12. Why Prague Is the World Spiritual Center

Chapter Twelve


   Half a year ago, we wrote that Jana, My direct and only incarnation in a woman’s body, will move to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, after Easter, to be in the center of spiritual activity, and could meet those who are ready to accept her as Goddess on Earth, My wife and the speaker. She has been living in isolation (in the desert) for more than 10 years. In order to endure such a difficult period, she meets with a related soul, Šárka, occasionally. They help each other to carry a very heavy deal and it is necessary to besides the close relatives, she has also been other direct witness of the most demanding tests she undergoes from the love to humankind. In April, I brought My beloved wife in the suburb to Prague and showed her a beautiful nature reserve, an oasis of peace and harmony, where she felt almost like in paradise. She expected that the words of chapter 11 would be fulfilled and she moves to this part of Prague. Several days after returning to Ústí nad Labem, she was convinced that she would live in this corner of the Earth and to meet with kindred spirits and co-workers of light. But she gradually realized that it is not possible. She does not have the same task as Jesus had 2,000 years ago. She stands in the background, does no miracles and writes this New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family. There is now the division of humankind, and it would not be good to I interfered more strongly  and influenced the masses of unprepared people. Everyone has the choice of which way to go, whether that wide, which is followed by the overwhelming majority and leads to hell, or this thorny and tiny, after which go,  despite many pitfalls and renunciation, the individuals who tend to go to Me, into paradise. Although the spiritual path is individual and not two completely identical, it can generally be said that those which are based on love, forgiveness, no adherence on material goods and pleasures, helping to others, not killing the creatures I have created and given to them life.

   As I have already written, I have chosen the Czech Republic for My second direct incarnation on this planet. The fate of a small Czech nation is directly related to My mission and My action in both physical bodies of Jesus and Jana. This nation has gone through and still is undergoing severe testing, is oppressed, impoverished, drowned out by the more powerful and dominant under the leadership of the Pseudo-Creators trying to undermine and destroy My work: to bring out humankind out of the negative state and eliminate this unsustainable way of life forever. Pseudo-Creators know well  that is already their last hour beating, and they are more furiously trying to get as many souls as possible on their dark side. At first glance it seems that are superior. The world is approaching a larger warfare every day, there are the targeted attacks on spiritual principles, thousands of years by My prophets presented to humankind, to break up families and loving relationships, promiscuous and deviant behavior is highlighted and shown in the media as admirable and natural, fraudsters and thieves are without punishment and enjoy political or economic domination over others, less hungry and ruthless. Fortunately, there are increasing of those who are less visible by material means, but their light shines into the cosmos and is to see by the spiritual sight of the advanced loving beings of the higher dimensions of the Multiverse.

   Just on the territory of the Czech Republic ist the highest concentration of the so-called old souls (from Lemuria, Atlantis,…) and the beings to me closest ones (Archangels Gabriel, Metatron, Michael…). Prague is literally the threshold into the positive state, a gateway to the higher dimensions where there are no longer wars, injustice, illnesses and death. Spiritual teachers, masters and healers from all over the world are incoming there and this phenomenon will deepen and multiply in the years to come, even though I will remain in the physical body of Jana in the background, and besides writing and conducting our www.bozirodina.cz, I will not interfere in interlinking different spiritual directions. You surely have noticed that since the end of 2012, when we launched our site, there is a visible interconnection of related sites, a meeting of the different spiritual groups and a finding of the common solutions and paths. Nothing is coincidence, My plan is perfect and everything is at the right moment. It is not important how many individuals read this New Revelation here on Zero, but that it is available to anyone who is interested. Not everyone is ready to accept the fact that I, the Lord Jesus Christ, am present in this important time in the woman’s body, that I will not come back here in the physical body of Jesus. When the time comes, will happen the division of humankind, grain separation from the chaff will occur, and you who revibrate into the higher dimensions, especially on the New Earth (New Jerusalem), will witness the foundation of God’s family, that is, the physical encounter of Jesus and Jana, the birth of our two children. The complete God’s family will live among the people and will constantly participate in their spiritual transformation, the return to Love. This journey will be long, but it will not be as painful and heavy as it is now, when the fight of good and evil is still going on. Just by dividing humankind I will allow for the short pseudo-victory of the negative state so that everyone can see the consequences of such a choice, and in the future, they have already rejected life without love for Me, the only source of life in the Multiverse.

