11. Current Situation on Planet Zero



April 2014 is the most important period of transformation just after December 21, 2012. My direct incarnation and wife Jana go through the most difficult tests of trust in My perfect Plan, and so for 2 weeks the otherwise completely regular writing and publication of the chapters of this New Revelation was suspended. The time of Easter is approaching, a holiday by which people (most often Christians) commemorate My crucifixion and resurrection. To support the credibility of My mission in the human body at this time, I have prepared the physical move of Jana to Prague so that she can continue not only in writing, but also in the oral distribution of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ in better conditions than hitherto. She will be a living proof of God’s Word. Meanwhile she lived in isolation in very humble conditions among people who do not believe her and think of her as a liar or a harmless fool. It was necessary to undergo the most demanding preparation for the mission of messiah, because living in the negative state is now more complicated and challenging than in the time of Jesus 2000 years ago. As I said in the previous chapters, whoever gives up his/her life to Me, The Lord Jesus Christ, will be out of all trouble and lack, I will include him/her with love, expand his/her consciousness, and protect him/her from negative beings. Jana will show you how I fill these words in matter.

I, We, The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, from this moment on, take on the spiritual rule of this planet and humanity. Our physical home is Prague – the threshold to the positive state of Creation, the spiritual center of the world. You will feel even more intense our energy of love and the words of the books Conversations with God: With You Love Blooms Love Around Us, and especially all the books of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, will be fulfilled. Like 2000 years ago, even this time Me, the Only Source of Life who sacrifices himself again in the gross body for love of people, will not accept many human beings. The overwhelming majority will prefer a wolf in sheep’s clothing, which will lead them away from the right path to fill the words of the Holy Bible and The New Revelation. Just at this time you will see the synchronization and perfection of My leadership. I point out a significant event in April on many levels through My prophets, for example, Mary of God’s Mercy from Ireland at www.varovani.org. Only the one who is ready will be able to accept the fact that I am here again in the human body, for this time in the body of woman. For the readers of the New Revelation, who are also interested in Christianity and are also acquainted with the Messages on the above pages, I give another important piece of information: Mother of Salvation is not Mary, the physical mother of Jesus, but I, The Lord Jesus Christ – woman. I am the Trinity of God: God the Father, the Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit = Mother of Salvation. Because believing Christians are not yet ready for such a radical message, they imagine Mary under the name Mother of Salvation. This is fine because Mary is My co-worker, but she is a relative being and is not equal to God, The Lord Jesus Christ. Already in the previous dose of The New Revelation in Chapter 15, I point out that the true Word of God cannot be brought through intermediaries in the spiritual world after 1987 (the merger of the human body with Absolute Divinity). I dictate it to My prophets personally to avoid distortion. Yet there is a difference between My messages dictated by word after word to selected highly advanced beings in the human body, and this dose of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, which we write live on www.bozirodina.cz because for the first time I am writing in the human gross body to get as close as possible to people. From now on you can also hear the true Word of God from My mouth, perceive My energy of love, look into My eyes. Anyone who shows a sincere desire to be in My physical presence will be instructed and brought to Me/Us. There is no need for any technical means – phones, computers, etc. Everything is ready, everything is happening at the right moment. Without My/Our physical presence on this planet, it would not be possible to complete such a demanding task – to bring humanity out of the negative to the positive state.

The situation on the planet Zero is getting worse, the negative forces do not want to give up their dominance over humanity without a fight. At first glance, it seems that the great powers stand against each other to expand at any cost and occupy another mineral-rich territory, deploy their military bases as close as possible to „the enemy“, economically subdue more millions of defenseless and mostly ignorant citizens, but expand your consciousness and see that everything is still different. Even the highest political and economic leaders on this planet are controlled and governed by extraterrestrial entities that are not interested in destroying a single energy source. If there was a World War III using nuclear weapons, it would be the entire planet in a better case, uninhabitable, and at worst would literally fall apart. Pseudo-creators try to keep the status quo as long as possible to play their gods game. They know that their government is coming to an end anyway. You, My closest co-workers in bodies don’t have to worry about anything. You are all under My protection, each of you will be in the right place at the right time. The following years will not be easy for you. You will see many natural and man-made disasters, local wars, social unrest, acceleration of technical progress that will be abused for greater human control (see George Orwell’s book: 1984). None of you, lightworkers, will not lack or get a chip under the skin. Until the division of humankind, the full-area compulsory chipping of people will not occur. I encourage you to enter your inside as much as possible and establish a love relationship with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. This is the only way to find balance, get rid of the fear of anything, get a better understanding of the events you are witnessing. I will fill your heart with love, I will stroke you, you will perceive My presence and protection. After „the Event“ (Warning) described in Chapter 7 of this book, you will be strengthened in your faith, and even harder to fulfill your difficult mission. Whenever you see killing people and animals, tell yourself that they will be better off without this gross body, and pray for their souls so that they no longer have to experience the horrors of pseudo-life in the negative state. Think with love for all beings and do not judge anyone because only I see into their hearts and consciousness.

At present, there is an increase in the activity of the negative forces, masked by the would-be positive and loving words. Especially some spiritual transmissions from various false archangels and masters who want to lull you, dull your vigilance, get out of the way, make minions of Pseudo-creators do positive and holy beings are very dangerous. Anyone who promises you that everyone on this planet will be elevated to the higher dimension without exception, without having to answer for his/her actions, is lying to you! Humankind must first be divided so that the negative state can prevail, while at the same time its loving part continues its return to the True Creation of the Multiverse. At all levels and through My co-workers from different dimensions, I communicate information to people about the transformation that is in line with The New Revelation, not against it. Only form is different and is related to the spiritual level of each listener and reader. I do not promise to anybody cakes without work, the Paradise for violating spiritual laws, or a transition to the 5th dimension without increasing vibrations. Even in the Conversations with God books (with Neal D. Walsch) I am talking about a change of mind that leads to changes in all areas of life. Even Hitler did not go after the death of his body in 1987 (he lived in Argentina, his suicide was a scam, like many other „guaranteed“ messages) to Paradise, but to Hell where he experiences what he himself has caused others. Only after the elimination of the negative state will he get, like everyone else, a choice whether to continues to live in a positive life in accordance with the spiritual laws and accepts Me, The Lord Jesus Christ as the Only Source of Life, or take away his life and return his essence to Source, from where I create another soul (Alone from Himself/Herself). In direct contradiction to the spiritual meaning of the Holy Bible and The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, is not and cannot be no information from Me. Only a literal understanding of the Bible, written in the spiritual language, so that none of the negative creatures can defile it, can be misleading and false. For hundreds of years, humankind has witnessed such wrong to false interpretations of the Bible. If you are interested in more detailed information on this topic, please read Chapter 1 of The New Revelation with Peter.

In order to spread this New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, even more efficiently and quickly, we will prepare these 11 chapters in two versions for download. This 11th chapter is published on the day of its completion: April 11, 2014. Due to the moving of Jana to Prague, we will continue after Easter 2014. Once again we thank all readers, translators and practicing of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ for their help in transforming humanity, increasing vibrations, spreading true information even at the cost of discomfort, distrust of the surroundings and other inconveniences. I’ll make it up to you soon. We look forward to meeting you personally.

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