16. Sorting of Humankind

Chapter Sixteen


   The year 2012 was a difficult test especially for spiritual seekers because they were convinced (not by chance) that their suffering end on December 21, 2012 and they will be released from shackles of life in this gross dimension. For spiritual reasons, it was necessary for them to believe this. Just it was thanks to them that the wider public learned about the changes, the transformation of humankind. They have given their names, their hearts, sometimes the tangible goods on the altar of the forthcoming change that is unparalleled in the universe. I will reward  them deservedly. After this date up to the physical division into those who will be taken away and transported into higher dimensions, into the new reality, and those who remain here to represent the victory of the negative state, it serves to daily verification the thoughts, actions and attitudes of all people without exceptions. Nobody is hiding in front of My all-seeing sight, I know every idea of you, I see into your heart, I feel your vibrations. I am absolute and over all that I have created and endlessly creating, I am the only source of life. No one else can objectively decide who of the inhabitants of this planet will remain, who will be called of. Nothing is decided yet, everyone has a chance to change, it’s your right and choice. I’m helping wake up as many human beings in different ways. Everyone has a program stored in their DNA that triggers, in certain circumstances, your awakening from the illusion of this reality, but it depends on your will, for such activation to happen at all. No one is out, back number, or sentenced to life in the negative state. In the Bible is written about the Book of Life that will be open at this time. Again, is concerned spiritual meaning, because the literal meaning directly contradicts My laws. Names in this Book of Life are not given in advance, so every can be part of change, every can deserve revibration into the higher dimensions so that he no longer has to suffer in these worsening conditions.

   What can you do for this? Search and you will find. Knock at the Gate of Heaven and it will be opened to you. Awaken love in your heart, forgive yourself and others because no one is without error, do not condemn others, you do not see into their minds and hearts like I, the Lord Jesus Christ. Do not cling to property, money, various earthly pleasures. This does not mean you do not have to use them, but do not be slaves of these passing things, do not sell your soul to the „devil“, do not worship the „golden calf“ instead of the true God. You do not have to live in poverty, like Francis of Assisi or Anežka Česká, I do not ask you to leave the family, go to desert, or celibacy. I appeal and beg of you for your love for Me, for the planet that gives you refuge and livelihood, for other living beings without whom you would not survive long. We all form Unity, we are part of the whole, no one can be separated for long, because it is only the illusion of separation from the source of life. Can you imagine you breaking a flower and she’ll be forever fresh, beautiful, full of life just because you put her in a vase of water? Everyone who survives in the zone of displacement, so here on the Zero, there are such breaking flowers.After a while, you begin to wither, lose your original beauty, freshness, energy, dry out not only physically but also mentally, because the pseudo-life literally sucks you like a leech or vampire. It does not only concern your material bodies, which will grow old and die in a short time, but also your souls, because they are also bound with the experience of this separation from Me. The worst are those who are consciously collaborating with the darkest beings. Their vibrations are so low that to clean them from all the pollution of evils and untruths will be a long and hard work and it is not given in advance whether is possible ever to rescue such a being. When there will not exist the negative state and zone of displacement, such beings will not be able to continue their lives, and therefore I will take away from them to allow the individual elements, to be returned after thorough purification and reused to form other sentient beings in the True and Only Creation in the new cycle time.

   The vibrations of each individual are the most fair and most objective criterion in assessing whether he is capable of living in love, peace and cooperation with others, whether he deserves life in the positive state. Your spiritual development does not proceed smoothly and linearly, but in jumps. For some time, you are absorbing your experiences, evaluating it, and having standpoints, then a quantum leap of consciousness occurs when you move to the next step on a spiral of spiritual ascension (or fall). As I have already said, no one is previously sentenced to stay in the zone of displacement, everyone has the free choice to change and get out of this prison.

   Separation of grain from the chaff also takes place in the spiritual world that directly corresponds with this planet Zero. As I mentioned in the previous portion of the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ (with Peter), the human heavens were recently closed, a place where walked away the souls of „deceased“ human beings who with their vibrations belonged into the positive state, but due to quarantine and isolation so that they do not contaminate the true heavens by some habits of earthly pseudo-life. These souls undergo a thorough cleansing in the New School, where they learn the truth about the reasons for the existence of the negative state, that is, they are studying the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, and from this moment also the portion we are writing in the material body of Jana. Each informed soul chooses itself, where it moves, what it will do, what body to incarnate to continue its development. Gradually, there is the Heaven descending to Earth, first in the spiritual world, later in the intermediate (mental-mediate world), in the end in the physical world. Everything is perfectly coordinated because, as an Absolute God, I do not making any mistakes.

   You who read this book of books, the modern Bible, better to say the sequel, you have decided to undertake such a mission to help humanity overcome the constraints that have existed since its fall. Most of you will witness a totally unique of experience – Ascension, in other words, the revibration into the higher dimension also with the material body without the death of the physical body. But that does not mean that you will continue with this gross body with many shortcomings, damaged by life in an unhealthy environment. During of rapture from this reality, you will instantly get the whole new body, the duplicate that will have the same features and form, but it will lack all that was created by the Pseudo-Creators, it will be totally healthy and „lighter“, because each of its cells will vibrate faster and the individual cells will far more remote than here. Prepare for the amazing „ride“ I have prepared for you from love for you and all beings in Creation. Together, we will celebrate the completion of the first wave of Ascension with all who, after the division of humankind, will leave the zone of displacement and join the beings who live according to My spiritual laws and in connection with Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. You will not have to participate directly in the victory of the negative state, but you will be able to look from the „first line“ on this last act in the history of humankind, made from stolen „material“ using genetic engineering of extraterrestrial beings.

