The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family by Jana Kyslíková




  1. Why The Lord Jesus Christ Needs God’s Family

  2. Transformation of Humanity and Planet Earth

  3. Changes in the Economy

  4. Changes in Education and Culture

  5. Religions on Earth

  6. Ecology and Health on Earth

  7. Unification of the Divided

  8. Influence of the Negative State on the Earthly Pseudo-Life

  9. Love

10. Practicing the New Revelation Before and After the Division of  Humanity

11. Current Situation on Planet Zero

12. Why Prague Is the Spiritual Center of the World

13. The Truth About the Old Testament in the Bible

14. Life in the Positive State

15. Literal Meaning Revelation of Jesus Christ in the Bible

16. Sorting of Humanity

17. Help of Universe People

18. Ascension

19. Control of Humanity by Negative Entities

20. Fulfilling Biblical Prophecies

21. To Love Your Neighbors and Forgive

22. Protection Against Negative Influences

23. The Timeless Message of Jesus Christ

24. The Difference Between Transhumanism and Transformation

25. Family

26. God’s Word and Truth in Linear Time

27. (Re)incarnation

28. The History of Mankind on Zero Under the Rule of the Pseudo-Creators

29. Parallel Realities

30. Hollow Earth

31. The Event = the Warning

32. Preparing for the Division of Humanity

33. Summary of God’s Word

Addition 1.  Revelation of the Latest Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ

Addition 2.  The Announcement of The Lord Jesus Christ About the Current Rulers of the Zone of Displacement

Addition 3.  The Metaphysical Secrets of the Multiverse

Addition 4.  Time-Spatial and Genetic Manipulations in the Evolution of Mankind and Planet Zero

Addition 5.  The Spiritual Significance and Reach of Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

Addition 6.  Jesus‘ Journey Around the World

Addition 7.  The Connection of the Czech Nation with the Mission of God’s Family

Addition 8.  A Woman Clothed by the Sun

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