19. Control of Humanity by Negative Entities



You live in the Zone of Displacement where, for spiritual reasons, the use of any method of influencing and manipulating human beings is permitted. This state will last until the end of this cycle of time, until the negative state is completely eliminated. As I have already said, the soul and spirit of the vast majority of people are isolated from the ego, and communication between them is limited to the minimum necessary for the being to be capable of at least this dead life. Only then is it possible that in these challenging conditions it will survive without going completely crazy. You, the co-workers of light and mostly beings incarnated from the higher dimensions of the Multiverse, set out an individual spiritual journey after waking up, establishing a connection with the higher Self and gradually eliminating the control to which all the inhabitants of planet Zero are exposed to some extent. The higher the vibrations you have, the „widening of consciousness“ to you, more precisely: it releases itself from the grip of „the straitjacket“ of the control programs that use the negative entities to make you obedient puppets of the system. This is clearly shown in the Matrix trilogy (although it does not come from the positive state, like other films with a spiritual message, it is good to see it).

How works control of humanity by negative entities:

  • The Pseudo-creators I have recently released are on their way to planet Zero (see Chapter 1 of this New Revelation dose), meanwhile they are ruling through their representatives from the highest places of Hellish hierarchy, after the divisions of humankind themselves take government here, in this reality that falls to position -1.
  • On the Moon, more precisely below the surface of this partially artificial body, are bases with a vast array of computers that are technically more advanced than you know, and contain data about every being on planet Zero, the so-called life tapes. Every computer is operated by an extraterrestrial entity (most commonly „the greys“), which executes the commands of its superiors and enters a program to control that human being in all areas of its pseudo-life (for more information see Chapter 29 of the New Revelation with Peter and www.pratele-nebe.cz and www.vesmirni-lide.cz).
  • Powerful computers are located right on planet Zero, gathering all the information about each inhabitant and capturing communications over mobile phones and the Internet. At the same time, the trial operation of subcutaneous RFID chips, which limit the connection with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ and the positive state beings to a negligible level, increases the level of control to 99.99%. Mandatory chipping will trigger the elites under the direction of the Pseudo-creators right after the division of humankind.
  • Other means of mind control are television, film, music, fashion, politics… it is a sophisticated system designed to divert human beings from entering into the interior, dealing with essentials, developing loving relationships, establishing contact with Me, promoting distribution in all areas of life , hostility, envy, fear…
  • The mind control devices are HAARP devices, radars, transmitters of mobile operators, wifi networks, chemtrails, chemicals in the food chain, vaccination…

How to break free from this spider net into which you have voluntarily incarnated to help human beings transform into the positive state? BY LOVE. As I have said several times, everyone has in their DNA a program of awakening from the illusion of this matrix. Once it is running, there is a different length of searching for and gradually finding a true Self, connection with a multidimensional family and with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. You progress step by step after the spiritual spiral, and not always is this rise smooth and without tripping or falling. It is accompanied by many spiritual tests, often at the limit of carrying capacity, mental and physical suffering. The more advanced the being, the greater the suffering on the spiritual path. You become more sensitive to the pain and misery of other beings and the whole planet, getting rid of the fear of anything, selfishness and pursuit of property and money, changing your priorities. As soon as you realize the true nature of the negative state, you cease to follow the learned stereotypes, you move out of the line and many of you go upstream. This will cause the confusion and alertness of the negative entities in charge of you. They will do their best to keep you in the net, but the higher you move on the spiral of spiritual ascension, the higher vibration you have, the harder it is for them to control you. At some point, they will no longer affect you, you will disconnect from the matrix, and your light will shine into the universe, because the sheath of the energy-protoplasm ruptures in which the soul (in the intermediate world) and spirit (in the spiritual world) are imprisoned during their stay in the Zone of Displacement. One liberated being can balance the negative energies of thousands to hundreds of thousands of sleeping and controlled people.

Since you already know that a short victory of the negative state is necessary, it is impossible to solve the situation differently than by dividing people into awakened and ready to live in the higher dimension of the positive state and those who will demonstrate to others in the universe what they should never vote again. Before this important act happens the Event or Warning, as I have said you more than once. It will be a short-term expansion of consciousness, a kind of enlightenment that will have an individual character and impact on individuals and groups of people. It will greatly help the prepared and accelerate their ascension, bring the unprepared to confusion, but will soon „shake off“ from this incomprehensible experience and continue their illusory life under the direction of the controlling entities to voluntarily let themselves be chipped in the near future and even more so enslave. I will free them, as the prince the Sleeping Beauty, in the last phase of My Second Coming, once and for all I have ended the existence of the negative state.

Neither you nor My closest co-workers in the gross bodies on this planet can imagine how fast and amazing the change is ready for you. It will be like the first breath of a newborn, but with much more pleasant feelings. The difference in the intensity of feeling love for Me and all Creation, the level of understanding of everything you have had to undergo and endure, the understanding of the universal spiritual laws, the feeling of unity of everything and with everything that is, liberation from the limiting and imperfect body and its replacement with a lighter, more beautiful, more health, more perfect and much more awaited in Paradise, in your original home, from which you have fallen out, some voluntarily and in love for neighbors, others because of the curiosity and burden of their genes, karma, into the Multiverse’s trash can.

Receive My helping hand and let yourself be brought out of the abyss into the light, into the loving arms of the only Mother/Father you have forever.

