10. Practicing the New Revelation Before and After the Division of Humanity



Chapter 16 of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ (with Peter) has described in detail how to use the knowledge of this revelation in the daily life of an individual to practice it. This dose of New Revelation is more focused on the transformation of humanity and planet Earth (Zero) at the current time, and more concrete examples need to be given so that as many readers as possible understand this revelation and be able to live in accordance with it. The most important thing is to recognize and accept the New Nature of the Absolute God of The Lord Jesus Christ. On the planet Zero, which is under the influence of the negative state, very few beings who know the true Name of the Only Source of Life. Even the believers of the Christian churches, which are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, do not know, or do not fully understand, that by the ascension of the physical body of Jesus, God has become a man to be closer to all beings in the Multiverse. Only through this act can everyone establish a direct relationship with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ, without the need for any mediator, medium. To do this, you must have an open heart and freely choose to communicate with Me. But whoever does not know My True Name cannot contact Me. It’s the same as if you dialed the wrong phone number and called someone else than you wanted. For many reasons, the people of planet Zero have not read The New Revelation, and therefore the vast majority of them cannot believe that they address Me incorrectly. As long as this unnatural situation persists, when the true Word of God literally lives poorly and is distorted, questioned and not taken seriously, due to the very existence of the negative state, I communicate also with those who have not yet been able to read The New Revelation and yet fulfill My perfect Plan to bring out humanity from the Zone of Displacement to the True Creation. Until the division, this exception, which confirms the rule, will last.

I will first focus on you who are reading The New Revelation and already have information about My True Name. Like every being in the Multiverse, you have the free will to accept or reject My True Nature. You can no longer make excuses for ignorance, manipulation, or influence of anything you have here. It is vitally important that you turn to Me and ask Me for advice, guidance, and anything needed to accomplish your task. Only I, from My Absolute Position, know all aspects of your life perfectly, and I can free you from the capture of the negative state in the most optimal way. As already stated in the previous chapter of The New Revelation, the name, like everything, carries an energy imprint. I urge you to use from present moment not only to communicate with Me, but also others about Me, My Only True Name – THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. I will carry you through all the pitfalls, dangers and machinations of negative beings, bringing you more love, calm, and enough everything you need to accomplish your mission. You do not have to leave your loved ones, close up into isolation yourself to live in accordance with The New Revelation. It’s much easier than you expect. When you surrender your life to Me, you become freer and less dependent on the matrix and your ego. Step by step you will get rid of all blocks, delusions, false ideas about life, addiction to anything, make „order“ in relationships with other people, find inner balance and a sense of security. I will gradually improve your health. There is no better physician of your body and soul than I am, The Creator of perfect human bodies before they are defiled by the Pseudo-creators. I also draw attention to the fact that the body of Jesus was deprived of all the negative and was corrected to its original form, thus lacking several anomalies that made the Pseudo-creators mentioned. I repeat again, in the positive state of the Multiverse, NOTHING of the negative state can survive. Therefore, for you who, after dividing humankind, you will ascend into the 5th dimension of the True Creation, I have prepared so-called „duplicates“, a new, unencumbered and perfect bodies that will allow you to have a full-valued life in the positive state, fill you with satisfaction, joy and happiness, they will not restrict you and often repel you with their unpleasant appearance or deficiency. If for any reason you are homosexuals (both women and men), I will rid you of this unnatural orientation once and for all. This does not mean that you have to break up with your current partner. You get a body with which your soul will resonate. For example, a homosexual man who identifies himself with female energy gets a female body and vice versa. I will return the nature that was deliberately transformed and trampled by the negative state and its originators. Again, it is worth emphasizing the fact that you are not a physical body, but a consciousness, a soul that uses it. It depends on who you feel to be, I give you the body in which you continue this life. As you ascend to the 5th dimension, you will not experience the literal „death“ of the body (speaking to the lightworkers), but the exchange of the physical body so that you can continually follow this earthly life without going to the intermediate world where souls prepare for the next incarnation. There are several homosexuals among My most loyal co-workers on Zero because they have chosen this experience. However, they differ from others in that they do not raise their sexual orientation beyond others, do not show or want to raise children. They live in love and fulfill their unique mission, as all who have been sent to this difficult life at the time of transformation.

There are several types of relationship with God on this planet Zero into the division of humanity:

  1. a direct relationship with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ, the Only true God and Source of Life
  2. a direct relationship with Me without knowing My true Name
  3. mediated relationship to God’s Trinity in Christian churches
  4. mediated relationship to God through spiritual beings
  5. mediated relationship to God in other churches and religious organizations that do not recognize The Lord Jesus Christ as the only God, nor Jesus Christ as the Son of God
  6. no relationship to God


Add 1. Only a tiny number of people have a direct relationship with Me, Lord Jesus Christ, who have read The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ and accepted it into their lives. They understand that the negative state does not come from Me, and therefore cannot last forever.

Add 2. A small number of lightworkers who communicate with Me, write books, give lectures, etc., but have not read The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, so they do not know My true Name (I use the names God, Jeshua, Trinity of God, Jesus Christ, Orton). I mentioned the reasons in the previous chapters of this New Revelation dose.

