14. Life in the Positive State



In the previous dose of New Revelation in Chapter 18, there are 3 positive qualities of life described:

  1. Before this time cycle, when the negative state was dormant and in a potential state.
  2. Now that the negative state is fully activated and coexist with the positive state.
  3. After this time cycle, when the negative state and human life do not exist in any form.

For the sake of better understanding, in this chapter we will deal with the present state, so the forced coexistence of the negative state and the positive state. As we have repeatedly pointed out, life in the positive state in the True Creation is constantly influenced and contaminated by the pseudo-life of the negative state of the Zone of Displacement in this cycle of time. Fortunately, this situation will not last forever, as the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of this planet mistakenly believe, but once and for all it will end with My Second Coming. To all beings in the Multiverse then falls „a stone of the heart“, because they will be able to pursue more desirable activities, than constantly to reject your negative thoughts into „the trash can“.

Given that humanity is undergoing a very demanding and accelerated transformation to be prepared for the abolition of quarantine and integration into the life of the entire Creation, it is under constant and careful observation of beings from higher dimensions. Don’t confuse it with the „Big Brother“, thus, by monitoring through modern technologies for the purpose of control, abuse and enslavement. More advanced civilizations abide by My spiritual laws and do not hurt anyone, interfere in the affairs of people or states, merely advise and help those who have invited them to cooperate. They are allowed to intervene in the event of a threat to the life of the entire planet and its surroundings in the universe (for example, limiting nuclear explosions and the subsequent spread of radiation). If they hadn’t done so, long ago, humanity would have destroyed the surface of the planet and itself without answering the question that triggered the negative state.

Millions of universe people who oversee the transformation and liquidate some of the consequences of both natural and man-made disasters from ships deployed around planet Zero sacrifice their comfort and safety to help increase the vibrations of the population, spread love and vital information. Because of this, they leave their home planets, families and friends for a long time, and they do not have so much space and time for their hobbies. Yet they are happy to participate in this unique and amazing event. They have the sincere joy of every awakened soul, of every encounter of peaceful and loving people, of the growing interest in connection and communication with them. Who of people will establish a personal relationship with positive extraterrestrial civilizations is already a small step away from creating a direct „line“ with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. This is not to say that only this way will allow you to telepathically connect with the only source of life, but it is easier and you can get used to this kind of communication. Everyone goes by his/her unmistakable spiritual path, and therefore it is impossible to advise everyone equally.

We will look more closely at the life of people in the positive state, so far in the 5th dimension, where part of humanity is heading. Despite the protective membrane between the universe and the anti-universe, the daily life of humans is indirectly influenced and they (whether or not they want to) have to deal with the thoughts about the negative state and make decisions about whether to accept or reject them. This, of course, takes away much of their life energy and reduces their quality of life. They are already looking forward to the end of this cycle of time and there will be no more dead life in the new cycle, stolen and perverted by the Pseudo-creators. Despite these limitations, their lives are incomparably more joyful, fuller, more enjoyable and more beautiful than the lives of the people on this planet and throughout the Zone of Displacement. In the previous chapters, we have already outlined some aspects of true life, now we will describe them in more detail to look forward to. We start with interpersonal, in particular love relations and the coexistence of men and women. Who has read previous doses of New Revelation (with Peter) may have been shocked that there is no marriage as you know in advanced spiritual dimensions. In fact, it contradicts spiritual laws, especially the impossibility of freely knowing other relative beings in Creation. On planet Zero, the institution of marriage was created by the Pseudo-creators and their followers and minions to better control their slaves and not allow them to freely choose their sexual partners. They even forced everyone to believe that God wanted it. Since for centuries they have played the gods and Me, the true and only God, denied or attributed to Me the qualities that I do not have, nor can I have, no one could have known the truth until the first books of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ were published. Even today there are not many people who have read and accepted this revelation. It is the most controversial topic of our books. Yet, or rather, that is why we will deal with it in the context of life in the 5th dimension of True Creation. How is it possible that I establish God’s Family when marriage comes from the negative state? To purify him from all that his creators have given him, as well as I have cleansed the gross body of Jesus Christ from all evils, untruths and anomalies, and has combined it with My Absolute Divinity. Only in this way I give everyone a chance to follow Me from Hells to Paradise. No one else can bring you this gift. Only I, The Lord Jesus Christ, The Creator of everything and everyone can save you from the web of the negative state. I do not support the purposeless breaking of families, untied sexual relations, promiscuity. I know well that life in the 3rd – 4th dimension is much more complex and challenging than elsewhere, it is too tied to caring for the gross body, which requires a lot of effort and time. Even for raising children, it is better to live in a loving embrace of family and closest friends than to be alone on such a challenging task. But it is not good to live with a partner just because of children, property, habit, fear or other reasons that do not support love, mutual respect, tolerance, and free spiritual development. My direct incarnation and wife, Jana, has also learned many aspects of partnership and family life during her 57-year life, so that she has direct experience and can pass it on to others and also use it for her growth.

