18. The Ascension

Chapter Eighteen


   The Ascension, or revibration into the higher dimension of Multiverse, is the abandonment of reality without experiencing the death of the physical body, that is, the continuation of the present life at new, qualitatively higher levels. It’s literally a quantum leap. In the mass scale will take place during the division of humankind, but there are cases of individuals or groups of people who have already been lifted during the entire history of this planet Zero. You find several examples of Ascension in the Bible. Whoever is more interested in visits of extraterrestrial civilizations and flying spacecraft knows in some descriptions of biblical events similarities with current physical contacts with universe people. It’s not supernatural, but for most people it’s still unbelievable.

   We let’s start with My direct incarnation in the gross body of Jesus Christ. My physical activity on this planet is constantly being questioned. As I have already said in the previous portion of the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, it was necessary to prepare the way from the negative state and get into hells to capture the Pseudo-creator for a certain time. Without the physical body of Jesus, I could not penetrate into the zone of displacement without anyone knowing about Me, and mainly, without I would with My vibrations of the Absolute God, then the Most High, destroyed this anti-universe with all the inhabitants. It was the only way to save human beings from eternal suffering. After crucifixion, My body was taken into the tomb and the entrance was enclosed with stone, very heavy „wheel“. When My then wife, Mary Magdalene, came on the third day to see if everything was all right, she saw a removed stone. There was not laid body in My tomb, only the funeral cloth in which it was wrapped. I appeared to her in the astral body, but she did not recognize Me immediately. Then I told her not to touch Me because I had not yet came to the Father. This means I still did not have the duplicate of My physical body, which is identical to the gross body, but it lacks everything negative from Pseudo-Creators, so it is perfect. Later I appeared to My disciples several times, this time in the duplicate. They did not recognize Me just because I looked much better than they knew Me. I could have eat before them and they could have touch Me and make sure I was alive. Because of to the authenticity of My resurrection, I even had wounds after the nails and spears for a short time. After 40 days of being in the duplicate which had to reduce My vibrations for others to see it through their eyes, I was lifted by My friends and co-workers from higher dimensions into a flying saucer surrounded by a cloud of water vapor. This is the true testimony of My resurrection and Ascension. It is not a supernatural phenomenon, only human consciousness at the time, nor today (except for a few exceptions) it was not and is not at such a spiritual level to understand and accept this process.

   In the past 2000 years there have been significant Ascension of large groups of people, who lived on the territory of today’s central America and suffered under the brutal reign of the dark forces. You have a lot of information about the Mayan civilization (especially in connection with its perfect calendar), but most of the information comes from negative sources and is therefore lying and misleading. The Mayan people were always peaceful, engaged in agriculture and the harvesting of the fruit of the forest, until the beings incarnated from the hells were brought at the head of the tribes, who had the task to subdue this loving people and expose them to cruel handling, including the sacrifice of lifes to the bloodthirsty gods. When the oppression was the worst, I hit and let people with higher vibrations to ascend to the 5th dimension, where they could continue (in duplicate bodies) in life without unbearable bullying and torture. Until today, scientists can not explain how the massive disappearance of so many people and the decline of civilization could have happened so quickly.

   Universe people save individuals and small groups of people from seats of war conflicts, natural disasters, traffic accidents, etc., if they are people who have not yet fulfilled the purpose of their stay in the body. Some only move to safer territory, others move to reality where there is no danger of death. These people are often among the missing ones and no one knows what happened to them. Their relatives know the truth only after leaving the body. This is not a typical example of the ascension, because most of these saved people will not get to the 5th dimension, that is, into the positive state.

   I will now describe how do they get into the 5th and higher dimensions the ones who will be enrolled in the Book of Life during the division of humankind, in today’s language: they will have high vibrations of love:


     It concerns the spiritually most advanced angelic and human beings who have fulfilled their mission here, and with the rapid increase of their vibrations they will disappear to others from the eyes, so they will find themselves in a new reality where their physical body will be immediately exchanged for a more perfect and completely healthy, devoid of all (how I referred) what fabricated the Pseudo-Creators. Already in the Bible you will find My parable about rapture: two will be grinding grain together, one will be taken and the other left. This method is the fastest and no decision is needed to do, so it is the simplest. Because there will also be the expansion of consciousness, or rather, the liberation of consciousness from the limitation, which was associated with staying in the zone of displacement and in the gross body, these beings know what’s going on, what to do, they will be literally in the embrace of love. Each of them will continue to fulfill his mission, most often will helping others, less spiritually mature, to cope more easily with a change of life they have never known.


   Humankind will be in the coming years prepared for physical contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. This trend can be observed for decades, but the elites have so far conceal cooperation with negative extraterrestrials, thanks which is increasing by technological advance at a rocket rate, but are falling behind spiritual, and therefore every day is increasing the danger of complete extermination of the population and the destruction of the entire planet. At the same time, there is cooperation with the positive space civilizations from Pleiades, Andromeda, etc. (see the previous chapter) also takes place, only at a personal, not a government level. In the day, which I know only I, the Lord Jesus Christ, there will thousands of flying ships in the sky that have technology to lift tens of millions of people with higher vibrations aboard, where will be taken care about them in all directions. During a short stay on mother ships, these people will be thoroughly acquainted with the situation and will experience the exchange of the gross and infested body as a duplicate. Only then will they be transported to planets in the 5th dimension, most often to the New Earth. Definitely I will not separate the members of one family, people who love and want to continue their life together.

