13. The Truth About the Old Testament in the Bible



The time has come to reveal more secrets. The Old Testament of the Holy Bible is not from Me, The Only Creator of everything and everyone, The Lord Jesus Christ! Only one who knows the truth about the origins and duration of the negative state, the fall of mankind, that is, who read The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ (with Peter), is able to understand and then accept the fact that there is an insurmountable difference between the two basic parts of the Bible. While the Old Testament is full of violence, pitfalls, murders, the New Testament is mainly about Love, forgiveness, healing soul and body, bringing humanity out to Paradise, where there will be no more pain and death. Over the hundreds of years since the New Testament, many people, not only priests and theologians, but also laity, have recognized this difference, but they have not yet fully understood why God has suddenly changed from a punishing and bloodthirsty dictator to a loving, forgiving and helping Father. Do you think I’m so unbalanced, capricious, changing My priorities? That I’m playing „a bad and worthy cop“? It was not yet possible to convey such serious information in the 1980s and 1990s, so I used a more plausible explanation: that humanity needed a strict and jealous God at the time because it would not understand the positive leadership. This is, of course, true, but only partially. Since the beginning of the existence of the negative state, I have prepared the return of humanity to Me, coordinated and allowed everything that supported My perfect Plan. But I was not the originator and executor of cruel punishments, I did not incite ANYONE to exterminate other peoples in My Holy Name, commit fratricide, confiscate possessions, thus violate My spiritual laws. To the chosen incarnated higher beings in the body I have conveyed important messages through angels (at that time it didn’t work otherwise, as you know…): Noah, Moses, the Ten Commandments detailed in the previous New Revelation, especially to the prophets who prepared humanity for the coming of the Messiah, My first direct incarnation on this planet under the rule of the Pseudo-creators.

Even after almost 2000 years since the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, people are unable and unwilling to accept the fact that Jesus and God Almighty are one and the same being. A similar situation is happening today. Only a tiny number of people know I’m here for the second time in a physical body, this time a woman. Much water will pass before humankind accepts Me as its parent and begins to love and honor Me as natural and desirable. Meanwhile, with the pain in My heart, I have to look at the suffering My children are going through because they have not yet understood that they are still under the control of the dark forces because of their choices.

I will return to the Old Testament to explain why it is not and cannot be from Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. The negative state did not arise in My Absolute Mind because I am Absolute Love, Wisdom, Intelligence and Goodness, but it is the work of the first people I call the Pseudo-creators. Thus, they are relative beings, in whose minds the question arose: How would life look like without the spiritual principles of The Most High, now The Lord Jesus Christ? (For more information, see Fundamentals of Human Spirituality). Therefore, what is relative cannot be considered equal to Absolute. The duration of the negative state is allowed only to a limited „time“ and when it is fully answered to the above question, it will no longer be necessary to be present in Creation in both active and dormant form, because it does not allow the full utilization of the creative power of each being, takes energy that it could be used more meaningfully and pleasantly than it is now, when the spiritual battle between good and evil is still in progress. Stories recorded in the Old Testament are both angelic and demonic. In other words, some passages are inspired by Me through the angels, others are inspired by beings from the Zone of Displacement that have played and still play the gods, the creators. Everything is in line with My Plan to bring humanity out of the negative state. From this extremely important information implies that religions on this isolated planet Zero (the reflection of the true Earth from the positive state), which are based solely on the Old Testament and does not recognize Jesus Christ as the Only Savior and God, does not serve Me, but the Pseudo-creators (Satan, Zeus, dark side…). More detailed information on the origins of all major religious directions is published in the book Major Ideas of The New Revelation, in Chapter 2, About the spiritual meaning of the seventh chapter of the prophet Daniel. This does not mean, for example, that Christian religions, especially the Catholic Church, based in the Vatican, are not contaminated by untruthful or false and misleading dogmas, opinions and interpretations of My Holy Word, which I brought not only in the gross body of Jesus Christ, but I still bring through the prophets to the present day. Right now, the greatest spiritual struggle is going on for every soul. My Word is fulfilled, revealed in the Revelation of John in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. There is a unification of different religious directions, especially under the leadership of the new Pope Francis, who is Satan’s envoy to speed up the removal of the true Word of God from the life of the church and believers. If you are interested in this issue, visit www.varovani.org or the original www.thewarningsecondcoming.com. It is this dose of The New Revelation that I write live in the human body of Jana, intended primarily for the lightworkers here on planet Zero to help them orient themselves in an extremely complex spiritual situation and explain the phenomena and events associated with the transformation of humanity. It is written as clearly and easily as possible because the gross body does not allow a complete understanding of all the messages I have brought since the 1980s. As some readers know, The New Revelation is not meant only for human beings but for all in Creation. It originates on a planet where the negative state is displayed and from there it spreads to other dimensions and parts of the Multiverse. Not surprisingly, it has not yet reached some civilizations, but it is read by anyone who is ready for this vital information.

My wife and the direct incarnation of Jana have literally physical difficulties – nausea in reading the Old Testament. Only recently did I tell her the truth that these texts, transmitted at first orally from generation to generation, later written, especially passages full of violence, I did not inspire or dictate to anyone. It would be contrary to My spiritual laws. If I, as Creator and Giver of Life, violated My own laws, the entire Multiverse would collapse and all life would end.      