   Many of you, beings of light, still cling to this material world. You are sorry that this way of life will end once and for all. You forget all the miseries that had to experienced by billions of souls over the long existence of the negative state. True human beings had not yet been able to recognize life in a positive state because they were enclosed in the zone of displacement, and they were not allowed to leave it until the publication of the first books of the New Revelation and the foundation of the New School in the spiritual world. You can not even imagine their amazement and joy when they finally got rid of the shackles of limited consciousness, isolation, and began to make use of the newly acquired freedoms. You are sorry that you have forgotten after the „birth“ in the gross world where you come from, only some of you reminisce the life in heaven, in the True Creation. But many however have been and is allowed to remember, selected incarnated beings are transported in sleep on space ship of angels of light where they meet their friends and co-workers from higher dimensions and are carried on remote planets to have direct experience of living outside this isolated planet and to be able to pass true testimonies to other Zero residents through the Internet and personal contact on lectures and discussions. Do not worry that you are not among the beings with this experience. Everyone has his unique and individual plan of spiritual ascension and helps others in the best way. Do not compare yourself with anyone and try to withstand all the injustice, difficulties and sometimes also attacks from the dark side. After revibration you can relax. Even in the 5th dimension your light work will not end. You will move on to the higher level and continue to spread the New Revelation among those who are not able to meet it here (for various reasons), on the Zero. I suppose you realize, that there will be an overwhelming majority, because only a very small number of people are able to accept the truth about the existence of the negative state and the exclusive position of humankind in the whole of Multiverse. As I have already said, the New Revelation we write in a place where the negative state has been activated, and at the same time there will also his elimination there, that is, the termination of this perverse and impious way of life. From there it spreads to other areas, dimensions and galaxies…. You, My closest co-workers, will be My extended hand, My speakers and the teachers of other beings in the universe. In collaboration with selected angels, you will be travel to different parts of the universe and bring God’s Word to all who have not yet had the opportunity to hear the true story of My intervention in hells and evacuation the souls out of the dark prison of the zone of displacement. Who else should do this job than you, who have a first hand experience. It is much more valuable than any mediated information even from the most trusted sources. Your life will be much more varied, more interesting, fun and joy than you can imagine. Therefore, do not worry by losing some of your beloved benefits of material existence. You will see that all will be replaced by others, by much more pleasant. You will go from hell to paradise and that’s the reason for joy and celebration, not sadness and regret. When you get to know this experience on your own „skin“, you will give Me the truth. Trust Me now, like your best friend, your parent, the closest person you have. I want only the best for every one of you.

   At every step you can see the worsening living conditions on this planet. My presence in the material body is not hidden even to the rulers of the world. They are becoming more aggressive year after year, rushing to implement a plan to enslave humanity, taking away the last „freedoms“ that still remain. They know that time is being fulfilled, and they are assured by their puppeteers from the darkness, that for them will be royally taken care of. This time they will not be allowed to physically or otherwise harm My direct incarnation, Jana. They are aware of the fact that they have no means to stop our mission, but at the same time our presence on Earth (Zero) do not publish, they make „dead beetles“ so that as few people know as possible. They monitor our sites www.bozirodina.cz, but they can not block or cancel them. My protection is absolute, and until the division of humankind we will continue to keep in the information of those who are ready and able to believe us not by reason but by heart. I occasionally let them temporarily block access to some related sites (like www.pratele-nebe.cz) or delete videos on youtube because it is also proof that for them are our true information about the situation on the planet and its surroundings unsafe and undesirable. However, these limitations are temporary, videos are spread on other addresses, and we update them from time to time in our links. You who belong to our team are under My protection and do not have to fear of anything. We are the saviours of humankind, we help him ascend to the higher level of being, rid him of constraints, get to know a freedom he did not get to know, because he was isolated from the others in Creation up to the present. Universe people are already looking forward to meeting their brothers and sisters, which they could only watch without directly intervening and saving them from suffering. Only exceptionally it was and is allowed to physically help someone when they find themselves in the midst of war, natural disasters, traffic accidents, etc.

   In the past decades, more and more people have been returned to the body after clinical death to bring testimony from the spiritual world. By this phenomenon deal with many physicians and scientists, there is destroyed the official atheistic doctrine of the absence of the post-mortem life, the absence of Me, God, the only creator of life (the stolen pseudo-life is not true, but dead, only tolerated by Me for a short time). People with the experience of returning to the body fundamentally change their priorities, behaviors and attitudes, their surroundings are not getting to know them. Some were thrown into the dark parts of the spiritual underworld, popularly told in hells, to personally experience the horrors that they are waiting for if they remain the same egoists, atheists, and materialists that they have been through until their clinical death. After returning, they do everything in order not have to return there. Positive and loving people will meet with Me after leaving the body. Without believing in Me until then, they will know who I am. They feel such a love they have not known before, they do not want to go back to the body and to this miserable life at all. Finally, they agrees that he will complete his mission so that they can help others at the time of transformation. Depend Me on every soul, and I am sad when see how they live in ignorance, controlled by dark forces and play theater, without realizing that there is a completely different life, the one from Me, the Lord Jesus Christ.

   The above information shows how important work is done by anyone who spreads the truth in the midst of a negative environment, lives in accordance with the spiritual laws, and thus increases the vibration not only of his own, but also of humankind and planet so heavily tested and tormented. Hold on, My loved ones, for a few more years, and I will give you with everything you love, everyone individually and specially I rewarding for everything that for us, the God’s family, and so the whole Multiverse he is doing. The eyes of all those who could not incarnate into the bodies to Zero and help you by all available means to perform a difficult task are concentrated by you. Thank to the universe people in the ships above you and the planets in the higher dimensions for help and support, they will be happy you think on them. Everyone is glad when someone appreciates his work and effort.

   In the next chapter, we will write about the cooperation of the contacts with universe people.

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