15. Literal Meaning Revelation of Jesus Christ in the Bible



In previous works of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, I have dealt with explaining some of the New Testament Bible concepts, especially the last part of the Revelation of Jesus Christ (written by John). Now I will extend your knowledge about new connections. As you already know, the Bible is written in the spiritual language and its literal interpretation is misleading. Some phrases have even more than one literal meaning. For 100 years, you are witnessing the fulfilment of this Revelation and now, in this real time experiencing the most significant changes, of which there is written.

First of all, it should be emphasized that the entire Revelation is not a chronological description of the events on this planet, so it cannot be understood as linear or related to any geographical location. It concerns the entire Zone of Displacement and planet Zero, which plays a key role in depicting the consequences of life in the negative state. All that physically took place before the outbreak of the World War I was the preparation of the Pseudo-creators for the complete control of humanity, while removing My Holy Word from the hearts and minds of all beings. They used ruse, hatred, lies to divide and antagonize the peoples of the world and throw them down into the bloodiest conflicts in history since the fall of Atlantis 12 500 years ago. Through church leaders, where the true Word of God still lives, due to My foresight encrypted in the New Testament of the Bible, they seek to bring believers into spiritual separation from My teachings and tarnish as many souls as possible in order not to save them and elevate them to higher dimensions.

There is no need „to translate“ individual expressions into the terrestrial language, but I will reveal a part of this Revelation that directly relates to the present events on planet Zero. In the body of Jesus Christ I did not establish any earthly church, but I counted that the Pseudo-creators would use the opportunity to do it in My name to pave the way for the complete control of the population and the elimination of My teaching. Over the course of hundreds of years, I am sending here high-ranking spiritual beings to keep at least the fragments of the true Word of God. Without this care, humankind would not have been able to survive long ago. I have „My“ people in all religious organizations in the world, but most of all in Christian churches, which is understandable to My presence in the body of Jesus Christ. In the last 50 years, the pressure of the negative entities has been intensifying on the creation of one worldwide religion that is free from everything I have taught 2000 years ago. At first glance, it will be a progressive and „modern“ religion, aimed at charity, justifying any sin and blasphemy, a more open atheistic society. At the same time, the only representative of this emerging organization will be considered Me because he will be physically similar to Jesus from the time of My activity on planet Zero and will do „miracles“. Almost no one will notice his evil soul, because most people are able to judge others only by the outside, not by the inside. This „wolf in sheep’s clothing“ will initially be very tolerant, using sweet words that soon become „bitter in the stomach“ and become indigestible. He manages to deceive and seduce millions of souls who have been on their way to Paradise, and literally tears them out of My holy arms. Few will notice this deceit, few human beings have the idea that I am among them in the human body, in the body of a woman who is „hiding in the desert“ and patiently enduring this negative life. I have not come to this planet for the second time to follow Me on the basis of external actions that you are able to see with your limited vision, but to learn to seek Me in your heart. Those of you who can do it I will pick up from this Hell at the right time and show them life in the positive state, in Paradise. You don’t have to know My true Name, you just have to live in accordance with Love and My spiritual laws.