Add 3. All believers of the Christian churches who pray to the Trinity of God, sometimes or regularly listen to the Word of God from the Bible (the spiritual language does not allow the negative state to completely distort and defile the Word of God) from the clergy in the churches at masses and worship. These people are not yet ready to find God within, they still need a mediator (priest, spiritual master).

Add 4. Spiritually seekers who have made contact with angels, archangels, spiritual beings, positive extraterrestrials, their spiritual family, who bring them information from Me, the Only Source of Life.

Add 5. Most believing non-Christian religions who pray to other gods do not recognize The Lord Jesus Christ as God, nor Jesus Christ as the Son of God. I reveal to the chosen individuals, heal them, and give them to feel the power of love they will not find with other „gods „.

Add 6. Atheists, materialists and all who do not believe in any God and eternal life. Consciousness will be open to these people after the death of the body, they will meet Me „face to face“ and be able to decide where they will incarnate in the next life. Most of them will participate in the pseudo-victory of the negative state on planet Zero.

It follows from the above overview that few beings on this planet have a real relationship with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is essential that this New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, be spread throughout the world, translated into all languages ​​to help understand and accept the fact that life in the negative state and duality is not the work of God, The Lord Jesus Christ, it is just the answer to the question: How would life without God look like…  and will soon be eliminated.  As I announced in the Introduction to this New Revelation, love, a higher vibrations, is a ticket to Paradise in the 5th dimension. The ignorance of The New Revelation will be corrected anyway after relocation, or in the intermediate world after leaving the physical body.

Practice The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ means accepting Me, the Only Source of Life in the Multiverse, into your life and following the spiritual principles (laws). It is much easier than living under any other religious, political, economic or other laws and rules you have here. I am your best friend and parent, I will bring into your life everything you seek and need, especially LOVE.

After the division of humankind, direct communication and relationship with Me will be a matter of course for those who choose life in the positive state. No intermediaries, media or spiritual advisors will be needed. Therefore, no churches and religious organizations of all kinds will be established on the New Earth. The only temple will be your body as I have already announced in the body of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago.

Why don’t the beings of the higher dimensions of the Multiverse still have to know The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ? As you know, time is only connected with matter, that is, it does not exist within Creation, everything happens simultaneously. In order for The New Revelation to apply to the entire Multiverse, including the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero, it must be brought first where the negative state has been activated. You know from the previous chapter that it was quite recently – in the 1980s. From there it spreads to all levels and dimensions according to My perfect Plan. Only in a new cycle of time, when there will no longer be the negative state in active or dormant form, will it be possible and purposeful for the New Revelation to be known to all beings in the Multiverse. You who read and accept The New Revelation often have more truthful information than some spiritual advisors and mediators from other levels of the physical and intermediate worlds. Just you, My closest co-workers who are experiencing the consequences of the negative state of life on their own, and you will be the propagator of The New Revelation in other dimensions of the Multiverse. You will be the best teacher and model for other beings. No one has such prerequisites and abilities to perform this amazing task. You are My first line, right hand and love. Together we will create a whole new life that no one has ever lived, because with a negative state „behind your back“ it is not possible.

You are not here to be constantly guided by other, according to you more advanced civilizations and beings, to describe their way of life. You can create a whole new, original and even better than the one they are presenting to you. You are not obliged or subordinate to anyone, you can freely accept or reject any advice without offending anyone. Receive only what is in harmony with your heart, your soul, your higher Self. Only then will you feel true happiness, love and satisfaction from your life.

Practicing New Revelation at this time means:

  • to accept Me, The Lord Jesus Christ, as the Only Source of Life
  • to have an open heart and love everything good in every being, to reject all negative manifestations (i.e. not to approve of the negative state)
  • keep your eyes open and distinguish what is in harmony with the spiritual laws of the Multiverse, what is against them
  • not to be afraid and to be ashamed to talk to others about The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, but not to impose on anyone that is unable to accept (I will bring you people who are already ready)
  • not to support the life of the negative state (not to work for bankers and the financial sector, including distraints, for companies that are harmful to health, the environment, not to play democracy, not to engage in political, religious, and other solid rule organizations)
  • to establish a private and intimate relationship with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ

Nothing is dogma. These are only recommendations, and of course there are exceptions. Therefore, I repeat that you never judge others, because you cannot know whether or not it is in accordance with My Plan to lead humanity out of the negative state. Let Me give you an example of a woman from Slovakia who brings positive thoughts on the ground of parliament as a deputy and Presidential candidate, her name is Helena Mezenská. Why did not a sufficient number of people give this loving, truthful and unselfish woman to become President of the Slovak Republic? Because most people, not only in this state, are still sleeping and being programmed and manipulated by media, subliminal signals and other ways of negative entities, they are unable to distinguish what is good for them, what is harmful to them. Presidential candidate in the Czech Republic in 2013 Taťána Fischerová also ended this way.

Only the physical division of mankind can elevate the spiritual level of his loving and positive part, and at the same time, to answer a fundamental and repeated question, let it win for a while and then eliminate the negative state in order not to further restrict life in the Multiverse.

Finally, throw away the fear of anything and be led by Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. No one knows you, doesn’t love you, and doesn’t protect you as perfectly as I, your best and most dedicated friend and LOVE.

In the next chapter, we will discuss the current state of planet Zero.

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