17. Help of Universe People



The transformation of humanity would not be possible without the help of more advanced cosmic civilizations that work closely with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. In order to coordinate the light work on this planet Zero, a large number of so-called „old souls“ from the higher dimensions of the Multiverse had to be sent to the gross human bodies. Some of them, after waking up, became contactees, thus establishing a telepathic connection with members of their multidimensional „family“. It is through such collaboration that information is published about the ongoing changes, the true history of fabricated and controlled humanity, covert technologies that would help in all walks of life, but it does not suit ruling elites‘ plans, about life in the positive state, about that we all create unity, and therefore killing, fear, arrogance and enslavement is meaningless. Due to the constraints of an imperfect human body, the degree of contamination on the part of negative beings must be carefully distinguished. Not every telepathic contact is true and trustworthy. Remember, you are working on „hostile“ territory, and the dark side is using all the means available to defeat our light work.

How do you know that these are positive beings and not beings from the Zone of Displacement who like and skillfully dissimulate they pose as angels and spiritual masters who have already lived on this planet? I have advice for you: Turn off your brain, thus your intellect, and use your heart, feeling. You will reveal the fraudster simply because it does not radiate love. You can’t get drunk with sweet talk when you don’t feel the warm touch of loving energy that only a being from the positive state can radiate. Each of you progresses on your individual spiritual path and the higher he/she is currently on the spiral, the easier it will be to feel the love of other beings, the truer the information is to other listeners and readers. Do not be discouraged from contacting beings from higher dimensions because of possible contamination by negative entities. Who has pure intentions and wants to sincerely help others, is under My protection and will be gradually out of control programs and the contamination rate will diminish until it reaches about 90% truth. Why so „little“, almost every one of you will say. I remind you that you live in a negative state, and all your life until your awakening you had an encapsulated soul (for example, see www.vesmirni-lide.cz), and your mind was controlled and programmed by entities from the 4th dimension of the Zone of Displacement (from Hells) that literally fed you with false and untrue life information. If you got true information, you wouldn’t survive a minute. I have already compared this situation to the treatment of drug addicts. You know from experience that some people are not able to listen to you, the readers of The New Revelation. Either they call you liars or fools, or they laugh at you, most often they stop listening to you and leave. Do not judge them because they protect themselves from damage. Everyone has (in DNA) a defensive mechanism that does not let any information go prematurely, everything is synchronized and timed correctly. Most true human beings are still „sleeping“ and the time of their awakening is different, some will not be touched by the increased influx of photon energy from the center of the universe, nor by the vast amount of information, especially on the Internet, still relatively free and minimally censored (pays to the division of humankind). Do not try to persuade someone who is not yet able to accept the truth. In addition, the truth in your gross world has many levels, it can be compared to an onion – you peel off the peel one by one before you reach the center. This dose of New Revelation is both a proof and an example at the same time. In every chapter I reveal more to you, I link the information from previous doses and chapters, adding new insights to keep you from being overloaded and able to accept the facts that often hurt you, the inhabitants of this planet. Do not be surprised that there are so few readers and practicing of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ. But even this tiny amount can do „miracles“, increasing the vibrations of humanity and the planet, helping to offset the negative energies of the predominantly controlled and controlling beings, sowing seeds that germinate and grow at the right moment to produce their fruits. In the body of Jesus Christ I laid the foundations for this mission, and for 2000 years I have kept in touch with selected incarnated souls so that My Word will not disappear and be completely distorted and perverted by the Pseudo-creators and their minions. Now the situation is better because, besides being right in the physical body of Jana, I have millions of co-workers right here on planet Zero and other millions nearby. Without a network of contactees deployed across the planet, I could not complete this challenging task. I coordinate all publishing of key information to different groups, adjusting the language and content of the message to listeners and readers. No one reads or listens to what he/she can’t accept. Despite the variety of forms, all information from Me has a common foundation, not disproving the spiritual meaning of the Holy Bible. But only in The New Revelation do you get another level of truth (see onion), only this set of books can be tagged as a continuation of the true Word of God.

I have already mentioned the site www.varovani.org, where I act as the Trinity of God. Here, too, you will find a lot of suggestive information, but it is intended primarily for Catholic believers and other Christian churches who would not yet be able to accept The New Revelation. It is proof of My love for all people without distinction, proof of observance of My own spiritual laws. I do not burden anyone more than he/she can bear. My goal is to save, that is, to salve as many human souls as possible, so that they do not suffer under the domination of the Pseudo-creators who, after dividing humankind, more precisely, ascent loving people into higher dimensions, take government for a short time here on the planet, thereby plunging this reality deeper into Hells (as I already said). There won’t be so many people with higher vibrations to balance negative energies, which will affect all aspects of life.

Only a small number of incarnated beings on planet Zero have direct, unmediated contact with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. This is due to low vibrations at the edge of the Zone of Displacement and possible contamination by negative entities. Only after ascending will you be able to communicate with Me without mediators from the spiritual worlds – angels and archangels, masters, etc. Even many of the contactees who receive information directly from Me may not know My true name. It’s all right, they do their job best they can and according to My perfect plan. Again, I must emphasize advice: don’t compare with anyone, don’t judge anyone, just I know why this is happening, what’s going on, why information from Me may be at first glance inconsistent. Sooner or later you will all understand.

Among the contactees of beings from higher dimensions of the positive state, mediators between heaven and earth, if you want the media, there are many members of the Czech nation. This does not mean that there are few or no other nations, but their concentration is less than in the heart of Europe. As I have already said, I had long ago prepared before My first incarnation into the body of Jesus Christ the conditions and place for My second, until recently strictly secret incarnation into the female body of Jana. Our communication is clean, nobody has the chance to disrupt or contaminate it, even though the dark side is constantly trying, through people in the neighborhood and family, to make it complicate and difficult her life and writing of our book. Everything is under My control and I will not let anyone in any way harm our work for humanity and the entire Multiverse.