Pseudo-creators have stolen life so that they can overturn and defile it to the extremely. Of everything that is positive and helps beings in Creation to ascend on the spiral of spiritual path, they have done the opposite. You, too, bear the consequences who live on Zero. I will describe the most significant differences in the functioning and management of life in the Zone of Displacement and the Zone of Placement (for simplicity, we will use abbreviations D = Zone of Displacement, P = Zone of Placement):


P: The highest-ranking beings serve the lower-ranked, helping with the love of spiritual development and are willing to step down to the level of beings with lower vibrations, doing not force anyone to do anything, respecting the free choice of each individual.

D: The highest-ranking beings require obedience the lower-ranked, commanding what to do, punishing for disobedience, using manipulation, propaganda, lies, secrecy, promises which they do not make, and distort, appreciating cringe, subterfuge, false devotion from subordinates, honoring the most abominable acts and behavior.


P: Use of geometric shapes for spiritual development of beings, emphasis on harmony and symmetry, creation of new worlds with the help of sacred geometry, symbols of love, God’s presence in Creation, unity, mutual support and cooperation, harmony and happiness…

D:   The stolen geometric shapes and symbols serve to create evils, untruths, falsities, and control, using secret and encrypted meanings through the would-be positive symbols (see God’s eye symbol located above the pyramid), geometry to consolidate power, enslave residents of the entire Zone of Displacement, use it in black magic, subliminal signals, performances by so-called artists, films, government buildings, temples, and other major buildings, urban architecture (see Washington), secret and public rituals, political, religious and other gatherings…


P: Simple, comprehensible spiritual laws or principles that are stored in the genes of each being do not need to be changed, supplemented, or alternatively interpreted, their adherence allows beings a happy and relatively free life in plenty, love, peace, that is, in the positive state of the Multiverse.

D:   Complex, incomprehensible laws requiring constant study (ignorance of the law does not excuse), creating new, even more restrictive personal freedoms, with a variety of expert interpretations, amendments, implementing regulations, sanctions and other tools of enslavement inhabitants, law enforcement is enforced by force and under threat of punishment they do not apply equally to everyone, all are equal before the law, in fact some are „more equal“, that is, they are not punished for breaking the law (see parliamentary immunity, sweeping crimes under the carpet), or are accused of a crime without being (eg investigating corruption of politicians by order of counterparty with spurious and falsified evidence, etc.).


P: It does not exist in the highest dimensions, because each being creates the idea of ​​everything she needs, there is no need for work as you know it. In the 5th dimension, which is subtle, various technologies are still being used to produce the necessary things, being serviced by professionals who do not work physically but mentally. Most of the population is engaged in self-education, short-term work for the whole, raising children, creating harmonious relationships, improving the environment, no one has to do what he does not just want to have the necessary necessities of life. There is no form of financial system, everything is distributed on an order basis, nobody makes supplies because he/she doesn’t have to worry that he/she won’t get what he ordered in time and in the required amount. The planet’s economy is based on collaboration, using technologies that do not harm the health of the population and nature, it does not produce what is not needed, it does not waste energy, everything is subordinated to the highest good and benefit for the people, their happy and pleasant life.

D: Various technologies are also used in Hells, but they are mainly used to consolidate the power of ruling beings, to monitor and enslave the inferior population, to make a profit. All economic models are based on exploitation, competition, abuse of power, vacuuming of the planet’s resources, destruction of the environment, to „the depletion“ of the surface, leading to the construction of underground cities. Civilizations behave like locusts that literally devastate the planet and then plunge into others (if they have the technical means of resettlement) or become extinct, often in wars and natural or artificial disasters. The inhabitants of anti-universe are kept in fear for survival, lack of food, death… various techniques are used to make them easier to control, which have been mostly secretly used here in the past decades, and the general public is familiarized with them through Hollywood sci-fi films (for example, broadcasting of signals to the brain, implants, chemical „drugs“ numbing senses, advertisements projected on the retina of the eye, ubiquitous spying through camera systems, television sets and computers, etc.). Everything is subordinated to consumerism, generating the highest profits, showing the feeling of power, superiority, well-being of a small group of beings at the expense of the vast majority of the population.

You, My co-workers and practicing of The New Revelation are exposed to great psychological pressure. On the one hand, you have somehow escaped from controlling the negative entities, that is, in other words, disconnecting yourself from the matrix, having enough truthful information about the functioning of the negative state and the transformation of humanity, you know that you are going to ascend to the higher dimensions of the True Creation, on the other hand you suffer while watching the deteriorating conditions on this planet, your temporary home, are hard to reconcile with the fact that you cannot save all human beings from the trap until the question that triggered the pseudo-life of the anti-universe and humanity fabricated by the Pseudo-creators is completely and unequivocally answered. It is all the more difficult for you to have your closest relatives and friends among the people who physically participate in the final stage, the short victory of the negative state. Again, I remind you that you are conscious. Don’t identify with your temporary physical bodies. When this theatrical scene ends, you will meet every soul or being in a subtle body that is close to you, and you will continue to live together at a new, higher level, this time without the forced forgetting of previous incarnations. It is you who deserve every day that this unnatural and monstrous way of life will end up once and for all in the garbage dump of the Multiverse’s history (in the Lake of Fire and Sulfur) and will no longer bother the beings who, with all their heart, desire to live in love, peace and collaboration , in My arms.

In writing the next chapters of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family we will continue in early 2015.

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