1. Why the Lord Jesus Christ Needs the God’s Family

Chapter One


   On 15th January 2014 we are continuing with Jana in writing the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family. In the introductory part of November 2012 we wrote, that on 21st December 2012 on the planet Earth (Zero) occurs the division of the humankind. Most of the concerned and cooperating of allied souls were waiting, that this distribution will take place in during a moment and manifest physically. It was extremely important, that a large number of the people were fasten to this important date and by it energy was increased to make the transformation could have to go through the best possible way. The whole process will take a several earth years yet before physical partitioning occurs, as we have already written. Why is it not possible the people continue together on this planet and have all raised their vibrations so that they reach the 5th dimension even with the planet? The reasons are several:

  1. Never he would not win the negative state and so the most important question would not be answered, because of which he was activated and allowed (How would life look like without of God, the Lord Jesus Christ and of his spiritual principles?)
  2. Spiritual level of the people is so different that all are not unable to understand and accept the positive state, they must get a chance to choose, where and how they want to live
  3. The makers of the negative state, Pseudo-Creators, are on their way to the Earth to they taken a short government over the people. Only then can to win the negative state (see the dual solar system Nibiru)
  4. During the reign of the Pseudo-Creators they won’t be here, with only minor exceptions, present a spiritual and positive beings, to they didn’t impede by a high vibrations to the necessary victory of the negative state
  5. Positive and loving people do not deserve the life with chips under the skin in a slave and inhumane system, that is being prepared with the participation of most sleeping people
  6. It is necessary to cleanse the planet Earth, rid it of all the harmful and poisonous deposits, especially radiation from Fukushima, which kills and harms all living things
  7. The positive state can not be built on the basis of the negative state, the first it is necessary to build new basis at all levels – spiritual, mental and physical

   During the short period of time occurs to opening scissors in all areas of life on Earth. A negative actions and phenomena are coming to the surface, leads to the unveiling of the forthcoming enslavement of humankind through technologies (chips, wiretap phones, monitor e-mail, camera systems, cashless and contactless payments…), the publication of fraudulent financial system based on debt, the suppression of a new technologies and inventions, liberating people from the multinational corporations (the free energy, the treatment of incurable diseases, materials friendly to nature, etc.), the manipulation of the weather through H.A.A.R.P. and chemtrails, corruption at the highest of policy level, of the state administration, of the Churches, of the so-called show business…. On the other hand, more loving people, who are not afraid even at the cost of risking your life to publish the above listed negative phenomena, in its approach they increase the vibration of not only their own, but they help to wake up a growing number of sleeping people on Earth. A groups of spiritually based people cleans a various places from the negative energies, meditate and send love where there is need.

   Everything, that is happening, I have got it under control. I am the Lord Jesus Christ, originally the Most High, the Prime Creator of Everything and Everyone. The transformation of the Earth affects the whole Multiverse, and therefore I am here both personally also in the physical body of Jana, as I told in the introduction to this section of the New Revelation. 2,000 years ago I prepared not only the way from of the negative state, but also My the Second Coming. It was necessary to conceal the birth and presence of My second direct incarnation and woman Jana for many reasons. One is the creation of many spiritual directions all over the world to addressed to as many people as possible. As you know, the negative state works on the principle of the motto: divide and rule. Therefore, so many religions, sects, scientific and political movements arisen during his rule. People are disoriented, confused and seeking their truth. The world is literally infested with lies. If all of them suddenly got true information about the history of humankind, they would not survive. So like addicted junkies they can’t suddenly stop taking the drug, but they have to undergo of a treatment, I bring information through many different spiritual leaders. This information is related, although at first glance it is very contradictory. Jana does not have the same task as Jesus. She will not to lead anyone by the hand and she will not to enclose himself with any disciples. She is mainly an observer, who is constantly watching and studying the events on the planet. Through the websites www.bozirodina.cz she connects the most important spiritual directions, information about the transformation of humankind and the planet Earth, she writes and lives the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family. Hence I break her isolation and give space for a personal encounter with My only direct incarnation in the material body of a woman in the history of the Multiverse of every being, who has a sincere desire to speak to her and stay in the God’s vibrations of love. Already during of the ten-year study in isolation, and constant spiritual exams, she used every opportunity to spread the God’s Word. Thenceforth I break her isolation and give space for a personal encounter with My only direct incarnation in the material body of a woman in the history of The Multiverse of every being, who has an sincere desire to speak to her and stay in the God’s vibrations of love. We do not convince anyone of the truth of these words; everyone finds the truth in their hearts.