At the present time, preparations for the New World Order, the removal of the rest of democracy and human rights, the complete enslavement of the population, are culminating. Elites do it cunningly, so that almost nobody knows that he/she has shackles on his/her hands and lives in a cage because he/she doesn’t see any of these restrictive means. The European Union project demonstrates a gradual reduction in the freedoms of individuals and nations. This political union is no longer governed by democratically elected leaders, but by the Illuminati puppets. People become slaves to modern technology and they do not even notice that they are experimental rabbits, abused by ruling elites. We have already written about the methods of reducing population, I will focus on the upcoming chipping. Already in Revelation in the Bible, I warn against the acceptance of the mark of the beast (And he gives to all, small and great, the poor and those who have wealth, the free and those who are not free, a mark on their right hand or on their brows; So that no man might be able to do trade but he who has the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name… 666.). Whoever lets the chip voluntarily implant under the skin will not only be under the constant control of the „Big Brother“, but will become a remote control robot, removable from the system at any time as he/she becomes disobedient and unnecessary. He/she does not even have to be „a conspiracy theorist“ or a revolutionary it is enough that he/she no longer performs the desired performances and does not bring enough profit to the elites to „turn off“ his/her as a broken toy and throw his/her away at the dump. It’s not the worst yet. The human body is merely „a means of transport“ of the soul, its killing is nothing but the exchange of a role. This soul will bear the consequences of this conscious collaboration with the negative state, the rejection of spiritual principles and the rejection of Me, the Only Source of Life. What consequences? Continuing incarnations into other unconscious bodies in the Zone of Displacement until the end of this cycle of time, staying in the Hells where the soul is subjected to continuous suffering that you do not even dream of. Do not take these words as haunting because you who read this New Revelation are the most advanced souls on this planet and are at such a high level that you are able to absorb and receive these important and true information without fear. In addition, it is vital that you warn as many of your loved ones as possible about approaching chipping and NWO.

In order to achieve a complete pseudo-victory of the negative state, which is shown here on planet Zero, it is necessary to divert a portion of the positive beings to another reality, such as the New Earth (true Earth in the 5th dimension). This reality will no longer be called Zero because it sinks deeper into the Zone of Displacement and becomes the planet at position -1. The locals will not know anything and will continue to build the negative state, contrary to the spiritual laws until My Second Coming, when I will end once and for all the existence of this perverted and dangerous way of life. You might argue that in the first chapters we wrote that humanity is transforming itself with the planet into higher dimensions, and here it is written about the fall of this reality into Hells! There is no contradiction: the planet is consciousness, that is, the soul, just like you, that is, not your material bodies. Indeed, it ascends with you, only its stolen and tortured body must serve for a while, so that all beings in the Multiverse will be given an exhaustive answer to the question that we are constantly repeating and for which so many of you live in the negative state prison or are you indirectly influenced: What a life without God would look like…

The beast of the sea, described in Revelation in the Bible, represents the Pseudo-creators who will soon take control of humanity. Meanwhile, they were represented by local elites, called the Illuminati, but in the final phase of the spiritual battle of the human soul they can no longer rely on mediators, especially when there is a power struggle between them. The more complex the situation on the planet, the more disagreements and conflicts between the rulers of the world themselves. On the one hand, the so-called Zionist-Kabbalist Group, which seeks to invoke World War III to maintain the US dominant position and to establish the New World Order, on the other hand the White Dragon Group, which has taken another way, not so bloody and drastic, yet towards the same goal. This group represents the interests of mainly Asian leaders. Don’t be lulled by any of them promises! Your salvation does not depend on politicians, spokespersons of any institution, simply on people, but on you, your soul, your awakening from the illusion of the material world. Therefore, do not attach so much to material enjoyment, focus on love and help of your neighbors, especially the spiritual. When you feed a hungry bread, you will certainly do a good deed, but you will help him and your even more if you „feed“ him with God’s Word, the soul’s food. Life in this gross body will not be possible after the elimination of the negative state because it does not come from Me. I’d have to be ashamed of such imperfect bodies in an imperfect environment, the slave way of life you have here. Even in the minds of believers, the question often arises: how is it possible that God will commit such suffering? Only The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ gives explanations and answers to this and similar questions.

The harlot, a woman sitting on a beast of prey, is none other than the Catholic Church, seated in the Vatican, who co-works with the Pseudo-creators (a beast of prey) and takes part in the defiling of My Word and the evacuation of unsuspecting souls from the true God, The Lord Jesus Christ. In spite of this collaboration, it will be torn, in other words spread out from within and transformed into a new unified worldwide church, where it will no longer be permissible to commemorate the Divinity of Jesus Christ and My teachings. In this example, you see that the reward for co-working with negative entities is death or pseudo-life in Hell. Anyone who consciously „enjoys“ material wealth, fame, and power for diverting others from Me will suffer far more than the world’s most miserable beggar. It follows from the very essence of the negative state, which is unable to permanently satisfy the souls, longing for union with Me, the true Parent. I’m talking about all the souls, even the most affected and trapped in the deepest spheres of the Zone of Displacement. If I had not incarnated into both gross bodies, there would never have been the liberation of all souls from Hell, the suffering of the dead life would never have ended.