   This way requires decision whether to accept the offered help or reject it. Just before lift into the ship, everyone will get telepathic question whether he wishes to remain in the worsening living conditions on Earth, or to „move“ with the help of good universe people, who look the same as earthly people, on a new planet where there will be no more wars, famine, or any other „conveniences“ of a negative state.  Nobody can be rescued against his will. It is necessary not to use reason, that is to say, ego, because he will have a lot of fear evoked systematically throughout the earthly life through sci-fi films, books, etc., but to engage his intuition, inner communication with the higher self, that is, the soul that has direct connection Me, the only source of life. Although this New Revelation is incapable of reading and accepting many people, they can learn these key information vicariously thanks to you, readers and practitioners, My first line. Everyone has the ability to sense what and how to communicate to others, you always use an individual approach, and you are discreetly guided directly by Me.

   The Ascension, as we have described, will not participate people who are not yet ready to continue this life in the new conditions of the positive state. They do not have to be evil, envious, purely materialistic, or selfish, yet they do not fulfill the conditions of revibration. But this group of people who do not deserve to participate in the pseudo-victory of the negative state, thus the life in hell that occurs after the division, leave their bodies. It will not be all at once, one day, but gradually, according to My perfect plan. The souls of these beings must first undergo thorough purification, some sort of „fumigation“ and become acquainted with the New Revelation at the New School in the intermediate world. Only then can they incarnate into physical subtle bodies on planets in the 5th dimension. No one else decides who will be received or left than I, the Lord Jesus Christ.

   As I have already said, this reality, in other words, the physical body of the Earth planet (once stolen by the Pseudo-Creators) will fall in deeper into the zone of displacement so that it can be fully and completely answered the question which I will not repeat. Position 0, in which it is located until the division, does not allow such a deterioration in the living conditions, so that it may occur, even for a short time, to dominate the negative forces and their victory over the light. Since nothing is absolute, there must be present some of the selected individuals from the positive state in this unpleasant condition, but the number will be small, and they themselves this destiny have chosen and agreed with this extremely demanding mission. Well, My ambassadors operate in secrecy in the entire zone of displacement to help many souls to transform themselves into positive ones and so save them from dead life in hell.

   In the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ (with Peter) it is written that My Second Coming can only take place after the arrival of the Pseudo-Creators. That is true, but it concerns the final phase when the negative state will eliminated, first on the planet Earth in hells, later in other areas of the zone of displacement. I would like to state here that My work in the body of Jana is also part of My Second Coming, which has been going on since the late 1950s, when Jana was born. Since then, a large number of spiritually developed beings have been incarnated here to fulfill this challenging task. Especially after the fusion of the body of Jesus with the Most High at the end of 1987, I’m bringing through all the books of the New Revelation of truthful information about the reasons for the emergence and existence of the negative state, the control of humankind, fabrikaci physical bodies and the encapsulation of the spirit and the soul, so that in cooperation with an army of beings of light readied the way for the external manifestation, i.e. the next phase of My Second coming (for more information on this topic can be found in Chapter fourth the previous portion of the New Revelation). I repeat and emphasize here the important fact that true messages from Me, the Lord Jesus Christ and My closest co-workers will be removed after the division of humankind, which will greatly reduce the vibrations of the planet and people. Only in this way can fully happen the manifestations of negative forces, the complete defilement of all positive things that come from the only source of life, and ultimately the victory of the negative state can occur.

   Transformation of humankind does not mean a gradual and slow change of existing life in gross bodies, their improvement, or a mutation (though in part is ongoing, to make as many people as possible were get ready for transition into the higher dimensions), but it is a quantum leap in development. I remind you that you are consciousness, your physical body is a temporary abode and also a means for gaining experience that you cannot obtain in the spiritual worlds. Human existence, as you know it, will not last long. You, the New Revelation readers, have enough information to understand and accept this fact. Do not sorry the end of the pseudo-life of negative state in any way, because it is waiting you the life at heaven that cannot be compared to what you know.

   I will reveal another fact: on coming changes to the worse are better prepared by readers www.varovani.org who do not know (except for a few exceptions) the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, but they know the New Testament of the Holy Bible, especially the Revelation of John. Moreover, they are not so influenced by the New Age, which they consider to be Satan’s work. He focuses primarily on My Second Coming and believes that I will save them and bring the kingdom of God. I have promised this in the body of Jesus Christ and will fulfill My promise to the letter. Many spiritual seekers are trapped in the trap of negative entities that abuse their credulity and seduce them from the path to the light paradoxically so that by themselves are posing as beings of light and promise life in paradise for nothing. They do not require respect for spiritual laws, love for the Creator, but they support the growth of their own ego by insinuation about the divinity of every human being, thereby are putting it to the same level as Me, that is, to the Absolute God. The New Revelation clearly shows that I am the only Creator and source of life, and everything I created is relative to Me. You also know that the parable about the expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise can not be taken literally.

   After long eons, humankind has falls through from higher dimensions to the edge of the zone of displacement. Now is the time to come back to where it belongs, to Me, to his parent, who loves every being in Creation. The journey is ready through My sacrifices in the bodies of Jesus and Jana, thanks to the cooperation of the beings of light from all the dimensions of Multiverse. You are not yet able to fully understand My mission, but in a certain stage of your spiritual ascension, everything will fit into the mosaic of knowledge, and with love and appreciation you will accept everything that happened, happening and will happen in connection with evacuation of humankind to the positive state. First of all, try to get rid of the fear that prevents you from increasing your vibrations and for ever keeping you in the pliers. Be rather impartial observers than participants in the dramas who take place here on Zero, take everything of top view, like viewers in a cinema or theater, otherwise the negative entities will be catch you into their trap and feed you with their false and sly pseudo-information.

   Next chapter will be devoted to methods of manipulation of negative entities.  

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