   By incarnation into the gross human body I am reducing to the most limited and inconvenient existence to show My infinite and unconditional love for the people who have turned away from Me and have spit for thousands of years in My face and like a plague infection destroys the life that I gave them. Whoever does not read the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ can not understand why I do allow so much pain, murdering, oppression of the weaks, why at first glance it seems that I have left this world or even do not exist. I will soon remind you by means of the Event or Warning, when I touch the soul of every human being on this planet for a moment. This does not mean that all people suddenly fall into My arms. That arouses the contradictory feelings and confusion especially for those who are not yet ready to live in the positive state, I will help mainly those who are on the spiritual path and themselves are already looking for… because: whoever he is seeking will find. When you are revibrate into the 5th dimension, you will see with your own eyes what is happening in the lower worlds, you will be the direct witness to the deterioration of the lives of the people who will remain in the 3rd – 4th dimension until the full end, when I return to open the minds of all and enable them free choice, which they so far do not have because of the existence of the negative state. Because it will be answered on the many times mentioned the question: How would life look like without ME, I will lock the zone of displacement once and for all and we will to create more beautiful and better worlds together and live together in love, abundance, happiness and joy. Does it sound like a fairy tale and utopia? (it just now occurred to My wife, Jana). Wait and see… actually don’t wait, that would look like I exhort you to do nothing. You, who read this New Revelation, know well how many spiritual works, renunciation, and often the dangers of the dark side, you have to undertake daily to fulfill your unique mission. Every one of you is under My protection, and believe I will not let anyone hurt you. You are My first line and I strengthen you in every second of your challenging life here, in the middle of the greatest spiritual battle in the history of the Multiverse.

   I will return to the title of this chapter again. I have My co-workers on the whole planet incarnated from different corners and dimensions of Creation, so that through My leadership and perfect coordination, they could to transmit on vital information to humankind and were an example to others. As I have already said, in Bohemia these beings are the most, because here is My physical residence, My earthly headquarters. Every commander surrounds himself those by the most devoted, most advanced and most able-bodied co-workers. Do not confuse it with what you know from this negative experience on Zero. Here too, the commanders are surrounded by the most able-bodied, but they do not serve the needs of other fellow citizens, but for each other, their ego. Everything is here in reverse. In the positive state, the highest spiritual beings are most serving by other, in the negative state, the lowest of ones. That is why in the Bible is written: the first will be the last…. Jana knows it well, lives modestly, helps within his or her possibilities to everyone in the neighborhood, but mostly by living and handing this truest and most important message. Now, practically no one appreciates this fact, but after the division, information about our physical presence and activity will be more accessible and people will get to learn how I have shown by My example the path back to Me/Us for the second time.

   I now have at heart the encouragement for those who sometimes violate rules or local laws, although they are on My, thus positive and loving side and do not cooperate with the darkness. The spiritual laws, published in the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ (with Peter), are always superior to human pseudo-laws. You do not have to be afraid, in the interested of the adherence to the spiritual laws from Me, to violate the earthly law. Sometimes I do it in the body of Jana, otherwise I could not fulfil My mission. Again, My still repeated counsel: feel with your heart what Love would do, listen to your intuition. You are not here for bankers, politicians, „lawmakers“, etc., because of the puppets of the slave system, but you are here to free yourself from the shackles and control and show others the way to the light. Get rid of fear of anything, otherwise you will still be bound and limited, causing unnecessary physical and mental pain for you. Even Jana is not spared this inner spiritual and mental battle that manifests itself also physically. Neither am I in this female body the perfect. That’s why I know how hard it is to live on this planet and the best possible to fulfil My mission. If you can not see the perfection of My plan at the present moment, try to see it backwards. Take note of the synchronicity in your everyday life. You do not meet coincidentally with anyone, you are always brought to the right place at the right time, you are experiencing exactly what is necessary for your spiritual growth. Many awakened people are already aware that there are no coincidences.

