13. The Truth about the Old Testament of the Bible

Chapter Thirteen


   The time has come to reveal another secret. The Old Testament of the holy Bible is not from Me, the only Creator of everything and everyone, the Lord Jesus Christ! Only the one who knows the truth about the origins and the duration of the negative state, about the fall of humankind, so who read the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ (with Peter) is able to understand and then accept the fact that there is an insurmountable difference between the two basic parts of the Bible. While the Old Testament is full of violence, guile, murder, the New Testament is mainly about Love, forgiveness, healing of soul and body, the evacuation of humankind to Paradise where there will be no more pain and death. During the hundreds of years since the release of New Testament, many people, not only priests and theologians, but also laypeople, realized that difference, but they still could not fully understand why God had suddenly changed from a punishing and bloodthirsty dictator to a loving, forgiving and helping Father. Do you think I’m so unbalanced, changeable, changing My priorities? That I play the „bad and good cop“? In the 1980s and 1990s, it was not yet possible to convey such important information, so I used a more acceptable explanation: that humanity at that time needed a rigorous and jealous God because it would not understand to positive leadership. This is, of course, true, but only in part. From the beginning of the negative state, I was preparing the return of humankind to Me, coordinating and allowing everything that supported My perfect plan. However, I was not a originator and executor of cruel punishments, I did not compel ANYONE to exterminate other nations in My holy name, commit fratricide, confiscate possessions, and thus violate My spiritual laws. I through the angels (that’s when it could not, as you know: …), handed over important messages to the selected incarnated higher beings in the body: Noah, Moses the Ten Commandments, which is written in detail in a previous portion of the New Revelation, especially the prophets, who prepared humankind for the coming of the Messiah, My first direct incarnation on this planet under the rule of the Pseudo-Creators.

   Even after nearly 2000 years of crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, people are not able and willing to accept the fact that Jesus and God Almighty is one and the same being. A similar situation is happening today. Only a very small number of people know that I am here for the second time in the physical body, this time female. Still a lot of water will run away before humankind accepts Me as your parent and begins to love Me and to respect how natural and desirable it is. Meanwhile, with pain in My heart I have to look at the suffering My children are going through because they have not yet understood that they are still under the control of dark forces because of their choices.

   I will return to the Old Testament to explain more thoroughly why he is not and can not be from me, the Lord Jesus Christ. The negative state did not arise in My absolute mind, because I am absolute love, wisdom, intelligence and good, but it is the work of the first people I call Pseudo-Creators. It are the relative beings in whose minds the question arisen: how would life without the spiritual principles of the Most High, now the Lord Jesus Christ (for more detailed information, see the book  Fundamentals of human spirituality). Therefore, it is not possible, what is relative, to consider as be equal to absolute. The duration of the negative state is only allowed for a limited „time“, and once the question above is answered, it will no longer be necessary to be present in Creation in active nor dormant form because it does not allow full use of the creative power of every being, which could be utilized more meaningfully and more pleasantly than it is now, when there is still a spiritual battle between good and evil. The stories recorded in the Old Testament are both angelic and demoniac. In other words, some passages are inspired by Me through angels, others are inspired by beings from the zone of displacement which they have played and still play on the Gods, the Creator. Everything is in accordance with My plan on evacuation of humankind out of the negative state. From this extremely important information it follows that religions on this isolated planet Zero (a reflection of the true Earth from the positive state) that proceed only from the Old Testament and do not receive Jesus Christ as the only Savior and God do not serve Me but the Pseudo-Creators (Satan, Zeus, dark side…). More detailed information on the origins of all major religious directions is published in the book Major ideas of the New Revelation in chapter 2, On the spiritual meaning of the 7th chapter of the prophet Daniel. This does not mean that, for example, Christian religions, especially the Catholic Church based in the Vatican, are not contaminated by untrue till  false and misleading dogmas, views and interpretations of My Holy Word which I have brought not only in the gross body of Jesus Christ but I still bring through prophets to the present time. Right now there is the greatest spiritual struggle for every soul. My Word, written up in Revelation John in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, is fulfilling. There is a unification of various religious directions, especially under the leadership of the new Pope Francis, who is the envoy of Satan to expedite the removal of the true Word of God from the life of the Church and the believers. If you are interested in this issue, visit www.varovani.org or in the original www.thewarningsecondcoming.com. Just this portion of New Revelation, which I’m writing live in the human body of Jana, is meant especially for the lightworkers here on the Zero to help them better orient themselves in the extremely difficult spiritual situation and to explain the phenomena and processes associated with the transformation of humankind. It is written in the most understandable and simplest way, because the gross body does not allow a complete understanding of all the messages that I’m bringing since the 1980s. As some readers know, the New Revelation is not intended only for human beings, but for all in Creation. It originates on a planet where the negative state is displayed and from there spreads to other dimensions and parts of the Multiverse. No wonder some civilizations have not yet received it, but it reads by everyone who is ready for this vital information.

