, that not enough money and wealth makes them happy, that any war is meaningless for anything. Their desire for sharing, love, understanding, life in harmony with nature is growing. Many are becoming vegetarians, so that animals are not killed because of their appetite for meat. Jana, My material Self on Earth is a vegetarian for over 10 years. She has gradually come to understand that meat is not necessary for life, even harmful to health. There are also people who are relieving their diet because they no longer fit their vibrations and are so-called „heavy in the stomach“. Some become vegans, fruitarians, vitarians, few individuals do without food and feed on so-called prana, or cosmic energy. That doesn’t mean they’re better than those who eat solid foods. The way of eating does not have to mean a higher spiritual level. Therefore, I urge you not to evaluate anyone and not to compare or compete with others. Everyone undergoes individual transformation, nothing can be rushed. First, the interior is changing, then the exterior, it is not the other way around.

Increasing vibrations also slows the physical body aging. Cells are changing faster, they are not degenerating and decreasing, the body is more vital and less prone to disease. In higher dimensions, life expectancy extends to hundreds or thousands of years in one body when one becomes immortal. Life is eternal due to the immortal soul and spirit, but it is possible for the physical body to be immortal. But not the gross body, fabricated by the Pseudo-creators, because it is imperfect. Nothing in the negative state can be immortal, nor can it form the basis for life in the positive state. The body I created is perfect. The heart is located in the middle of the chest and has a shape that all humans know from drawings. In the positive state is harmony, symmetry, everything has its perfect place, nothing is black, non-teasing eye, harmful to health, etc. For more details on fabricating the human body and its specific characteristics, see The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, dictated to P. D. Francuch. One should also mention the great difference between the way of writing The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ with Peter and Jana. I dictated Peter the word from word, Peter did not put anything in his text, he recorded everything he „heard“. Jana is My direct incarnation, so she has the closest relationship and contact with Me, her higher Self. All the texts we have written together since the beginning of our communication in 2003, we create as one being, there is no distortion. It is not a dictation of individual words, but the transmission of the thought that her mind processes, translates into words and sentences, sometimes stylistically adjusts without disturbing My Plan. All that Jana writes, says and does is in accordance with My Plan and it cannot be otherwise. She does not impose her divinity on anyone, does not show physical or spiritual phenomena, tries to say that everyone can find truth only in her heart and communication with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ is possible without mediators, media, priests. Everyone is a god, no one has to give his/her power to others. When people understand this simple truth, they begin to listen to intuition, the heart language, so they find direct communication with Me, the negative state ends. No one will want to hurt their brothers and sisters at all levels of life because they will feel and understand that we are one, one living organism, the Multiverse. At the same time, each being retains its originality and uniqueness without having to compete with each other. On Earth in the 5th dimension, everyone will have an open mind, consciousness and communication with the Only Source of Life, with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family. This will leave the lives of people afraid, emotions that literally cripple and bind, causing mental and physical suffering and illnesses, wars, natural and man-made disasters. Any abuse of humans, animals and nature will end, poisonous and dangerous plants will disappear, the animals will live in friendship with people, they will not hunt each other because their metabolism will change. The weather will calm down, the climate will be mild, without extreme fluctuations. Everything on the planet will resonate with higher love vibrations. Humankind in the positive state will not have to experience incarnations into bodies that are subject to the law of karma, will not live isolated from others in Creation, will not forget all the experiences of previous lives and incarnations. His abilities could be called supernatural from today’s point of view. There is nothing unnatural, inexplicable and impossible in the universe, there are no coincidences.

Few on this planet have read The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ brought here through Peter, and therefore cannot fully understand the process of transformation, especially the need for a brief victory for the negative state. For security reasons, the Bible is written in a spiritual language so that the Pseudo-creators and their minions cannot falsify and defile it. Especially the New Testament brings key information about My Second Coming. The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ is written in such a way that it is understandable and clear, explaining the so-called fall of humanity, that is, the reasons for activation, duration and termination of the negative state. It is only through this Revelation that humanity has received and receives information that the negative state is not from Me, The Most High, The Lord Jesus Christ, and therefore will not last forever. When the spiritual question is answered: What a life without God, The Creator and His/Her spiritual laws of love would look like, I will end this cycle of time, and we begin to form the New Multiverse, where the negative state will not be present even in slumber form. Only then will there be true joy of life, happiness and love throughout Creation. There will be completely new possibilities of creation that are not yet possible in the presence of the negative state.

In the following chapters we will analyze the necessary changes in individual areas of life after the division of humankind.

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