The long-term and reliable co-worker of universe people is Ivo Ashtar Benda, who has been communicating with the space fleet commander Ashtar Sheran and other Pleiades people since the 1990s and leading and creating one of the most important websites with a huge amount of important information www.vesmirni-lide.cz (in many languages). Ivo and Ashtar are part of a multidimensional being (if you want families of allied souls), they are an example of cooperation between angels and humans, coordinated by Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to conducting the aforementioned websites, Ivo also deals with the transmission of information about life in the positive state, specifically in the 5th dimension, through radio and television debates, lectures and discussions, organizing exhibitions etc. He is one of the light co-workers who have personal experience of traveling in space-flying ships, life on planets in the positive state, and therefore his testimony is authentic, true and extremely important to anyone interested in transformation.

In the introductory part of this New Revelation dose, we also thanked Richard Vošický, whose task was and is to prepare especially younger people for ascension. Under My direction, he has created some interesting videos that illustrate the fight of light and darkness, My irreplaceable role in this difficult time of transformation.  Being focused on a particular date on December 21, 2012 (for spiritual reasons it should has been and had to be), he retreated for a while, but he will still have the opportunity to prove his faith in My perfect Plan and help spread more information among the awakened people.

In this chapter we write mainly about collaboration with universe people, that is, incarnated beings from the higher dimensions (most often the 5th dimension), so I do not name here the contactees of spiritual entities. We’ll deal with them later.

One of the first contactees that has brought extensive information about universe people since the mid-20th century is the Swiss Billy Meier. Although communicating with the same beings (for example, Semjase) from the Pleiades as Ivo Benda, his testimony is partly different, which raises doubts about the truthfulness and authenticity of both contactees. How is it possible? You can find the answer in the previous paragraphs and chapters of this book: no one gets 100% true information. Each contactee has a specific task and works for a certain group of people. This is the only way to ensure that any important information is spread among the inhabitants of this isolated planet. Later, everyone will understand why the transformation of humankind is so complex and requires a literally individual approach.

George Adamski, an American of Polish descent who has described his experiences in the book Inside the Spacecrafts, bears witness to the universe people of the higher dimensions and of this solar system (of Venus) from the 1950s. Though he presented a lot of evidence, he was deliberately ridiculed and considered a charlatan until he left his body in 1965.

Another important contactee is Italian Giorgio Dibitonto, who wrote the book Angels in Starships (1984), where there are parallels with the texts of the Holy Bible, especially the last part of Revelation of John. He brings important news about the collaboration of universe people, angels from heaven with Me, The Creator of everything and everyone, God, The Lord Jesus Christ, to save humanity from evil. In the early 1980s, the physical body of Jesus Christ was not yet fused with the Absolute Divinity of The Most High, so it was not yet appropriate to mention My true Name.

Alex Collier is the contactee of universe people from Andromeda. Until retirement he lectured on the transformation of humanity, the history of the planet and the solar system, the meaning of „black holes“, the formation of new life forms and worlds…

We cannot name all the universe people contactees here. My thanks go to all who help spread information about the help of positive extraterrestrial civilizations to humanity, increase vibration and prepare them for the transition to higher dimensions of the positive state.

From the above information it follows that everything is connected and synchronized, nothing happens by accident. In all the information from Me and the universe people and their contactees, look for what connects them. It is a love for humankind and an effort to help him out of the negative state as effectively as possible without violating the spiritual laws of Creation. It is petty to argue about who is telling the truth about this or other. You know why we can’t bring 100% truth here. Feel, feel, feel… Meanwhile, you are not able to understand the full range of your existence, nor the process of transformation, and so focus on your intuition. If you follow it, I will guide you through the simplest and least painful path to Me, giving you everything you need. Even Jana, My direct incarnation, has the problem of trusting Me in all areas of life. It is true that that I am loading her the maximum possible to make the best use of the time she has spent here, but at the same time I protect her from the attacks of the negative side and provide her with everything she needs to live in this imperfect body. Already at the beginning of our telepathic communication I told her that she has the most important and at the same time the most difficult mission of all. Then she couldn’t realize what that meant. She now admits to Me that if she knew what to expect, she would be crazy. You see that I myself on myself in the human body, apply the heaviest spiritual tests that can be endured, but at the same time I progress step by step to avoid damage and overload. This situation will not last everlastingly, for after writting this dose of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, you will have the opportunity to meet Me in the body of Jana. This will significantly change even the way of life that yet I/We have to undergo. All this for the love to you, My beloved children.

Universe people only make contact with those who are ready. This means that they have a lasting and demonstrable interest in meeting and communicating with them, they do not want to enrich themselves at the expense of other people, they do not desire fame, they are loving, they are not afraid to tell others the truth, although it is incredible for most, they just have high vibrations. I do not need to explain to you why, with few exceptions, they do not meet with representatives of political and state power and prefer to communicate with „ordinary“ people. The number of these contactees is constantly rising and reaching several millions across the planet. Is it a lot or a little? As I have said several times, the positive vibrations of love are many times stronger than the low vibrations of the sleeping and controlled majority, so only a small number of these helpers are enough to balance. Among other things, universe people are here to help evacuate those who fulfill the criterion of ascension with their vibrations at the moment of the division of humankind. There are more ways to save selected people, this is one of them. We will address the theme of ascension in the next chapter.

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