The New Relevation of The Lord Jesus Christ by Peter Daniel Francuch



    A Note of Introduction by the Lord Jesus Christ to any Prospective Rader of this Book

    1.  The Differences Between the Relevatin of the Jesus Christ and the New Relevation of the Lord Jesus Christ

    2.  The Nature of the Lord Jesus Christ

    3.  Betrayal of Christianity

    4.  The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ

    5.  Principles and Applications of the New Spiritual Hypnotherapy and of the Process of Going Inward

    6.  The Mystery of Pseudo-Creators

    7.  The Concept of Antichrist

    8.  The Last Judgement

    9.  Of the Meaning of the Last Supper

  10.  Update, Modification and Redefinition of the Spiritual Laws

  11.  The Concept of Sin and Human Problems

  12.  The Concept of Life in General and Human Life in Particular

  13.  How to Survive Human Life

  14.  The Impact of the New Nature of the Lord Jesus Christ on Creation, the Zone of Displacement and Human Life

  15.  The Mystery of the New Relevation  

  16.  Practise of the New Relevation

  17.  The Placement of the Planet Zero, Humans and Humankind in Relationship to All Else

  18.  The New Life of the Positive State

  19.  Life After Human Life

  20.  The Mystery of Sexuality in General and Human Sexuality in Particular

  21.  The Mystery of Creation and the Zone of Displacement

  22.  The Mystery of Birth, Death, Resurrection, Rebirth, Transfiguration and Transformation

  23.  How the Lord Jesus Christ Governs His/Her Creation, the Zone of Displacement and Planet Zero

  24.  The Ten Commandments Revisited

  25.  The Mystery of the Ten Spiritual Principles

  26.  The Lord’s Prayer Revisited

  27.  The Mystery of the New Prayer Formulated by the Lord Jesus Christ

  28.  The Mystery of the Road of Life

  29.  Some Brief Clarifications on the Structure and Nature of the Zone of Displacement

  30.  The New Revelation in Perspective

  31.  Postscriptum



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