From love for all Creation, I undergo the most humiliating and unpleasant existence I know, I have to look at the horrors that a human, whom I created for My image and gave him free will, can  prepare for others. This whole „performance“ goes to the finals, in the course of several earthly years, the division of mankind will take place to allow the pseudo-victory of the negative state to be displayed. Be prepared every day because you will not know the day or hour, even though in the introductory part of this New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, I had to write a specific date of December 21, 2012. While reading the following chapters, you understand how complicated our joint work is to bring humanity to the True Creation, what patience we must have, what inconveniences and self-denials we voluntarily undertake, so that no one has to live without love, enough of what is needed for a happy and carefree existence, without connection with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ.

You who will be picked up and ascendd on the New Earth in the 5th dimension (in the New Jerusalem Bible) will witness the Lamb’s Wedding. It is not a literal wedding, as you know from experience, but about the spiritual union of every being with Me, about establishing an intimate, unique and blissful relationship that you have not yet experienced and recognized. Therefore, there will be no need for any temples or other buildings used for religious ceremonies and rituals. Your worship will be your daily contact with Me without neglecting your family or friends, living in separation from loved ones, renouncing the joy of a full-fledged, happy life. Your consciousness will expand so that you will not only perceive linear time, but will become multidimensional beings able to travel in time, transfer to multiple places at once, divide attention to multiple aspects of life, work not only with Me, but My helpers from higher spiritual worlds and dimensions.

Meanwhile, the drama on the planet you know under the stolen name of Earth will culminate. You will see the deteriorating conditions of the inhabitants under tyranny the Pseudo-creators. In the previous chapters of this New Revelation dose, we have described in detail what is going on in the population: New World Order, chips under the skin, total restrictions on individual freedom, denial of national differences and priorities, breaking up families, slave labor for minimal living needs, brainwashing… Nature will not be better either. In accordance with the spiritual laws with the decline of humanity deeper into the Zone of Displacement, the conditions for the survival of many plant and animal species will deteriorate, mass extinctions will emerge, those species that are peaceful, help heal, increase vibration, simply do not belong to Hell, will disappear from the planet’s surface. On the contrary, species that are harmful to the health, unpleasant for eye and soul, resisting the unhealthy and poisonous environment are spreading. The ruling elites will continue to spread genetically modified crops, vaccinate children and adults to weaken their immunity, breeding of selected individuals, genocide the majority of „inferior“ human beings. They will continue the work of the Nazis, not only Hitler and his World War II minions, but their followers, who from the 1950s to the present time are pushing from behind the scenes to power (especially in the US, the successors of fascist Germany). After many wars, peace will come under the rule of the Pseudo-creators. People will „relax“ for a while, but it won’t take long. The true nature of the rulers of darkness will increasingly be shown. When the situation is totally unbearable and all those who observe this scene, they will receive a clear answer to the question: How would life be without Me, I will return here and end this act. You have a great advantage over those sleeping who have no idea what is happening here and are blinded by the pseudoreality of this world. You have the most precious: true information directly from The Prime Creator of everything and everyone, The Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t let them lie fallow, take them to your heart and distribute them to other people to your liking. For every soul saved, you get more than you can get from anyone here, on a planet that falls into Hells. The supply of photons, increasing the vibration of the population and the environment, will continue only until the time of division of humankind, then it would be devastating to the majority of the unwakened, which would mean their early departure from the body without answering the above question. Everything I have in My power, but on each of you it is to which side of the polarity you go with whom you want to continue your life.

In the next chapter, we will discuss the ongoing sorting of humankind, separating the grain from the chaff.

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