   Why am I again in the material body, even though almost everyone thinks I will come back here in the subtle body of Jesus? It is not a repeat of the same? Do I break My spiritual laws? I will answer you: not. The lord Jesus Christ never does not violate the spiritual laws, but dispenses information gradually so that anyone have not loaded more than it can carry to everything was perfectly synchronized to the Pseudo-Creators and their minions have had as few as possible the opportunities this plan distort. I’m always one step ahead. I will explain the differences at the birth of Jesus and Jana:

The parents of Jesus were angelic beings incarnated on Earth, Mary conceived as a virgin (the so-called immaculate conception of the holy Spirit) – for a detailed explanation you will find in the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ with P. D. Francuch (chapter 2).

The parents of Jana were a real human beings (entities), the mother Drahomíra Vondrová was not the virgin during the conception, she gave birth to Jana as the second child. I, the Lord Jesus Christ I intervened at conception and I altered the DNA, at the same time with this physical body I merged already prepared soul and spirit, the newly created directly by Me, that the direct incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ in the body is created in a completely new and unrepeatable way. Why do I use a simplified explanation instead of a more comprehensive and complex language of out the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, written with Peter? Jana has task is more approach these crucial information to people on this planet Earth (Zero). We do not use the same way. In addition, we bring new, anywhere not published information for the widest possible circle of beings in a time of ongoing transformation, therefore, it is necessary that is not dissuaded them excessive complication and specialization by reading.

   The lord Jesus Christ is thanks to his male body, distorted and incomplete information, perceived as a man. Only a few spiritually advanced beings see Me comprehensively, therefore, at the same time as the god and goddess, the man and woman. Without both of these principles (masculine and feminine) I could not create and further forming the Multiverse and give life to all beings regardless of whether, they live in the positive or meanwhile in the negative state. This „lack of“ I corrected My direct incarnation to the female body Jana. In a totally new way, I created the Divine being, which in their own skin is experiencing the consequences of living in the negative state in the present, more complex society on Earth (Zero). She is not and will not be crucified, but her life is much more challenging, than was the life of Jesus.

   I will explain also distorted information about the crucifixion of Jesus here. So I can fulfill My plan on elimination of the negative state, it was necessary to leave the physical body at so called death by crucifixion. Just so I got incognito into the zone of displacement, where I captured the Pseudo-Creators and placed them on the unknown and isolated place. In the body of Jesus, I felt all the pain, not only physical, but mainly mental. From the love to the humankind, I volunteered underwent this suffering. Jana also by no means I do not spare. Even if I protect her from possible attacks by the negative entities, she is experiencing a hell on Earth at all levels of her life to best know such a life and she could talk about that from her own, not taken over experience. But this is changing this day, because her/our by task is at the same time a evacuation to the humankind from the negative to the positive state. I prepared a plan to cover all needs, spiritual, mental and physical (material), long before she was born. Her task is not to make „miracles“, she lives here as „an ordinary person“, at the same time she is spreading the God’s Word. In order to the God’s Word was available to everyone without distinction, it is not possible in return for it to collect the money, must be free, which means, that Jana didn’t get not even never she don’t get anything for writing the books and management of web pages. That is why in Prague is incarnate kindred soul, the man Jiří, who has the task to take care materially of My direct incarnation of Jana. I have created to him such conditions to earned enough money for Jana and his family in successfully and a honorable way. Jana will have everything what needs to spread the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family on the territory of the Czech Republic, which officially is becomes herewith the spiritual center of the entire planet Earth. Later she will travel to other areas of the planet. Quite deliberately I did not allow to she could speak fluently in other languages, because the Czech language was prepared as a future global language of the Earth in the 5th dimension as the most perfect and the most apposite. We talk together telepathically through the heart chakra and I’m ready to translate everything, what shall necessary.

   We will také away the humankind together with others spiritual beings, archangels, angels and people incarnated into material and subtle bodies with the whole planet Earth into higher dimensions back to God, the Lord Jesus Christ. We will go through gradually from the 3rd gross dimension, across the 5th subtle dimension until after the 11th immaterial dimnsion. Each being will have experience with all dimensions and vibrations so that she can choose, where she feels best. In the new cycle of time, we will together to create the new Multiverse, where already will not be need to experience the horrors of the negative state.

   I will return to the title of this chapter: Why Lord Jesus Christ needs  God’s family. I explained why it was necessary for Me to I incarnated again into the human body, this time female, even if in a completely new way. I’m the man and woman. Between man and woman who are loving each other, naturally there is exchange and sharing of sexual energy, enabling the creation of a new being. We can not be an exception. Also we love each other very mutch and we want to live among the people, as be promised by Jesus two thousand years ago, on the New Earth. It is therefore logical that we will have children together. As we wrote in the introduction of this New Revelation, Jana has already all pregnancy: spiritual, mental and physical. After the division of humankind, we will meet each other in the 5th dimension and we will present the birth of our two children, a boy and a girl. In the Multiverse there is no time, therefore, it is possible that the birth of children and the meeting of the entire God’s family will take place a few earth years after the physical pregnancy, which took place otherwise than is the custom on this planet. About the life of the God’s family with people on Earth in the 5th dimension we will more in detail write in the following chapter.