In the 5th dimension, marriage exists as a consequence of the functioning of the negative state, because this dimension is the first level, a step on the way to Me. You know well that no step can be skipped, it is necessary to „pass“ all to avoid violating spiritual laws (no one is loaded more than he/she can bear). In addition, there are still children born here that need to be looked after, even though they are no longer newborns as you know them. But no one is forced to share his/her life with someone he/she does not love. He/she chooses a partner based on mutual knowledge, soul harmony, not just physical affection and attraction. The advantage is the ability to read the thoughts of others, to sense energies, to see the aura, so there is no uncertainty about false and appealing words (when they are catching bird, they are singing to it nicely…), impure thoughts, insincerity.  Even here, it may happen that after some time partners stop understanding themselves and they want to know other aspects of life through other beings of the opposite sex (otherwise it does not work in the positive state, no homosexuals…). They continue to be friends, do not feel any spite and hatred towards each other, they continue to take care of their children or leave them to the new life partner of their former counterpart, but keep in touch with them. No dramas, scenes, threats, everything happens in calm, peace, no violence and negative emotions. Children are brought up in love, since birth they are aware of their connection with Me, they remember their past lives. This does not mean that they are obedient sheep without their own opinion. They can speak up when they disagree with the actions and attitudes of other people, but they are not aggressive, vulgar or cheeky, they express their opinion strongly, yet with regard and respect for the elderly and the more experienced. Adults do not behave towards children as dictators, do not enforce obedience by their superiority, because they know that the souls of children are mature, only the bodies have to grow and their minds mature and remember everything stored in their cells (DNA). I give every being unique and unrepeatable talents and abilities, and its job is to use them for the joy and welfare of others. The advantage of living in the positive state is the absence of spiritual attacks and control by beings from the Zone of Displacement, called by you demons, evil forces, dark souls, etc. This does not mean that everything is perfect and error-free. Here, too, people learn to be more loving, to help others selflessly, regardless of their private priorities, to communicate with Me, their only true and eternal Parent. Especially the incarnated souls, who are getting into the positive state for the first time because they have gone through the New School and have been cleared of the pseudo-life habits in the negative state, have much to do with increasing their vibration. They receive all the help from the more experienced and „older“ incarnated and spiritual beings from the higher dimensions of the Multiverse. How to simply describe life in the 5th dimension of the True Creation? Like a dream that is called utopia on planet Zero. No constraints on the part of the government, the authorities, no vacuuming by the financial system and its masters, no slave labor for the necessary necessities of life, no manipulation and lies, brainwashing, physical and mental suffering, no polluted and poisoned environment, abused animals, killing everything alive, no incurable diseases, deterioration and aging of the body, involuntary death. Even in the 5th dimension, people leave their bodies, do not live in it forever, but leave consciously and voluntarily to further develop and learn about other ways of life in the infinite universe of endless possibilities. Their relatives do not mourn because they know that leaving the body is a natural part of the life cycle, and in dimensions where the spiritual being uses the physical body to recognize itself in diverse conditions, such a departure is considered a distinction, a advancement in the next level, a celebration worthy. Everyone knows that they will meet in different bodies, in different places and will continue to develop mutual loving relationships. It goes without saying that the diversity of ways in which human beings coexist is vast, there are no planets and civilizations that literally copy models of common life from others. They create with My help the most optimal form, which is literally tailored to the degree of development and mentality of beings on the planet. You already know that there are no power groups, states, or vast differences in the level and vibration of the population, the spiritual law „same to the same“ is respected, or the same attracts the same. Only in this way can be live in harmony and peace, love and cooperation.