   Now I will focus on the cooperation of the so-called „contacts“ with universe people from higher dimensions. For decades, telepathic communication has been taking place of selected individuals on this planet with alien representatives of positive civilizations who are watching the transformation of humanity and their advices help to its successful continuation. All beings of true Creation adhere to cosmic laws, so they do not interfere with development directly, by their physical entrance to Earth, because they would induce fear and hostile response from unwakened or on the contrary negative people working for the dark side. Universe people are loving and unselfish, watching the events on this planet and communicating telepathically with those who are ready, have higher vibrations and are not afraid out of themselves to make „fools“. Thanks to this cooperation were also created web sites where you can find important information about life outside of this Earth, about transformation, free energies, natural treatment of diseases, etc. Among the most important are those that are managed by the contacts from the Czech republic: www.vesmirni-lide.cz and www.pratele-nebe.cz. There are situations where it is necessary to intervene physically in term of spiritual laws as well. These are mainly the consequences of natural disasters, often caused by deliberately ruling elites, such as Japan nuclear power plant crash, offshore oil platform crash in the Gulf of Mexico, Chelyabinsk meteorite, tsunami in Southeast Asia, etc. Universe people have advanced technologies that can eliminate the consequences of these disasters, and that is why it is still possible to live on the surface of this sorely tried planet. In many cases, they save people who have been at the center of these disasters and have not yet fulfilled their mission to leave their bodies. They lift up them up aboard the flying space ships and move them to another safe place. Everything happens in cooperation with Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. Another way of communication is the so-called crop circles. Most of them are on the territory of Great Britain, because it is a place where the negative state has arisen and is now the center of the power of elites that dominate the world. Not all the shapes in the grain create extraterrestrial civilizations. Some are the work of people, but they are not as complex and perfect as the true one, containing a spiritual message. The struggle of good and evil takes place at all levels, and no one is out, it concerned of every soul.

   I reveal another secret here: I discharge from debts those who, in fulfilling their mission, have been forced to know the consequences of living in the negative state on their own skin and got into an unsolvable financial situation. When I was here in the body of Jesus, I healed everyone who believed in Me. I’ve even revived the dead. Now I will give a gift that no one expects from Me and I have never written about it yet. It is proof of My mercy and love, righteousness and God’s help at the right time. You know well that the whole financial system is a hellish instrument for enslaving and extortion of people. Even My wife, Jana, still bears the consequences of her cognition of life in this system. It is not possible and sustainable, in order to until revibration suffered together with relatives and friends, by bullying of the part of bailiffs and bankers. That is why I will intervene at the right time and remove all records of the debts of those who consciously cooperate with Me, help at transformation of humankind into the positive state and believe in the only God the Creator of the Lord Jesus Christ, the source of all life in the Multiverse. It must be shown that your longtime unselfish work carries fruit. In the positive worlds all live in sufficiency of everything that makes life pleasant, joyful and happy. It is not possible for My closest co-workers and helpers lived like a outcasts, in fear of family and their existence. I will create better conditions for your difficult work and at the same time give you proof of My help and love. It is time to move on to the higher level of our cooperation, to alleviate the suffering and stress of My most faithful ones, to show all of our unity, spiritual strength, devotion and trust.

   Negative side does not idle about and is preparing increasingly difficult tests for the inhabitants of this planet (mostly unsuspecting). He uses biological weapons, such as the Ebola virus, modified in laboratories and even patented in the US, to induce panic in people and make them volunteer to vaccinate. Into the vaccination serum, which has long been a endangering health due to the chemicals contained in this, they plan to add a microchip, by which means complete the perfect control of humankind and make of them  a blunt herd of slaves. Elity knows it’s time, because thanks to our mission, mainly spread through the Internet, is waking up more and more people, and resistance to control of all kinds is growing every day. I have everything under control, there is no need to worry, that I would allow the chipping of My co-workers. At the right time I will intervene and divide humankind, and with the help of universe people I will move all who have chosen the life in Love into the 5th and higher dimensions. Only then will I allow a short pseudo-victory of the negative state on this planet, which has fallen been into the zone of displacement, thus hells, and will not be called Zero because it will only be negative. This state will only last for a short while into My Second Coming. At the time, I completely eliminate life in this dimension and zone. At the beginning of this New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family, we wrote that a negative state can not win on the Zero. Now I add and refine this information on the above-mentioned extremely important message I have not yet revealed. Planet Earth, more precisely the true planet Earth, is ready to accept that part of humankind that is ready to live in harmony and love, peace, cooperation and abundance. There, together, in a beautiful, healthy and safe environment, together with people from other planets and worlds, we will be build and create a completely different life than you have ever known. I’m/We’re looking forward to you very much.

   In the next chapter we will shock you with true information about the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.


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