    My wife and the direct incarnation Jana has, when reading the Old Testament, literally a physical problems – nausea. Only recently did I tell her the truth that these texts, first was handed over by word of mouth  from generation to generation, later enrolled, especially passages full of violence, I did not inspire or dictate to anyone. It would be contrary to My spiritual laws. If I, as the Creator and donor of life, violated My own laws, there would be a collapse of the whole Multiverse and the extinction of all life.             

    One of the consequences of negative forces is also the problem of accepting My true name: Lord Jesus Christ. Many spiritual seekers who are not part of any Church are willing and able to accept the terms cosmic energy, unity, maximum God. Once they hear the Lord Jesus Christ, they have the impression that they are going back, they are ashamed to pronounce this name so that they will not be ridiculed and defamed because of unfashionableness, something that is not „cool „and „in“. Especially people in the New Age are heavily influenced and manipulated by entities in the zone of displacement without any idea. They take part in many esoteric seminars, go to different „spiritual“ sessions, but often forget about the most important: to seek Me in your heart, inward. No spiritual teacher gives you so much love and truth as I do, will not lead your awakening from dream and illusion into true positive life as effectively and straightforwardly as Your only true parent, Lord Jesus Christ. Every part of My name has a deep spiritual meaning, and in Chapter Two of the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ there is a detailed description and explanation of why I have this name, and no other is permissible (this applies to readers and practitioners of all parts of the New Revelation, can not yet pay for those who are not yet ready for such a true spiritual message). The effort of the other party to divert believers and spiritual seekers from My true name is constantly intensifying, because they know very well what power has the enouncement of this name or the idea at him. They do everything to keep My holy name was erased from history, not used at the worship, prayers, was not to people on the eyes. So be still in spiritual alertness, do not be intimidated and manipulated, seek the truth. Make contact directly with Me and I will lead you through all the pitfalls and dangers, I will not allow you to fall and let be seduced by the glare of the negative state. I will help you overcome even the worsening conditions of life on this planet, I will caress you when you are the worst, I will dry your tears, washing-away the accumulated fears and pain, I will appease hunger and thirst for spiritual fulfillment, you will not suffer from the lack of anything you need for your growth and completion a difficult mission.