Let’s take a concrete example of the life of one family from the planet Erra:

The father is a biologist-doctor who cares for health while participating in various researches. It is not a doctor you know from your own experience on planet Zero because the health of the inhabitants of the planet Erra is incomparably better. As has already been said, sometimes there is a short-term reduction in vibration caused by illness, but it is a mild, life-threatening and non-communicable diseases that can most often be treated with increased cosmic energy. Herbal cures are sometimes used, drinking water, which is loaded with energy of minerals and crystals, is never treated with chemical „medicines“. If someone is injured and has to be operated, non-invasive methods are used that are body-friendly and do not require long recovery. A more detailed description is not necessary, you will know it once, when you ascend during the division of humanity into the 5th dimension or later, each according to its choices.

Mother is a teacher-guide, accompanies groups of children in nature and teaches them to recognize plants, animals, relationships of individual elements of the ecosystem, how to use resources resourcefully, assigns and coordinates research work of individuals and groups of children, in no way evaluates, humiliates or induces inferiority. After working for a society that lasts a maximum of 4 hours (converted to time here on planet Zero), she devotes herself to her two children, or „works“ in the garden by the house. Why the quotes? In this dimension, nature, as we have written, is more subtle, so there is no such rapid collapse and destruction, no hard work to grow any fruits, no rotting, no mould infection, no freezing, because the weather is stable and it rains according to the needs of nature, so there is no watering. Such work brings joy and pleasure, not sweat and calluses, as you know. There is still enough time for the mother to own self-knowledge, travel, often with family, cultural and social events… Not a household slave, because the simpler way of eating eliminates the need for everyday cooking, cleaning is easier because it is not dusty, no waste is generated and there is a robot in every house that helps where it is needed.

Both parents have enough time and energy for intimate moments in private. But their sex life is different than you know it. The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ is the first true information about the perversion of sexual connection on this planet Zero, when the sexual organs of both man and woman have been changed by the Pseudo-creators to minimize the enjoyment of pleasure and mutual mental harmony in a love act. In the positive state, the couple embraces each other and loving thoughts are exchanged, causing a physical reaction – both orgasms at the same time. It is not just a short experience, limited to the genital area, but a pleasure that literally passes through the whole body and fades long. Then neither the woman nor the man are exhausted, on the contrary, they radiate surplus energy to their surroundings and thus increase the vibrations of all and everything on the planet. You can’t imagine the splendor.

Both children, boy and girl are in school age. Their education takes place at home, through tele-wall (like the Internet and television), only occasionally they meet with other „classmates“ to share the results of their work with the teacher-coordinator, attend various celebrations, trips, also off the planet, organize performances for parents and other residents, engage in a joint project… In their free time they do sports, play different games, meet friends, relax. Although there is no darkness and night in the positive state, it is sometimes necessary to relax, lie down and meditate, be calm. There is energy replenishment and at the same time connection to Me, the Only Source of Life. We can consult each other on the events of the day, solve various „problems“, talk about life, confess each other’s love.

It is not the purpose of this chapter to go into the details of life in the positive state because you will create your original life without restrictions. It may resemble the one we described, but it will not be the same.

In the next chapter, we will write about the literal meaning of some passages of the Revelation of Jesus Christ in the New Testament of the Holy Bible (written by John). 


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