   The life of Jesus 2,000 years ago is shrouded many myths, with inaccurate to false interpretations. Especially the Churches still deny the sexual experience of Jesus and make him virgin. There are many reasons for this lie and it is not necessary to discuss it here. I announce to all the unbelievers Tomases, that in the body of Jesus Christ I had to go through the experience with sex on this planet (see the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ). Before the crucifixion, I had a very intense sexual and romantic relationship with Maria Magdalena, who conceived and gave birth to the daughter of Sofia, My physical daughter. I ensured the continuation of the bloodline of Jesus, which lasts to the present. It has gradually spread to all the inhabited continents on this planet. Especially now, in the bodies of this line of Christ they were incarnated and and they still incarnate a highly advanced spiritual beings from different parts and dimensions of the Multiverse to help us with the transformation. It doesn’t mean that every being who cooperates on the evacuation of humankind from the negative state, is also part of the bloodline of Jesus, rather the opposite. Most of them are rather inconspicuous, they live in seclusion, they do not  know that the blood of the physical Jesus is circulating in their bodies. It’s not even important. I announce here that Jana, My direct incarnation and woman, is at the same time part of this continuous bloodline (on the part of the mother Drahomíra). She was born on 6 March 1957 in Ústí nad Labem, in the north of the former Czechoslovak republic, a state with a communist regime. She grew up in a family with two younger brothers, the twins. She had no idea who she is and she was educated as an atheist in the spirit of the materialist worldview. She graduated from the Pedagogical faculty, she sang in the choir and she worked as a primary school teacher. Soon after the coup, which was called „the Velvet revolution“ she began own business as a facilitator of trade and services. Not until in the 90’s years of the 20th century she began to get acquainted with the spiritual literature, the paranormal phenomena, and thus gradually accepted the fact that there is an intelligent force in the universe that created and its directs. During her business trips all over the Czech Republic she was met with the folk healers, clairvoyants, people communicating with the spiritual world. In 2002 she made friends with a woman from Moravia, which gave her a written message from Me. Its started with the words: What are you playing for? She bought a book I wrote with Neale Donald Walsch: „Friendship with God, and on Christmas 2002 she read it. She decided to make a personal contact with Me. At the seminar she bought a crystal pendulum and started to ask Me a question. This communication lasted only weeks and it soon ceased to suffice. She asked for a written form of communication. Already then, in January 2003, I dictated her the name of our first the book „Conversations with God“: With you my love blooms love among us. In February, we have advanced to a higher level of communication – telepathy. She moved to a boyfriend in Brno and started write a book. In the text we drew the attention at the event, that will become on 28 September 2003 at the Prague Castle – the materialization of God. Jana did not know who she really is. I dictated to her she is the messiah, which she was not yet able to understand. Her performances in the courtyard of the Prague Castle next to the St. Vitus was accompanied by many phenomena, which only hardly anybody could to explain. Even she herself didn’t know at the time, that is My direct incarnation, that is, the God in the material body. That is why the participants of this important meeting were mostly disappointed, except for those more receptive who saw and perceived many light and energy phenomena. A clouser description of the event you will find in our book „Conversations with God: With you my love blooms love among us 2“, which is on our www.bozirodina.cz. Only after reading the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ in the autumn of 2003 I told her, that is My direct incarnation and continues the mission of Jesus. A year from the beginning of our communication she was only able to accept this vital information. Since that time to the present she lives in isolation (see the holy Bible), she has been live through 3 pregnancy and in November 2012 we started also thanks to the daughter Michaela to publish books, articles, and links to our www. The entire year 2013 was for her nightmare, because she experienced many unpleasant and challenging tests. Throughout the nearly 57 year old life has a wealth of experience with the negative state, she experienced the courts, distraint, poverty, hard physical work, but at the same time My protection and love, the perfection of My plan, enough of all necessary at the right time. Now, at the beginning of 2014, when she left the „quarantee“ of employment and we started to write the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family, her situation is changes after all of the pages.


   In conclusion of this chapter in connection with the preparation of My direct incarnation of Jana, thank you again to all related souls for cooperation, in particular Peter Daniel Francuch (who is with Me), Neale Donal Walsch, Hana Hájková, Michaela Duchnová, Emanuel Krása and his family, Richard Vošický, George Kavassilas, Jaroslav Dušek, Jiří Maria Mašek, David Icke, Jaroslav Chvátal, Ivo Aštar Benda, Luisa Muratori, Alžběta Šorfová, Little Granmother Kiesha Crowther, Miloslav Král, Ludmila Kozáčková, Anastasia and Vladimír Negre, Pamela Kribbe, Maria of Divine Mercy from Ireland and the next hundreds, thousands, millions of loving people.

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