One of the consequences of the action of negative forces is the problem of accepting My true Name: The Lord Jesus Christ. Many spiritual seekers who do not belong to any church are willing and able to accept the terms cosmic energy, unity, maximally God. As soon as they hear the name The Lord Jesus Christ, they feel that it is a way back, they are ashamed to pronounce this Name so that they are not ridiculed and slandered because of fashion, something that is not cool and in. Especially New Age people are strongly influenced and manipulated by entities from the Zone of Displacement without having any idea. They attend many esoteric workshops, attend various „spiritual“ sessions, but often forget the most important thing: to seek Me in their heart, inside. No spiritual master will give you as much love and truth as I do, your awakening from dream and illusion to true positive life will not lead as effectively and straightforwardly as your Only true Parent Lord Jesus Christ. Every part of My Name has a profound spiritual significance, and in the Chapter 2 of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, it is described and explained in detail why I have this name and no other is permissible any more (this applies to readers and practicing of all parts of The New Revelation, cannot yet apply to those who are not yet ready for such true spiritual messages). The effort of the other side to divert believers and spiritually seekers from My True Name is increasing steadily because it knows the power of saying that Name or the thought of it. They do their best to make My Holy Name erased from history, not used in worships, prayers, not in the eyes of people. Therefore, always be in spiritual alertness, do not be intimidated and manipulated, seek the truth. Make contact directly with Me and I will guide you through all the pitfalls and dangers, I will not let you fall and be seduced by the glitter of the negative state. I will help you overcome the deteriorating conditions of life on this planet, stroke you when you are worst, dry your tears, wash away the accumulated fears and pain, drive away hunger and thirst for spiritual fulfillment, you will not suffer from the lack of anything you need to grow and complete the difficult mission.

As we have already written, we use the spiral learning method, thus deliberately repeating some relevant and important information and adding it to new, often unpublished. It is important for better remembering and understanding. You are currently witnessing preparations for World War III. Elites under the direction of negative extraterrestrial entities do their best to increase tensions between nations and false „evidence“ manipulate public opinion. Few knowledgeable people can navigate in this environment and objectively evaluate the situation. So far, the Internet is the only global medium where at least fragments of truth can be found that need to be put together. It is the governments and legislators of the so-called „developed countries“ that focus on freedom of speech, especially on the Internet. They are preparing various restrictions to prevent the spread of uncensored information, awakened people who read alternative (mostly true) comments on the planet’s situation, are called terrorists and enemies of democracy. In many cases, they are able to influence the views and thoughts of the young generation, which is growing up in an environment of modern technology and is literally oversaturated by advertising and war „reports“. They become immune to human and animal suffering, not symphathetic with the victims of violence, they still cynically laugh at them. Their hearts become tougher, unable to feel love. This is also reflected in sexual and partnership relationships. Physical satisfaction is superior to feeling, being a loving husband or wife, father or mother is no longer popular and modern. On the other hand, any unnaturalness and deviation are supported. Young children who are not allowed to grow up in a normal family are entrusted to homosexual couples. To make matters worse, there is also their sexual exploitation, trafficking in them, even sacrifice in Satanic rituals, in which significant representatives of the political, economic and cultural life, especially the so-called „Western civilization“, participate in the process of expanding itself above the other „developing“ or „third“ world. No wonder they irritate members of other nations and religions. Even in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, the situation was not terrible.

The ruling elites do the exact opposite of what they publicly proclaim in the media and at various meetings. They fight terrorism, but support it financially, train extremist organizations and use them to overthrow regimes and leaders who do not want to be their vassals and slaves. They support fighters against the Islamic State, while allowing it to expand and cruelly kill mainly the Christian population. They focus mainly on ordinary believers who profess the teachings of Jesus Christ. They do not need the spread of love, understanding, and collaboration between people, because it is in direct contradiction to their conquering and greedy interests. They do not want God’s Kingdom on Earth because they claim to be almighty gods who know best what is best for humankind: the rule of autocracy, the limitation of any freedoms, the chipped blunt sheep, preferably the chronically ill and forced to consume poisoned food so that their profits are as high as possible and control slaves as simple as possible. Do you like life in such a perverted world?

I am LOVE and I do not support any violence. I do not encourage anyone to cut heads off in My Name, torture and cause any physical and mental suffering. I am patiently showing you the way out of this dark abyss into which humanity has plunged. Some already see the light at the end of the tunnel and long for life in love, peace and happiness. Their soul associates with the ego and together they embark on the return journey to the True Creation, into My arms.  

I’m/We’re here to help you carry the cross and point the way. We do not impose upon anyone, nor dictate to you what to do. Each of you can freely decide what life he/she wants: loving, carefree, full of experiences in knowing Creation, or in apprehensions and fear of scarcity, illness and death. I love you even though you refuse Me, I wait for you patiently and with all modesty because I know that the end of your suffering in the illusion and veil of the Zone of Displacement is within reach. I wouldn’t be here with you in the physical body if it were different. Any of you, the readers of this New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, has the right to decide whether these important Words of God will spread among other prepared souls, seeking the truth, or keeping them for themselves. Each of you is not yet spiritually advanced to carry God’s Word as a flag in front of a spiritually seeking army and exposing yourself and your loved ones to possible dark side attacks. I do not judge any of you because I know your SELF perfectly and Absolutely, thus your options. Everyone does what they can at any given moment. Because I am the coordinator of this whole rescue mission, I have co-workers here at all corners of the planet with high enough vibrations, knowledge, and above all, a spiritual connection to Me, as well as mediators from the higher dimension of the Multiverse, who are in charge of translating and distributing not only this New Revelation dose, but also all the previous ones that I dictated to Peter. I am proud of anyone who is not afraid to live in accordance with My spiritual laws of LOVE in an environment of darkness, misunderstanding and lies. You know well that life does not end with the death of the material body because it is eternal, and I, The Lord Jesus Christ, am its only donor. I have prepared you a reward for everything you do to bring humanity out of the negative state. But it is not a reward from this gross world. It surpasses all your expectations and desires. Time for the division of humankind is fulfilled, and you, who will be lifted into the 5th dimension, can look forward to Heaven on Earth.

In the next chapter, we will focus on life in the positive state.

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