   As we have already written, we use the method of learning in a spiral, thus we repeat deliberately some serious and important information, and complement them to new, often still unpublished ones. It is important for better memorization and understanding. You are currently witnessing preparations for World War III. Elites, under the leadership of negative extraterrestrial entities, do everything to increase tensions among nations, with false „evidence“ manipulate public opinion. Only a few knowing people are able to orientate and objectively evaluate the situation in this environment. The Internet is still the only global medium where you can find at least the pieces of truth that need to be put together. It is precisely to the freedom of speech, especially on the Internet, that the governments and legislators of so-called „advanced countries“ are targeting. They are preparing various constraints to prevent the spread of uncensored information, awakened people who read alternative (mostly true) comments on the situation on the planet, they mark like terrorists and enemies of democracy. In many cases, they have succes in influencing the opinions and thinking of, in particular, the young generation, which grows up in the environment of modern technology and is literally overwhelmed by advertising and wartime „reportages“. It becomes immune to human and animal misery, has no sympathy with the victims of violence, cynically smiling at them yet. Their hearts become harder, not able to feel love. This is also manifest in the sphere of sexual and partner relationships. Physical satisfaction is superior to feeling, being a loving husband or wife, father or mother is no longer popular and modern. But however, any unnaturalness and deviance is supported. Homosexual couples are entrusted with the education of young children who do not have the opportunity to grow up in a normal family. To make matters worse, there is also their sexual abuse, trading in them, even sacrificing during Satanic rituals of which are participating also important representatives of political, economic and cultural life, mainly the so-called „Western civilization“ that highlight themself above the other „developmental “ or “ third „world. No wonder he is so irritating for nationals to other nations and religions. Even in times of Sodom and Gomorrah, the situation was not so terrible.

   The ruling elites do exactly the opposite of what they publicly declare in the media and at various sessions. They fight terrorism but financially support them, train members of extreme organizations and use them to overthrow regimes and leaders who do not want to be their vassals and slaves. They support fighters against the Islamic state, while allowing its expansion and cruel killing of mainly Christian populations. Just on the ordinary believers who profess the teachings of Jesus Christ they focus the most. They do not need to spread love, understanding and cooperation among people, because this is in direct contradiction with their lust of conquest and money-grubbing interests. They do not want the kingdom of God on Earth because they claim to be the Almighty Gods who know best what is best for humankind: the government of autocracy, the limitation of any freedoms, the chipped blunt sheep, best the chronically ill and forced to consume poisoned food to their profits were the highest and the control of slaves as simple as possible. Do you like life in such a perverse world?

   I am LOVE and I do not support any violence. I do not encourage for anyone to cut off some heads in My name, torture and cause any physical or mental suffering. I patiently show you the way out of this dark abyss, into which humankind has plunged. Some already see the light at the end of the tunnel and long for life in love, peace and happiness. Their soul connects with the ego and together they go on a return journey to the True Creation, to My arms. I am/We are here for you to help carry your cross and show direction. We do not obtrude to anyone nor dictate to you what to do. Each of you can freely decide what kind of life he wants: loving, carefree, full of experience in knowing Creation, or in misgiving and fear of lack, sickness, and death. I love you despite the fact that you refuse Me, I am waiting for you patiently and with all modesty because I know that the end of your suffering in the illusion and the veil of the zone of displacement is near-hand. I would not be here with you in the physical body if it was differently. Any one of you, the readers of this New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family, has right to decide whether will spread these important divine words among other prepared souls, seeking the truth, or leaving them for themselves. Each of you is not yet spiritually mature to carry God’s Word as a flag to the army of spiritual seekers and exhibit of himself and his close-hearted to attacks of the dark side. I do not judge any of you because I know perfectly well your I, thus your possibilities. Everyone does what they can at a given moment. Since I am the coordinator of this rescue mission, I have in all areas of the planet the co-workers with sufficiently high vibrations, knowledge and especially spiritual connection to Me also with the mediators of the higher dimensions of the Multiverse, who are currently caring for translation and dissemination not only of this portion of New Revelation, but also the previous ones, which I dictated to Peter. I am proud of anyone who is not afraid to live in accordance with My spiritual laws of LOVE in the environment of darkness, misunderstanding and lies. You know well that life does not end with the death of the material body because it is eternal and its only donor I am, the Lord Jesus Christ. I have prepared  you a reward for all what you did for the evacuation of humankind from the negative state. But it is not a reward from this gross world. It surpasses all your expectations and aspirations. Time to divide humankind is fulfilling, and you who will be lifted to the 5th dimension can look forward to Heaven on Earth.

   In the next chapter, we will focus on living in the positive state. 

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